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World History of Christianity

World History of Christianity

by Adrian Hastings


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World History of Christianity

Christianity is the most global of religions. However, most books on the subject fail to do justice to the history of Christianity outside Europe and North America. This prodigious work provides the first genuinely global one-volume study of the rise, development, and impact of the Christian faith.

Written by an international team of specialists, this comprehensive volume covers the full breadth of Christian history while also taking seriously the geographical diversity of the story: extensive chapters cover North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, India, China and its neighbors, and Australia and the Pacific. Though unified in scope, these chapters each focus on what matters most in the specific time and place covered, ensuring that readers are introduced to the major themes—social, theological, political, and cultural—that together constitute Christianity's role in world history.

Ideally suited for classroom study as well as for independent reading, A World History of Christianity will serve as the definitive study of church history for the coming generation worldwide.

Mary B. Cunningham
Gillian Evans
Robert E. Frykenberg
Martin Goodman
Adrian Hastings
Mary Heimann
David Hilliard
Robert Bruce Mullin
Andrew Pettegree
Gary Tiedemann
Philip Walters
Benedicta Ward
Kevin Ward

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ISBN-13: 9780802848758
Publisher: Eerdmans, William B. Publishing Company
Publication date: 07/28/2000
Pages: 608
Product dimensions: 6.75(w) x 9.50(h) x 1.23(d)

About the Author

(1929-2001) Former professor emeritus of theology at theUniversity of Leeds in England. A theologian and churchhistorian, he wrote several books including A History ofChristianity in Africa, A History of EnglishChristianity, and The Church in Africa andedited A World History of Christianity and TheOxford Companion to Christian Thought. In recognitionof his scholarly achievements he was proposed for electionto a Fellowship of the British Academy, but died before theformal elections were held.

Table of Contents

Adrian Hastings

  1. The emergence of Christianity
    Martin Goodman
  2. Judaism, the Roman Empire and Jesus
    The emergence of the Church
  3. 150-550
    Adrian Hastings
  4. The second and third centuries
    Constantine and an imperial Church
    The monastic movement
    Dogma and theology in the fourth and fifth centuries
    Missionary expansion and political disintegration: surpassing the empire
  5. The Orthodox Church in Byzantium
    Mary Cunningham
  6. The sixth century: the revival of the Christian Roman Empire
    The seventh century and Monothelitism
    The Iconoclast Controversy (726-843)
    The revival of monasticism and the patriarchate of Photios
    Ninth-century missions to the Slavs and the emergence of the Slavic Churches
    The tenth, eleventh and twelfth centuries
    The first four Crusades (1097-1204)
    The period of Latin occupation, 1204-61
    The Slavic Churches in the last centuries of Byzantium
    The Palaeologan period, 1261-1453
  7. The medieval West
    Benedicta Ward and G. R. Evans
  8. The medieval idea of the Church
    Spreading Christianity through northern Europe
    The Bible and the Church
    Church and state and papal authority
    The Church and the individual: sanctity, feasts and sacraments
    Religious life, prayer and mysticism
    The Church and war
    Education and theology
    Reform and revolution
  9. India
    R. E. Frykenberg
  10. Early arrivals: the Thomas and Eastern Christians
    Responses to the Padroado and Propaganda Fide
    Evangelical and Enlightenment impulses
    Challenges under the Raj
    The continent since 1947
  11. Africa
    Kevin Ward
  12. Egypt, North Africa, Nubia and Islam
    The kingdom of Kongo and the Portugese missionary enterprise
    The revival of mission in the nineteenth century
    West Africa
    South Africa
    Eastern Africa
    Colonial and missionary scrambles
    Christianity in colonial times: education and 'adaptation'
    The rise of independent Churches
    Other movements of spiritual renewal
    Christianity and the politics of independent Africa
    African theology
  13. Reformation and Counter-Reformation
    Andrew Pettegree
  14. The pre-Reformation Church
    Luther and Germany
    The Reformation outside Germany
    Calvinism and religious warfare in the second half of the sixteenth century
    Later Lutheranism and the second Reformation
    Catholic reform
    The seventeenth century and the resolution of the Reformation conflict
  15. Eastern Europe since the fifteenth century
    Philip Walters
  16. Europe East and West
    Christianity under Ottoman rule
    Russia and its Church
    Peter the Great and the New Russia
    The Caucusus between Russians and Ottomans
    Balkan Christians in a declining Ottoman Empire
    The Russian religious renaissance of the late nineteenth century
    The collapse of the empires
    The Churches in the inter-war Balkans
    Russian Christianity under Communism
    Balkan Christianity under Communism
    Post-Communist Christianity
  17. Latin America
    Adrian Hastings
  18. Sixteenth-century Spain
    The first hundred and fifty years of Latin American Catholicism
    1780-1900: revolutions and reactions
    The twentieth century
  19. China and its neighbours
    R. G. Tiedemann
  20. China before 1500: Nestorians and Franciscans
    The planting of Christianity, 1500-1800
    The Philippines
    The rise and fall of Christianity in late medieval Japan
    Late imperial China
    The origins of the Church in Vietnam
    The Church, colonialism and nationalism in South-east Asia
    From mission to Church in modern China
    Japan: the second encounter
    1945 onwards
    The Chinese Church under Communism
    Post-colonial South-East Asia
    South Korea
    Concluding comments
  21. North America
    Robert Bruce Mullin
  22. Seventeenth-century beginnings
    New challenges
    Wars and the Great Awakening
    The Second Great Awakening
    Canadian developments
    Catholics and controversy
    The problem of slavery and division
    Crisis days/halcyon days
    The Social Gospel
    Canada: organization and union
    Challenges for the soul of America
    Let the Church be the Church
    The Post-War Revival
    The 1960s and the second disestablishment
    Christianity in North America at the end of the twentieth century
  23. Christianity in Western Europe from the Enlightenment
    Mary Heimann
  24. Introduction
    Rational religion
    The unenlightened
    Revolution and reaction
    Science and religion
    Pluralism and diffusion
  25. Australasia and the Pacific
    David Hilliard
  26. Christian beginnings in Australia
    Christianity in the Pacific Islands
    Christianity in New Zealand
    Adaptation and innovation
    Church and society
    The Pacific Churches since the Second World War
    Recent trends in Australia and New Zealand


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