The World Government

The World Government

by Nicholas Hagger


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In The New Philosophy of Universalism Nicholas Hagger outlined a new philosophy on the oneness of the universe and humankind and its applications for many disciplines including international relations. In this work of political Universalism Hagger presents the long yearned for human dream of world government and a World State that would enforce peace. In the hands of conquerors of self-interested elites concerned to loot the Earth's resources to enrich themselves this could be disastrous.

But in the hands of a philanthropic body of experts and elected representatives this could benefit humankind by legislating to abolish war, famine, disease and poverty. A challenging philosophical vision of a better future in the tradition of Plato and Kant, this is required reading for all interested in improving the structures of global governance.

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ISBN-13: 9781846943881
Publisher: Iff Books
Publication date: 11/16/2010
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Prologue: World Government and Peace 1

Part 1 The Dream of World Government

1 History's Inexorable Flow towards World Government 10

2 The Long Yearning for a World State 18

3 History's Progress to an End-Point: The Collapse of the Old Order 39

Part 2 The World Government as A Reality in Our Time

4 Models of a Supranational Authority: the Status Quo 70

Model 1 World Community through Organizations 75

Model 2 Sticking with the UN and Strengthening Great-Power Agreement 80

Model 3 World Constitutional Convention 85

5 Models of a Supranational Authority: Reforming the UN 92

Model 4 Revising the UN Charter to Strengthen International Law 92

Model 5 A Treaty for a New Organization to Exist Alongside, and Strengthen, the UN 99

6 Models of a Supranational Authority: Global Governance 103

Model 6 Élites' Secretive World Government through Exclusive Groups 103

Model 7 Democratizing the UN and making Global Governance Accountable 111

Part 3 The Statecraft of World Government: A Blueprint for A World State

7 The Ideal Form of World State 122

Model 8 A World Commission, World Parliamentary Assembly, World Senate, World Judicial Tribunals, World Armed Force, World Council of Ministers, World President, World Leaders' Guidance Council, World Bank and World Court of Justice, all above the UN 128

8 The Structure of the New World State 136

Diagram/Flow Chart of the Supranational Authority 143

9 Peering into the Future: A Glimpse of the World State 159

Epilogue: Making a Golden Age Happen 172

Chart of 25 Civilizations and Cultures from One to One: The Fundamental Unity of World Culture 178

Appendices Data: Facts relating to the UN, Regions and Nation-States

A US-Based Documents

1 Declaration of Independence, 1776 182

2 The North Atlantic Treaty, 1948 186

3 Project for the New American Century, 1997 190

B The UN

1 Overview of the UN Structure 193

2 Structure of UN Agencies 194

3 UN Organizations 195

4 The UN's 192 Member States 200

5 The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 203

6 Wars the UN Failed to Prevent Involving 123 Countries, 1945-2009 210

7 37 Major Conflicts the UN Failed to Prevent after 1945: 689 UN Resolutions and 33,750,000 Deaths 225

C Freedom

1 119 Electoral Democracies, 2009 230

2 Freedom Ratings, 2009 231

3 Freedom Ratings Table by Countries and Territories, 2009 235

4 The World's 20 Worst Dictators, 2009 243

D Regions and Nation-States

1 Regional Populations as Percentages of World Population, 2008 244

2 Historical and Predicted Regional Populations as Percentages of World Population 244

3 Nation-States' Populations as Percentages of World Population 245

4 8 Regions and 195 Nation-States 256

5 18 Mini-Regions and 209 Nation-States 258

6 Club of Rome's 10 Zones 262

7 The IMF's 190 Countries, 2009 263

8 Overview of the EU's Institutions 267

List of Websites Supporting Data 268

Notes and References 271

Bibliography 281

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