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World Music: A Global Journey / Edition 1

World Music: A Global Journey / Edition 1

by Terry E. Miller, Andrew Shahriari

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ISBN-10: 0415968925

ISBN-13: 9780415968928

Pub. Date: 08/01/2005

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

World Music: A Global Journey takes the reader across the globe to experience its many lively musical traditions. Readers will study music from the smallest islands of Micronesia to the interior of the Amazonian rainforests, from the highest mountains of Tibet to Australia's Outback to discover the ancient sounds of the Aborigines. Familiar traditions, such as


World Music: A Global Journey takes the reader across the globe to experience its many lively musical traditions. Readers will study music from the smallest islands of Micronesia to the interior of the Amazonian rainforests, from the highest mountains of Tibet to Australia's Outback to discover the ancient sounds of the Aborigines. Familiar traditions, such as flamenco (Spain), reggae (Jamaica), samba (Brazil), bagpipes (British Isles), and blues (United States), are heard side by side with less commonly known music, such as p'ansori (Korea), piphat (Thailand), susap (Papua New Guinea), akadinda (Uganda), and khoomei (Mongolia). From the voodoo music of Haiti to the Islamic "call to prayer," you will experience cultural traditions that challenge your ears, your mind, and your spirit.

Ethnomusicologists Terry E. Miller and Andrew Shahriari, who have spent decades as performers, researchers, and teachers of music, present a systematic study of varied traditions in nontechnical language accessible to any enthusiast of world music and culture. After a geographical orientation to each locale, the reader visits each of the 70 musical "sites" with a three-fold listening review that begins with an experiential "first impressions" of the music. This is followed by an "aural analysis" of the musical organization and a closer look at the interesting instruments that create the exotic sounds heard. Finally, the authors consider the cultural connections that give the music its meaning. Numerous other contributors, including scholars Bruno Nettl and Gerhard Kubik, along with music performers, such as National Heritage Fellowship recipient Nguyen Thuyet Phong, offer vignettes of their experiences with world music.

With nearly three hundred photos of instruments and cultural settings, over two hours of music listening, as well as online resources, World Music: A Global Journey provides a fundamental resource for teachers, students, researchers, musicians, and any enthusiast beginning their exploration of world music and culture.

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Taylor & Francis
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Older Edition
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7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

