Worst Pills, Best Pills: A Consumer's Guide to Preventing Drug-Induced Deat

Worst Pills, Best Pills: A Consumer's Guide to Preventing Drug-Induced Deat

by Sid M. Wolfe
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Worst Pills, Best Pills: A Consumer's Guide to Avoiding Drug-Induced Death or Illness 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Miss_Tina More than 1 year ago
In the last year, I have been through the most physical and mentally exhausting search for the right fit for an effective anti-depresant that isn't going to kill me from the harmful side effects. With each new medication, I started having the prescribed side effects tenfold because I have such as serious sensitivity. Each time I started having issues with my medications, my doctor would tell me that my side effects "are rare, and I shouldn't worry about them." Or, "it's highly unlikely that you are experiencing these side effects." I started thinking I was crazy. Then my chiropractor, no less, offered me his copy of this book, and I was shocked to learn all the symptoms/side effects I was having were absolutely normal, yet not healthy in the least bit, and I wasn't the crazy one after all. I took this book with me to the doctor's office and showed my doctor the issues I was having were in fact associated with the medication, and that I wasn't the crazy one here. He got very angry with me and said I was being combative with him as I calmly flipped through the pages of this book. I proceeded to read the lines aloud just to underscore my point that I was bringing legitimate issues about my care to the table, and he wasn't validating them or acting the least bit concerned although I was suffering from seizures, syncope, a heart rate above 100 bpm, serious GI issues and basically couldn't keep down any nourishment or even exercise for fear of either passing out or sending my heart into tachycardia. Thanks to this book, I got myself off of the extremely high dosage of the Effexor before the seizures, parkinsonism and syncope all killed me. I have since then moved on to another medication which didn't do me any better, but I at least had this book to refer to and identify the debilitating physical symptoms in advance, so I could stop the medication or at least adjust the dosage if necessary. Unfortunately, despite my voiced concerns, my doctor aggressively took me off the citalopram last Tuesday, and I spent my Friday night in the ER here suffering from serotogenic rebound -- withdraw. When the ER staff offered me a tranquilizer for the shakes I was experiencing and couldn't control, I was able to peruse this book at the time (I brought it with -- you betcha), and determine which one was the best for me. THey thought I was really, really odd, but when you've been through the ringer like I have, you will arm yourself with whatever it takes to get medical personnel to realize you won't be messed with. The ER doctors wrote me a prescription for Ativan to help me control my anxiety should any arouse as I was going through the final phases of withdraw at home, but I don't have plans on filling it because this handy refernece book has it on the Do Not Use list. It's a great sleep aide, if you want to spend your weekend in bed, for that's about what I've done with the one dosage I did allow. Given the amount of success I have had with this book in teaching my own doctor what he should have learned in medical school, I doubt I will ever leave home without it. It will accompany me to each doctor because I'm not playing around anymore. Power to the people!
readsafely2012 More than 1 year ago
Folks, it's a no brainer (and I HATE to use that term) but the simple fact is pharmaceutical companies RULE the medical realm with less scrutiny than most businesses related to the medical field because of one reason. Money! And they have tons of it (literally!). So, why buy this reference guide? It could save your life.... I've been asking myself why in the world I can not find an updated version of this book since 1999????? The answer? .....Still waiting but my guess is those pharmaceutical dollars are hard at work making sure you don't read what they don't want you to read. So read what's already legally published before it's gone. This is T-H-E best prescription guide you will find in print for the "general public".
Guest More than 1 year ago
The research has guided me well in many situations, ie: it listed Baycor as do not take until 2004, too new. The product was just recalled. Also much information about various health problems such as: high blood pressure and cholesteral tests. The information on harmful interactions of various medications is invaluable, Especially when many doctors and pharmacists are not aware of the data.