World Society: The Writings of John W. Meyer

World Society: The Writings of John W. Meyer


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ISBN-13: 9780199593439
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 08/06/2010
Pages: 400
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About the Author

Georg Krücken is professor for Science Organization; Higher Education and Science Management at the German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer. After undergraduate und graduate studies in sociology, philosophy, and political sciences at Bielefeld University and the University of Bologna, he received his Ph.D. in sociology from Bielefeld University in 1996, where he worked as an associate professor until 2006. From 1999 to 2001 he was a visiting scholar at the Department of Sociology at Stanford University. He taught as a guest professor at the Institute for Science Studies, University of Vienna, and at the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations, Sciences Po, Paris. His research interests include neo-institutional theory, science studies, organizational studies, and the management of higher education. Gili S. Drori (Ph.D., Sociology; Stanford University 1997) is a lecturer in Stanford University's International Relations Program and the Director of the International Relations Honors Program. Her research interests include the comparative study of science, social progress and rationalization, globalization, and governance. She also wrote on world culture, global health, technology entrepreneurship, and higher education. These interests inform her recent books: Science in the Modern World Polity: Institutionalization and Globalization (Stanford, 2003; co-authored with John W. Meyer, Francisco O. Ramirez and Evan Schofer), Global E-litism: Digital Technology, Social Inequality, and Transnationality (Worth, 2005), and Globalization and Organization: World Society and the Expansion of Formal Organization (OUP, 2006; co-edited with John W. Meyer and Hokyu Hwang).

Table of Contents

Part I: Overview
1. World Society: A Theory and a Research Program in Context, Gili S. Drori and Georg Krucken
2. Reflections: Institutional Theory and World Society, John W. Meyer
Part II: Concepts and Processes
3. Rationalization: Ontology and Rationalization in the Western Cultural Account, John W. Meyer, John Boli, and George M. Thomas
4. Myth and Ritual: Institutionalized Organizations: Formal Structure as Myth, John W. Meyer and Brian Rowan
5. Actorhood: The "Actors" of Modern Society: The Cultural Construction of Social Agency, John W. Meyer and Ronald L. Jepperson
6. Diffusion: Institutional Conditions for Diffusion, David Strang and John W. Meyer
7. Globalization: Sources and Effects on National States and Societies, John W. Meyer
Part III: Applications
8. The Nation-State: World Society and the Nation-State, John W. Meyer, John Boli, George M. Thomas, and Francisco O. Ramirez
9. Education: The World Institutionalization of Education, John W. Meyer and Francisco O. Ramirez
10. Environment: the Structuring of a World Environmental Regime, 1870-1990, John W. Meyer, David J. Frank, Ann Hironaka, Evan Schofer, and Nancy Tuma
11. Management: Globalization and the Expansion and Standardization of Management, John W. Meyer
12. Science: World Society and the Authority and Empowerment of Science, Gili S. Drori, John W. Meyer, Francisco O. Ramirez, and Evan Schofer
13. Human Rights: World Society, the Welfare State, and the Life Course: An Institutionalist Perspective, John W. Meyer
14. The Individual: The Profusion of Individual Roles and Identities in the Postwar Period, David J. Frank and John W. Meyer
15. Law: Modern Law as a Secularized and Global Model: Implications for the Sociology of Law, Elizabeth Heger Boyle and John W. Meyer
16. The European Union: The European Union and the Globalization of Culture, John W. Meyer
17. Universities: the University in Europe and the World: Twentieth Century Expansion, John W. Meyer
Part IV: Bibliography of Meyer's Writings

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