For Whom Has This Book Been Written?1
How to Expand Course Coverage4
Our Own Journey (So Far)5
Terry E. Miller5
Andrew Shahriari7
1Before the Trip Begins: Fundamental Issues11
What is Music?11
Music: Universal Language or Culturally Specific Activity13
Beware of Labels14
An Inside Look: Gerhard Kubik16
Knowing the World's Musics18
The Life of an Ethnomusicologist21
Representation: What Musics Does One Study?22
Resources for the Study of the World's Musics23
Questions to Consider25
2Aural Analysis: Listening to the World's Music27
How to Listen to World Music27
"Talking" about Music28
Timbre and Medium29
An Inside Look: Bruno Nettl30
Vocal Timbre30
Instrumental Timbre31
Aerophones: Flutes, Reeds, and Trumpets31
Chordophones: Lutes and Zithers32
Idiophones: Plucked, Struck, and Shaken34
Tuning System37
Melodic Contour39
Text Setting49
Beat and Tempo41
Accent and Meter41
Rhythmic Density41
Phonic Structure42
Box: Fundamentals of Music44
Questions to Consider45
3Cultural Considerations: Beyond the Sounds Themselves47
Music and the Environment48
Cultural Knowledge48
An Inside Look: Ki Mantle Hood50
Value Systems and Hierarchies51
Music and Identity52
Use versus Function53
Music and Ritual53
Music and Spirituality54
Music and Ethics55
New Theoretical Perspectives55
Music Technologies and Media56
Music and the Arts56
Transmission and Pedagogy58
Notation Systems and the Creation of Music59
Exchange and Adaptation60
Cultural Intersections61
A Case Study of Istanbul, Turkey: A Lesson in Geography, History, Religions, and Musical Exchange62
Questions to Consider71
4Oceania: Voices of Land and Sea73
Background Preparation73
Planning the Itinerary75
Arrival: Australia75
Site 1Australian Aborigine Song with Didjeridu76
An Inside Look: Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman76
Arrival: Papua New Guinea81
Site 2Susap from Papua New Guinea82
Arrival: Hawaii84
Site 3Hawaiian Drum-Dance Chant85
Arrival: Kiribati87
Site 4Kiribati Group Song88
Questions to Consider90
5South Asia: Music With a Spiritual Dimension
Background Preparation93
An Inside Look: Shanti Raghavan; Aashish Khan96
Planning the Itinerary98
Arrival: North India100
Site 1Hindustani Raga100
Site 2Bhajan Devotional Song108
Arrival: South India110
Site 3Carnatic Classical Singing (Kriti)110
Arrival: Bangladesh114
Site 4Baul Song from Bangladesh115
Box: Indian Filmi Git (Film Song)116
Questions to Consider118
6Southeast Asia: A Land of Bamboo and Bronze121
Background Preparation121
Planning the Itinerary123
An Inside Look: Priwan Nanongkham124
Arrival: Vietnam126
Site 1Upland Bronze Gong Ensemble127
Site 2Tai Tu Amateur Chamber Music129
Arrival: Thailand131
Site 3Classical Piphat Music132
Box: The Ramayana136
Arrival: Laos and Northeast Thailand138
Site 4Northeast Thai Lam Klawn138
Site 5Phleng Luk Thung from Northeast Thailand141
Arrival: Indonesia (Java and Bali)143
Site 6Javanese Court Gamelan144
Site 7Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar146
Questions to Consider151
7East Asia: Ancient Echoes in the Modern World153
Background Preparation153
An Inside Look: Luo Qin156
Planning the Itinerary158
Arrival: China159
Site 1The Qin Seven-String Zither162
Site 2The "Silk and Bamboo" Sizhu Ensemble164
Site 3Beijing Opera (Jingju)168
Site 4Revolutionary Beijing Opera171
Arrival: Mongolia175
Site 5Mongolian Throat-Singing177
Arrival: Korea178
Site 6P'ansori179
Arrival: Japan182
Site 7Gagaku183
Site 8Kabuki Theater185
Arrival: Tibet188
Site 9Tibetan Buddhist Ritual188
Questions to Consider192
8The Middle East: Music in the Cradle of Great Religions195
Background Preparation195
An Inside Look: George Dimmitri Sawa198
Planning the Itinerary199
Arrival: Turkey200
Site 1Islamic "Call to Prayer"200
Site 2Arabic Modal Improvisation203
Arrival: Iran207
Site 3Dastgah Shur for Santur and Voice208
Arrival: Egypt211
Site 4Islamic Song with Takht Instrumental Accompaniment212
Arrival: Sufism215
Site 5Dhiker Ceremony216
Arrival: Judaism218
Site 6Jewish Biblical Cantillation219
Questions to Consider223
9Sub-Saharan Africa: The Rhythms of Community225
Background Preparation225
An Inside Look: Adesanya Adeyeye; Habib Iddrisu225
Planning the Itinerary231
Arrival: Ghana231
Site 1Polyrhythmic Ensemble232
Site 2"Talking Drums"236
Site 3Palm Wine "Highlife Song"240
Arrival: Central Africa241
Site 4Pygmy Music242
Arrival: Zimbabwe243
Site 5Mbira Dza Vadzimu243
Arrival: Uganda245
Site 6Akadinda Xylophone246
Arrival: Senegal-Gambia248
Site 7Jali with Kora248
Arrival: The Republic of South Africa251
Site 8Mbube Vocal Choir253
Questions to Consider256
10Europe: Harmony and Hierarchy259
Background Preparation259
"Classical versus Folk"262
An Inside Look: Morag MacLeod262
Planning the Itinerary274
Arrival: Greece265
Site 1Byzantine Chant265
Arrival: Spain267
Site 2Flamenco268
Arrival: Russia271
Site 3Balalaika271
Arrival: Scotland274
Site 4Highland Bagpipes275
Arrival: Ireland277
Site 5Union Bagpipes278
Arrival: Hungary281
Site 6Hurdy Gurdy281
Arrival: Bulgaria284
Site 7Women's Chorus285
Questions to Consider287
11The Caribbean: Musical Energy of Island Peoples289
Background Preparation289
Planning the Itinerary291
Arrival: Haiti291
An Inside Look: P. Olivia Ahyoung; Ellie Mannette292
Site 1Vodou Ritual294
Arrival: Jamaica297
Site 2Reggae297
Arrival: Trinidad and Tobago301
Site 3Calypso302
Site 4Steel Band305
Arrival: The Bahamas308
Site 5Rhyming Spiritual309
Arrival: Cuba310
Site 6Afro-Cuban-Derived Salsa311
Arrival: The Dominican Republic314
Site 7Merengue315
Questions to Consider317
12Central and South America: New World Recipes319
Background Preparation319
Planning the Itinerary321
Arrival: The Amazon322
Site 1Amazonian Indian Chant322
Arrival: Peru324
Site 2Sikuri Ensemble325
Arrival: Argentina327
Site 3Tango327
Arrival: Mexico330
Site 4Mariachi330
Arrival: Brazil333
Site 5Samba334
Box: Carnival336
Site 6Capoeira337
Questions to Consider341
13North America: Diverse Peoples, Diverse Musics343
Background Preparation343
Planning the Itinerary345
An Inside Look: Hugh McGraw; Buddy MacMaster346
Arrival: Canada348
Site 1Cape Breton Fiddling348
Arrival: The United States of America350
Site 2Ballad-Singing351
Site 3Old Regular Baptist Lined Hymn353
Site 4Singing School Shape-Note Music356
Site 5Bluegrass360
Site 6African-American Spiritual364
Site 7African-American Gospel Choir365
Site 8Country Blues368
Site 9Conjunto from Texas372
Site 10Cajun Music374
Arrival: Native American Reservations376
Site 11Plains Chippewa: Rock Dance Song377
Site 12Native American Flute380
Box: Inuit Throat-Singing381
Questions to Consider384
14Discovering Yourself Through Music387
Music and Self-Identity387
Researching Your Musical Roots389
An Inside Look: Nguyen Thuyet Phong390
Disseminating your Findings393
Where to Go From Here394
Recorded Examples453

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