The Worst Journey In The World, Antarctica 1910-1913. Complete, Unabridged & Illustrated. Volumes 1 & 2.

The Worst Journey In The World, Antarctica 1910-1913. Complete, Unabridged & Illustrated. Volumes 1 & 2.

by Apsley Cherry-Garrard


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The Worst Journey In The World, Antarctica 1910-1913. Complete, Unabridged & Illustrated. Volumes 1 & 2. by Apsley Cherry-Garrard

Cherry-Garrard's The Worst Journey in the World is a gripping account of Scott's expedition gone disastrously wrong.

This is the original print complete with original Panoramas, Maps, and Illustrations . There is also now a free app.

The QR code in this book opens an app with stunning photos, links to reference books and a full video documentary. The app also opens a LIVE CAM at the south pole. Herbert Ponting's award winning re-enactment is also embedded in the app.

It is simple to use the QR scanner on your phone which is available free at any app store. Just point your phone or tablet at the code and it opens like magic.

This is not the cheaper smaller budget edition.

Cherry-Garrard was the youngest member of Scott's team, the author was later part of the rescue party that eventually found the frozen bodies of Scott and three men who had accompanied Scott on the final push to the Pole.

Cherry-Garrard's account is filled with details of scientific discovery and anecdotes of human resilience in a harsh environment. Each participant in the Scott expedition is brought fully to life. Cherry-Garrard's recollections are supported by diary excerpts and accounts from other teammates.

Apsley Cherry-Garrard was only 24 when he set out on Scott's ill-fated Terra Nova expedition. He was the youngest member of the group and, for my money, the best qualified for the later task of writing the complete story. Why? The Worst Journey in the World is an awe-inspiring adventure, told in such a way that you feel the young man's wide-eyed wonder as your own.

Very few novels have gripped and excited me as this book has, and far fewer non-fiction works. Cherry--as his friends called him--writes with a vigour and attention to detail and drama usually reserved for thrillers. The blizzards, storms at sea, killer whale attacks, sub-zero temperatures, and exhausting struggles with sled dogs, ponies, and yawning crevasses are vividly depicted. By the end of the book, you almost feel as though you've been on the journey with him. The "you are there" phenomenon is something I encounter very seldom in a book. This book actually managed to make me cold.

The Worst Journey in the World is not solely devoted to the adventure and the final tragedy of finding Scott and his men frozen to death. Cherry takes time out to comment on the scientific significance of their work in Antarctica, of the need for exploration regardless of immediate results, and, in conclusion, of why Scott's return from the Pole ended so bitterly. These sections of the work put the adventure into perspective, so that not only do you experience the good and bad times with the expedition, you learn what ideals drove them and what was at stake with every piece of bad luck.

Cherry-Gerrard was the only survivor of Scott's last journey to the South Pole, and was a member of the search party that later discovered the remains of Scott and his comrades.

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