The World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit

The World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit


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ISBN-13: 9781855843967
Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press
Publication date: 08/28/2014
Pages: 132
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Table of Contents

Editor's Preface vii

Introduction Margaret Jonas ix

Lecture 1 Hanover, 27 December 1911

The difference between materialistic thoughts and ideas and the spiritual way of thinking. The human being in harmony with the gods and the human being estranged from the gods. Educating thinking to encompass amazement, reverence, wisdom-filled harmony with the laws or the universe, and acquiescence to the course of the world 1-15

Lecture 2 Hanover, 28 December 1911

Acquiescence to the course of the world. All-pervading will in the world of the senses. All-pervading wisdom in the world of coming into being and of dying away. Good as a creative principle and evil as a destructive principle 16-31

Lecture 3 Hanover, 29 December 1911

The mysteries of life. Disturbance of equilibrium through luciferic interference. The irregular combination of the four members of the human being 32-45

Lecture 4 Hanover, 30 December 1911

Material experiences in space and soul experiences in time. The non-spatial shaping and movement of the life of soul. Spatial matter arising through the breaking up of non-spatial forms of spirit. The various types of matter in nature and in the human being 46-61

Lecture 5 Hanover, 31 December 1911

The dual nature of the human being; the shattering of form and the raying of substance. The mystery of incorporation into the cosmos: the practicality of karma. The shining forth of the spiritual caused by the deterioration of matter. Blood 'a juice of rarest quality' 62-76

Lecture 6 Hanover, 11 January 1912

Coming into being and dying away. Metals. The seven plant spheres and their centre. How the environment works on the human being as a whole. The end of philosophy as a science of ideas. The processes of spiritual exhalation and inhalation 77-91

The Invitation to this Course of Lectures (facsimile) 92

Notes 95

Rudolf Steiner's Collected Works 100

Significant Events in the Life of Rudolf Steiner 115

Index 129

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