The World War I Reader

The World War I Reader

by Michael S. Neiberg
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New York University Press
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The World War I Reader

Almost 100 years after the Treaty of Versailles was signed, World War I continues to be badly understood and greatly oversimplified. Its enormous impact on the world in terms of international diplomacy and politics, and the ways in which future military engagements would evolve, be fought, and ultimately get resolved have been ignored. With this reader of primary and secondary documents, edited and compiled by Michael S. Neiberg, students, scholars, and war buffs can gain an extensive yet accessible understanding of this conflict. Neiberg introduces the basic problems in the history of World War I, shares the words and experiences of the participants themselves, and, finally, presents some of the most innovative and dynamic current scholarship on the war.

Neiberg, a leading historian of World War I, has selected a wide array of primary documents, ranging from government papers to personal diaries, demonstrating the war’s devastating effect on all who experienced it, whether President Woodrow Wilson, an English doughboy in the trenches, or a housewife in Germany. In addition to this material, each chapter in The World War I Reader contains a selection of articles and book chapters written by major scholars of World War I, giving readers perspectives on the war that are both historical and contemporary. Chapters are arranged chronologically and by theme, and address causes, the experiences of soldiers and their leaders, battlefield strategies and conditions, home front issues, diplomacy, and peacemaking. A time-line, maps, suggestions for further reading, and a substantive introduction by Neiberg that lays out the historiography of World War I round out the book.

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ISBN-13: 9780814758335
Publisher: New York University Press
Publication date: 12/01/2006
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 1,203,351
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     ix
Maps     x
Timeline of Major Events     xv
Brief Biographies of Important Figures Mentioned in the Text     xvii
Introduction     1
The Great Illusion, 1910   Sir Norman Angell     25
Germany and the Next War$dGeneral Friedrich von Bernhardi     35
The "Willy-Nicky" Telegrams$dKaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia     46
The Circus Rider of Europe   Dennis Showalter     50
The Army and the Nationalist   Revival Douglas Porch     71
The Good Soldier Schweik   Jaroslav Hasek     91
Her Privates We   Frederic Manning     97
A Soldier's Notebook   Alexei Brusilov     109
Officer-Man Relations: The Other Ranks' Perspective   G. D. Sheffield     123
"War Enthusiasm": Volunteers, Departing Soldiers, and Victory Celebrations   Jeffrey Verhey     148
Foch's General Counteroffensive, Part I: 26 September to 23 October 1918   David Trask     158
The Destruction of Louvain   Leon van der Essen     175
The Historic First of July   Philip Gibbs     184
Between Mutiny and Obedience   Leonard V. Smith     195
The Live and Let Live System   Tony Ashworth     208
Home Fronts
Letters from a Lost Generation   Vera Brittain     227
An English Wife in Berlin   Evelyn Blucher     243
Home Fires Burning   Belinda J. Davis     252
The Politics of Race   Jennifer D. Keene     272
The End of the War
The Fourteen Points   President Woodrow Wilson     291
Views on a Prospective Armistice   Ferdinand Foch   John Pershing     294
The Military Collapse of the German Empire   Wilhelm Deist     297
Diggers and Doughboys: Australian and American Troop Interaction on the Western Front, 1918   Dale Blair     312
Peacemaking, 1919   Harold Nicolson     325
British Diplomacy: The Hussein-McMahon Letters$dSir Henry McMahon, British High Commissioner in Cairo, to Hussein Ibn Ali, the Sherif of Mecca     335
A Peace to End All Peace   David Fromkin     340
The Kings Depart   Richard Watt     348
Further Reading      367
Index     371
About the Editor     375

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The World War I Reader 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This a decent rendering of the many articles outstanding og the Great War. Nothiing more nothing less.