World War 2 Navy SEALs: True Stories from the First Navy SEALs: The Amphibious Scout & Raiders

World War 2 Navy SEALs: True Stories from the First Navy SEALs: The Amphibious Scout & Raiders

by Ryan Jenkins


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Hollywood tends to have a romantic vision of the way war works. War is hell. This book takes a look at one aspect that has gained little attention in the modern age, the Underwater Demolition Teams, also known as the UDT. The brave men that signed up for these early teams faced real dangers that many of the modern Special Forces teams face, without much of the equipment that is carried. For many of them it was a death sentence.

Find out about the early pioneers in the field from Italy. While the Italians were not on the Allied side in WWII their ideas paved the way for other countries to develop their own teams. Italy had a different method that included torpedoes.

UDT's weren't just all about blowing things up. They also played a vital role in recon missions. Sneaking onto beaches and landing sites was dangerous work that they willingly accepted in order to help others land safely. Read about their daring New Year's Eve mission that could have saved hundreds of lives

When called to, they enjoyed the thrill of clearing the path for other soldiers and Marines hitting the beaches. This was a deadly and dangerous business though. While you may have heard about the Marines being the first boots on the ground, for many battles it was the UDT that blew the obstacles out of the way for them first!
War is fought on land, on sea and in the air. Grab a copy of this book today and see how at times, it was fought under the water as well.

Comments From Other Readers

"This is an awesome book that talks about units that you never see covered in regular education. My grandfather was injuried in Ohmaha so I try to read up all I can about the actions on that beach. I was amazed to read about the history of the so called "Frogmen" that were on the beaches first. It's truly an amazing history that the author works hard at brigning to life." - Charlie R (New York, USA)

"This is a well-written book about the brave men of world war II. Imagine venturing into places that the average person wouldn't want to go. Imagine venturing into that same place under fire and without weapons. Imagine you're wearing nothing but swim trunks and carrying just a small dive knife. Imagine doing all this all the while knowing you may not go home. These are what the men of the Underwater Demoliton Team did time after time in WWII. This book truly brings their story to life"- Ian M (Ontario, Canada)

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About the Author

"Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft." - Winston Churchill

By studying our past, we are able to better understand our future. History happened for a reason, and it's our job to identify and fascinate ourselves with our past successes and failures. This is the creed that Ryan Jenkins follows.

Ryan Jenkins is an advocate learner and experienced historian. He has mainly focused his studies on the events and stories of World War 2. Ryan has spent years in the field conducting intensive research, and personally uncovering relics from the past. He enjoys exploring into historical matters himself, which includes combing through past battlefields, or interviewing other well-known historians.

In his books, Ryan provides in-depth, factual historical stories that are both consuming and gripping. Unlike long drawn, boring historical reads, Ryan's content focuses on hitting key points, while keeping it entertaining and enjoyable. Whether you are researching for a history project or looking to learn more about past events, Ryan's books will suck you in from page one.

When not writing, Ryan enjoys the company of his family and exploring unique areas in the world.

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