World Scientific Handbook Of Global Health Economics And Public Policy (A 3-volume Set)

World Scientific Handbook Of Global Health Economics And Public Policy (A 3-volume Set)

by Richard M Scheffler (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9789814612319
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/16/2016
Series: World Scientific Series In Global Health Economics And Public Policy Series , #3
Pages: 1628
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

Volume 1 — The Economics of Health and Health Systems: Health System Performance (Peter Berman); Transformation of the Healthcare Delivery System (William D White and Stephen M Shortell); Healthcare Spending and Economic Growth (Edit V Velé nyi and Abdo S Yazbeck); Resource Allocation and Priority Setting (Guillem Lopez-Casasnovas and Laura Pellisé -Urquiza); Measuring and Forecasting National Health Care Expenditures (Thomas E Getzen); Measuring and Forecasting Health Care Costs (Alistair McGuire); Public and Private Financing of Health Systems (Alexander S Preker); Alternative Strategies for Universal Health Care Coverage (Joseph Kutzin, Cheryl Cashin and Winnie Yip); Disparities and Inequalities in Health Care (Marisol Rodriguez and Rosa M Urbanos-Garrido); Pay for Performance in Health Systems Around the Globe (Richard Scheffler and Jed Friedman); Risk-Adjusted Payment Models (Camilo Cid Pedraza, Randall Ellis, Jeurgen Wasem and Veró nica Vargas); Macroeconomics and Health (Richard Smith, Johanna Hanefield and Marcus Keogh-Brown); Volume 2 — Health Determinants and Outcomes: Mental Health (Martin Knapp); Aging and Long Term Care (Audrey Laporte and Meghan McMahon); Social Capital and Health (Lorenzo Rocco and Eline Aas); The Economics of Women's Health and Healthcare: From Conception to Grave (Marcella Alsan, Felicia M Knaul, Corinna A Haberland, Patricia Foo and Afsan Bhadelia); Healthcare for Children (Flavia Bustreo); Smoking (Ayda Yurekli, Teh-wei Hu, Evan Blecher, Anne-Marie Perucic, Frank J Chaloupka, Mark Goodchild, Niger Nargis, Sophia Delipalla, Chonlathan Visaruthvong and Anita H Lee); Alcohol (Johan Jarl); Obesity (Franco Sassi, Marion Devaux and Michele Cecchini); Genetics and Genome Mapping (Kathryn A Phillips, Katherine Payn and Ken Redekop); Conditional Cash Transfers and Health Outcomes (William H Dow); Behavioral Economics Applications in the US (Douglas E Hough); Behavioral Economics Applications in the UK (Adam Oliver); Volume 3 — Characteristics of Health Systems: Primary Care: Effectiveness and Costs (Tor Iversen); Medical Education and Training of Health Professionals (Fethiye Gülin Gedik and Kate Tulenko); Impact and Costs of Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology (Panos Kanavos); Technological Innovation in Health Care (Sheila D Smith and Jonathan Cylus); Evaluation of Medical Technology (Mark Sculpher, Paul A Revill and Beth Woods); Medical Tourism (Johanna Hanefeld, Helena Legido-Quigley and Richard Smith); Hospital Performance and Quality (Barbara McPake); Public Private Partnerships in Global Health (Pedro Pita Barros and Rui Monteiro); Global Human Resources for Health (Joanne Spetz, Michelle S Téllez and Brent D Fulton); Dental Care (Marko Vujicic); Translational Health Economic (Wolf H Rogowski and Maarten J Ijzerman).

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