World of Business: From Valuable Brands and Games Directors Play to Bail-Outs and Bad Boys

World of Business: From Valuable Brands and Games Directors Play to Bail-Outs and Bad Boys

by The Economist


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ISBN-13: 9781846681585
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/01/2009
Series: Economist Series , #31
Edition description: Illustrate
Pages: 262
Product dimensions: 4.50(w) x 7.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

The Economist is one of the world's most notable magazines. Circulation in the United States and Canada is now more than 700,000 weekly.

Table of Contents

When firms started.

Oldest family firms.

Oldest newspapers still in circulation.

The business press.

The world's biggest firms.

America's biggest firms.

America's biggest bankruptcies.

Big firms, big facts.

Big bucks.

Big bail-outs.

Behind the corporate name.

Business blunders.

Board styles.

Roles directors play.

Games directors play.

The world's most valuable brands.

The world's most admired companies.

Britain's most admired companies.

What companies say about themselves.

The most effective websites.

Business friendliness.

Offshore attentions.

How competitive?

Easy money?

Business cycles.

Business start-ups and failures.

Bribery and corruption.

Business ratios.

Entrepreneurial activity.

Business costs.

The changing workforce.

Days lost in strikes and lockouts.

Labour union strength.

Changes in working hours.

Biggest business employers.

Chief executive pay.

Disappearing CEOs.

Big payouts to CEOs.

Best paid hedge fund managers in the US.

International pay comparisons.

Lending law firms.

Lending accountancy firms.

Women in business.

Spending on advertising.

Some famous advertising slogans.

Some business giants of the past.

The world's richest people.

Europe's richest people.

Philanthropy in America and Britain.

Wealth and philanthropy in China.

Central bankers since 1900.

Quotable quotations.

Bad boys.

Lending management thinkers.

Some management styles.

The oldest stock exchanges.

Leading stockmarkets.

Some stockmarket indices explained.

Stockmarket performance.

Stockmarkets: the best and worst of times.

Stock exchange trading activity.

Clocking the stockmarkets.

Investment formulas.

Private equity.

Hedge funds.


Bubbles that burst.

Oil reserves and price.

Gold reserves and price.

Gold facts.

Rich producers.

Diamond and platinum facts.

Behind the currency name.

Notes and coins in circulation.

Euros printed.

The life of $ and £ notes.

Exchange rates.

Exchange rate pegs.

The world economy.

Leading traders.

How the world economy has changed.

Sovereign wealth funds.

Foreign direct investment.

Sending money home.

Interest rates.

The tax take.

Corporate tax rates.

How taxing for top earners?

Wealth and debt.

Great business books.

Latin that lawyers like to use.

What's in a word?

Brand names that entered the language.

Business jargon.

Six rules for good writing.

Alpha e-mail.

Business laws and principles.

Top business schools.

Business school costs and rewards.

From PCs to PDAs.

Chip power.

Computer processing costs.

The impact of software piracy.

Spam and e-mail.

Pod facts.

Internet suffixes.

Internet usage.

Internet growth.

Blogs away.


The corporate highlife.

Busiest airports.

Pedal power.

Ship ahoy.

Rail popularity.

Business creativity and research.

Inventors and inventions.

Some notable patents.

Business etiquette.

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