World Rebirth or World War Three: Reason or Ego

World Rebirth or World War Three: Reason or Ego

by Jimmy Jimmy


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WORLD WAR THREE. Doomsday is nigh if we don't reason. We are living in a world with a major divide. We have THE WEST and THE EAST. The dividing factor is the policies/governance driving each political divide. THE WEST comprises of United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany. Canada, Japan and the Scandinavian countries pull this direction. THE EAST comprises mainly of Russia and China. With them comes Middle East, Eastern Europe, Part of South America. THE WEST believes in democracy, capitalism and the tolerance that comes with it. THE EAST on their part spearhead communism which is more associated with dictatorship. Students as well as world leaders will find the information wholesome. The stand off between the US and Russia can be a precipice to a war that is likely to change the face of the planet earth forever. Doomsday is nigh with both the big boys having nuclear at their disposal. Other than political front, there are sensitive issues touching on violence against WOMEN, for example, women butchering though Female Genital Mutilation, Acid birth, Gang rape which are very real in the present day and accepted in some society captured in the book. In matter religion, Bible and Koran when misinterpreted has become like nuclear warhead. Also a question we try to avoid; Are we clinging to the God of Israel? Rich Britain history We tend to ignore, England oh England. In matter health, chronic diseases we are buying. We appeal for reason other than ego, for none of the two big boys can afford to lose in case of war.

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Jimmy Jimmy is a researcher on international politics (political science), historian and freelancer. He was born December, 1984. Inspired by US first president Washington and the Buffalo soldiers who dared to dream.

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