The World in the Twentieth Century / Edition 7

The World in the Twentieth Century / Edition 7

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The World in the Twentieth Century / Edition 7

Explores major political and economic changes of the 20th century

The World in the Twentieth Century, 7/e, discusses the major political and economic changes that have reshaped global relations. The central theme of the book is that the most profound transformation of the 20th century was the emergence of nation-states in place of disintegrating empires.

Three main subjects help to interpret the forces of global change: the international history of the nation-states; the role of ideology in shaping political and cultural movements and social values; and the evolution of world economic relations.

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ISBN-13: 9780136052012
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 08/11/2013
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 480
Sales rank: 708,232
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Part 1 The Age of Empires 1

Chapter 1 Empires in Flux: The World in the Early Twentieth Century 1

Western Colonial Empires 4

Western Empires and industrialism 5

The New Colonial Empires 7

Russia, Japan, and War for Empire 12

An Empire for the united States 14

Ancient Empires 17

The Fall of the Chinese Empire 17

The Decline of the Ottoman Empire 21

Western Liberalism and Nationalism 23

The Liberal State 23

Industrial Society 25

European Nationalism 28

Clouds on the Horizon 29

Summary 32

Dates Worth Remembering 32

Recommended Reading 33

Chapter 2 War and Revolutions, 1914-1930 34

War and Peace in Europe 36

The Origins of the First World War 36

The European War 39

Allied Victory 45

The Birth of Fascism 47

Mussolini and Italian Fascism 47

The Fascist State 49

Communist Dictatorship in the Soviet Union 49

Lenin and the Communist Revolution 50

The Communist State and Civil War 51

The Soviet Union and its Peoples 53

The Challenge of Building Socialism 54

Revolution in Mexico 57

The "Revolution" 58

Mexico's Social Revolution 58

Summary 61

Dates Worth Remembering 62

Recommended Reading 62

Chapter 3 Postwar Europe and its Empires 64

Europe's Postwar Revival 66

Peacemaking and the League of Nations 67

Peacemaking in Europe 69

The International Economy in Prosperity 70

The Global Depression 75

The Decline of Western Democracies 77

Western Empires in the Middle East and Africa 79

The Allies in the Middle East 83

The Problem of Palestine 86

Independence for Egypt 87

Postwar Colonial Empires in Africa 88

New Empires in East Asia 91

The New Japanese Empire 91

The Washington Conference 91

Summary 92

Dates Worth Remembering 93

Recommended Reading 94

Chapter 4 Nations versus Empires in Asia: Turkey, India, China, 1918-1941 95

The Forging of the Turkish Nation 98

The Nation-State of Turkey 100

British India and Indian Nationalism 103

Hinduism and Islam in India 104

British India 105

India's First steps toward Freedom 108

Nehru and Indian independence 112

The Muslim League and the Idea of Pakistan 114

Civil War and Foreign War in China 116

The Rise of the Chinese Nationalist Party 116

Mao Zedong and Chinese Communism 119

China Between Nationalists and Communists 120

War Against Japan 122

Summary 124

Dates Worth Remembering 125

Recommended Reading 125

Chapter 5 Despotic Empires of the 1930s 126

Nazism, Adolf Hitler, and Germany 128

The Nazi Party and Hitler 129

The Nazi Dictatorship 130

The Expansion of the Nazi Empire 132

Stalin's Soviet Union 135

The Stalin Revolution 136

Stalinist Terror and Soviet Despotism 142

The Soviet Empire 145

The Japanese Empire 147

Prosperity and Japanese Democracy 147

Depression and Japanese Militarism 149

Japanese Imperialism 151

Summary 157

Dates Worth Remembering 158

Recommended Reading 159

Chapter 6 The Last World War, 1939-1945 160

The Empires of Germany and Japan 162

The Conquest of Europe 162

The United States: Between Neutrality and War 164

The German-Soviet War 164

The German Empire 167

The Japanese Empire 168

The Formation of the Grand Alliance 171

The United States in the Grand Alliance 171

The Soviet Union at War 174

Allied Cooperation 177

The Defeat of the Axis Empires 179

The United States and the Liberation of Western Europe 179

World War 181

Soviet Triumph in Eastern Europe 183

Victory in East Asia 186

Summary 189

Dates Worth Remembering 189

Recommended Reading 190

Part 2 The Era of Nations 191

Chapter 7 The Cold War and the West 191

The Cold War in the West 193

The Making of the New Soviet Empire 194

Partition of Germany 196

Iron Curtain and Containment 198

Soviet Satellites and the Berlin Blockade 201

Containment and Military Alliances 203

The New Soviet Empire 206

The "Outer" Empire 206

Post-Stalinist Soviet Union 207

Unrest in the Soviet Empire 210

The Arms Race and Cuban Missile Crisis 211

The New Europe 214

The End of Western Empires 214

Western European Recovery 217

Western European unification 223

Summary 225

Dates Worth Remembering 225

Recommended Reading 226

Chapter 8 Cold War and Revolutions in East Asia 227

