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World Anthems

World Anthems

by Donald Fraser

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  1. La Brabançonne (Belgium)
  2. Finland & Estonia: Maamme Laulu
  3. Hungary: Isten Aldd Meg a Magyard (God Bless the Hungarians)
  4. Norway (Ja VI Elsker Dette Landet)
  5. Germany: Einigkeit Und Recht Und Freiheit
  6. Czechoslovakia: Kde Domov Muj? (Where Is My Home?)
  7. United States: The Star Spangled Banner
  8. Greece: Segnorees Apo Tin Kopsi (I Shall Always Recognize You)
  9. Netherlands: Wilhelmus Van Nassouwe
  10. Japan: The Peaceful Reign
  11. Israel: Hatikvah (The Hope)
  12. Egypt: Walla Zaman 'Algunud (Hail, Gallant Troops)
  13. France: La Marseillaise
  14. Argentina: Sean Eternos los Laurales
  15. Sweden (Due Gamia, du Fria)
  16. Mexico: Mexicanos Al Grito de Guerra
  17. Ethiopia
  18. Austria: Osterreichische Bendeshymne (Land Der Berge, Land Am Strome)
  19. Lithuania: Lietuva
  20. Italy (Inno Di Mameli)

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