World of Tomorrow the Teachers of the H

World of Tomorrow the Teachers of the H

by Ruth Lee


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The World of Tomorrow

The Teachers of the

Higher Planes

Fifth in the series, THE BOOKS OF WISDOM as scribed by Ruth Lee, The World of Tomorrow is unlike all the others and without a doubt the most sensational. The Teachers continue to explore the World of Today while going far beyond what is known now, in order to share what happens next-after you leave this plane or change this world.

The World of Tomorrow delves into an area of life where you have total control, yet may insist otherwise-the future. The Teachers speak of the future as if it exists now, not as though it is a mysterious thought process that makes people nervous. No need to be upset or worried about what happens next. All you need to know to be ready to leave this plane is contained in this one book!

Throughout this amazing, insight-filled book you are encouraged and motivated to immediately apply yourself to whatever you believe is your work on Earth-and stop waiting for a better time to do it. This advanced work explains in down-to-earth language and easy-to-understand lessons everything you need to prepare your mind for another place and time. Nothing is too complex or too arcane to comprehend as The Teachers lead you safely through the maze of time into grace. Simply reading this book empowers you to live this life the way you have always dreamed it could be!

The World of Tomorrow takes you beyond what others hint about the future. If you have studied other lessons provided by The Teachers and already use their unique common-sense, logical approach to solving life's problems, you know what to expect.but even you will be surprised at what happens when you leave this life!

Your future is too important to ignore! No one can afford to miss out on what the world needs to talk about and accept now. Be in the forefront of today's leaders and know what to do when time ends for you, too.

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ISBN-13: 9781425977122
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/28/2006
Pages: 220
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