The Victory of the Chinese Communists 229

The Decline of Nationalist China 229

Communist Victory in China 231

The Chinese People's Republic 232

The Korean War 234

Partitioned Korea 235

China, Stalin, and the Korean War 236

North and South Korea 240

Wars and Revolution in Indochina 242

The French Colonial War 242

North and South Vietnam 244

U.S. War in Vietnam 247

Summary 252

Dates Worth Remembering 253

Recommended Reading 253

Chapter 9 The Resurgence of China and Japan, 1950-2010 254

Revolution to Riches in Communist China 255

Mao Zedong and Communist Dictatorship 256

Revolutionary China 257

The Great Leap Forward 258

The Cultural Revolution 262

"To Get Rich Is Glorious" 265

After Communism: China in the Global Economy 267

Japan's Recovery from Defeat 268

U.S. Occupation of Japan 269

Japan in the Cold War 272

The "Economic Miracle" 273

Summary 276

Dates Worth Remembering 277

Recommended Reading 277

Chapter 10 New Nations in South Asia 278

The New Island Republics 280

Independence for the Philippines 281

Sukarno and Indonesia 283

Singapore and the Global Economy 289

Independence for India and Pakistan 291

The End of British Rule 291

Partition of the Indian Colony 293

Independence and War 294

The Nation-States of India and Pakistan 296

Nehru and the New India 296

Democratic Socialism in India 299

Ethnic Diversity and Secular Democracy 301

War and Peace in South Asia 303

Nation and Islam in Pakistan 304

Summary 306

Dates Worth Remembering 308

Recommended Reading 309

Chapter 11 Africa and Latin America in the Third World 310

Africa's Liberation from Colonialism 312

Nationalism in Africa 313

Independence for African Colonies 316

The Triumph of Democracy in South Africa 318

African State-Building and Failed States 323

The Failure of Economic Development 327

Latin America in the Cold War 330

The Lure of Economic Independence 332

Populism in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile 333

Central America under U.S. Domination 336

Castro's Revolution 339

Democracy in Latin America 342

From Dictatorship to Democracy in South America 342

Mexico's New Democracy 345

Cuba, Central America, and the Yankees 347

Summary 349

Dates Worth Remembering 350

Recommended Reading 350

Chapter 12 Nations at War in the Middle East 352

Israel and the Middle East 354

The struggle for Palestine 354

Revolution in Egypt 361

Nation-Building and Petroleum 364

Nasser and the Egyptian Nation 365

The Suez Canal and the 1956 War 366

Nasser's Socialist Reforms 367

Petroleum and the Middle East 369

War, Peace, and Islam 370

The Six-Day War 370

Egypt, Palestine, and Peace with Israel 373

Iran's Islamic Republic 377

The Oil Wars of Iraq 381

September 11, America's Wars in the Middle East and the "Islamic Spring" 386

Summary 389

Dates Worth Remembering 390

Recommended Reading 390

Chapter 13 The West from Cold War to European Union 391

The New Industrial and Social Revolutions 393

The Electronic Age and Cultural Change 394

Western Economic Bonds 395

European Nations and European Union 396

Tinkering with the Welfare state 398

European Union 399

The Fall of the Soviet Empire 402

The Decline of the Soviet Union 402

The End of Communism 405

The End of the Cold War 411

The New Russia 413

Russia and Inner Asian Wars 416

Summary 418

Dates Worth Remembering 419

Recommended Reading 419

Chapter 14 Local Wars, Global Economy: The World After the Cold War 421

The Emergence of the Global Economy 423

Global Energy 424

The Global Market 430

Local Wars and Peacekeeping 434

Ethnic Conflict and War in Central Africa 435

The warring Peoples of the Balkans 439

Internationalism and the United Nations 441

Terrorism and Local Wars 445

Islam in Afghanistan 446

The Local wars of the United States 447

Summary 451

Dates Worth Remembering 452

Recommended Reading 453

Index 454


Spotlight: The Empress Dowager of China 19

Spotlight: John Reed 55

Spotlight: Hussein Ibn Ali 79

Spotlight: Mohandas Gandhi 110

Spotlight: Admiral Yamamoto 155

Spotlight: John Maynard Keynes 182

Spotlight: Eleni Gatzoyiannis 204

Spotlight: Ho Chi Minh 246

Spotlight: The Fourteenth Dalai Lama 261

Spotlight: Sukarno 284

Spotlight: Nelson Mandela 321

Spotlight: Golda Meir 359

Spotlight: Andrei Sakharov 409

Spotlight: Osama bin Laden: 448


Map of the world before the partition of Africa and Asian Empires 2

Partition of Africa, 1800-1914 9

Empires in Asia, 1914 10

Europe at war, 1914-1918 40

Europe and the Middle East after the First World War 84

Map of China at war, 1911-1949 117

Map of the Formation of the Japanese Empire 154

The Second World War in Europe-North Africa and Asia-Pacific 163

Decolonization of Western Empires since 1945 214

Korean War, 1950-1953 237

War in Vietnam 248

South Asia from Philippines to Pakistan 279

Postcolonial South Asia 297

Contemporary Africa 314

Contemporary Central and South America 337

Israel and its Neighbors 356

The Middle East and Inner Asia 363

Europe, 1992 397

World Energy Consumption Since 1820 424

Changes in Global Exports Since 1980 430

Ongoing U.N. Peacekeeping Missions 444

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