Worship in the Spirit: Charismatic Worship in the Church of England

Worship in the Spirit: Charismatic Worship in the Church of England


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Since its beginnings in the early 1960s the Charismatic Movement has been at its most visible and influential in the sphere of public worship. This book is the first major study of charismatic worship as it is encountered in Church of England parishes. Having traced the historical development of the Charismatic Movement in the Church of England, the book explores the public worship of six selected case study churches. By focusing on patterns of liturgical order, congregational singing, and ""prayer ministry, various aspects of worship are discussed. These include leadership, use of music and song, transformation of people and place, and the influence of cultural trends in notions of intimacy and characteristics of live performance (presence, spontaneity, and visibility). The concluding section offers a theological evaluation and investigates charismatic worship from a trinitarian perspective.

""We have long needed a study of the distinctive worship of charismatic churches in comparative context, and one which includes theological elements (such as the Trinity), along with expressive elements (such as the music). James Steven expertly and clearly provides this in a pioneering volume.
--David Martin, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics

""A large proportion of the clergy I meet have been inspired by the Charismatic Movement. Reading this sharp but sympathetic appraisal of charismatic worship in the Church of England not only helped me relive some of the glory moments of the Fountain Trust Conferences but also made me think through again what worship in Spirit and in truth really is.
--The Rt. Rev. Jonathan Gledhill, Bishop of Southampton

'This study is an essential companion for all those who want to understand the changing culture of worship and the churches at the turn of the millennium. Steven's thesis is a compelling analysis of the rise and routinization of charismatic worship in the Church of England. It is full of theological acuity and sharp sociological insight, and makes a major contribution to the field of contemporary ecclesiology.'
--Canon Professor Martyn Percy, Lincoln Theological Institute, University of Sheffield

James Steven studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge and trained for Anglican ministry in Durham. He has served in parishes in Welling and Bournemouth and as a chaplain in Further Education. He now teaches at Trinity College, Bristol, where he is Tutor in Liturgy and Doctrine.

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ISBN-13: 9781597527897
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 01/28/2007
Series: Studies in Evangelical History and Thought Series
Pages: 261
Product dimensions: 6.04(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

About the Author

James Steven studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge and trained for Anglican ministry in Durham. He has served in parishes in Welling and Bournemouth and as a chaplain in Further Education. He now teaches at Trinity College, Bristol, where he is Tutor in Liturgy and Doctrine.

Table of Contents

Foreword     xiii
Acknowledgements     xv
Introduction     1
Studying Charismatic Worship     2
The Charismatic Movement and Pentecostalism     5
A History of Charismatic Renewal in the Church of England     11
Early Beginnings     11
1964-1970: Fountain Trust and Developments     14
1970-1980: Broadening Horizons     17
Early 1980s: Closure of the Fountain Trust     23
1984-1990: Wimber and 'Signs and Wonders'     25
1990s: Post-Wimber and the 'Toronto Blessing'     31
Conclusion     36
Methodology     37
Case Studies with a Verstehen Approach     37
Research Methods     42
Participation Observation     42
Interviews     45
Research Strategy     47
The Public Horizon of Worship     49
Observing the Public Horizon     50
Ritual Subject     50
Symbols     51
Ritual Process     52
Interpreting the Public Horizon     52
Judging the Public Horizon     54
Case Study Liturgies     55
Introduction     55
St.A: A ModernCatholic Approach     57
'Face-to-Face' Worship     59
Inspired Individual Participation     60
Journey to Intimacy     63
Liturgical Time     63
St.B and St. E: 'Free' Evangelical Approaches     64
Free and Flexible Worship     65
Vineyard Ritual     66
'Words of the Lord'     70
St.C: An Anglican Evangelical Approach     73
The Choir and the Liturgy     74
'Words of Knowledge'     75
St.D: An Anglo-Catholic Approach     76
Catholic, Evangelical and Charismatic     77
Charismatic Liturgy     78
St.F: A 'Radical' Approach     83
Earthed Charismatic Worship     85
Synagogue and Temple Worship     87
Conclusion     89
Singing God's Praise     91
Introduction     91
The 'Time of Worship' at St. C: 'Block Worship'     92
The Music Group and Sung Worship     96
The Music Group as 'Live' Performers     97
The Music Group as Leaders of Worship     100
The Songs as Liturgical Text     102
Ritual Process as Transformation     108
Transformation of Place      108
Transformation of Personae     110
The Music Group     111
The Congregation     113
Transformation as 'Flow'     117
The Goal of Ritual Process: 'Intimacy' in Worship     118
Intimacy, Prayer and God     126
Intimacy and Cultural Trends     130
'Prayer Ministry'     135
Introduction     135
'Prayer Ministry' at St. D     136
Administrators of 'Prayer Ministry'     140
'Prayer Ministry' Leader     140
'Prayer Ministers'     144
The Congregation     147
The Sermon     147
'Words of Knowledge'     148
Musical Accompaniment     151
The 'Prayer Ministry' Space and Respondent Posture     155
Summary of Congregational Response: Romantic Narrative     157
The Divine Action: God as 'Live Performer'     159
God's Presence     160
God's Visibility     160
God's Spontaneity     162
A Theological Appraisal     167
A Summary of the Numinous in Case Study Worship     167
The Trinitarian Expression in Case Study Worship     171
Extempore Prayers of Leaders      173
Congregational Songs     175
Worship 'In The Spirit'     177
Celebrating God the Holy Spirit     178
Celebrating a Vocation to Worship     183
Celebrating the Community at Worship     186
The Place of Christ in Congregational Sung Worship     188
Christ as the Exalted Dispenser of the Spirit     191
The Spirit-Inspired Congregation as Sole Subject of Worship     193
The Collapse of Worship into Immanentism     194
Individualism and the Climax of Worship     197
The Priestly Character of Worship     198
Receiving the Spirit in 'Prayer Ministry'     201
The Spirit as Divine Performer     201
The Therapeutic Spirit     203
The Spirit for the Individual     206
Conclusion     207
Conclusion     209
Appendixes     215
Interview Questions for First Visit     215
Interview Questions for Second Visit     219
'Words of Knowledge'     220
Bibliography     223
General Index     231
Song Index     235

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