Worth of Waste

Worth of Waste

by Bethany-Kris


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DeLuca Duet, Part Two The Chicago Mob is the same as it has always been-violent, greedy, and excessive. The Outfit families have turned their backs when they were needed the most one too many times, but Dino DeLuca didn't expect anything different. His whole life has been lived for the Outfit-for his family. He has a whole new set of reasons to live and fight now. Karen Martin makes Dino change all the rules. He's finally ready to show everyone just how much waste is truly worth in the mafia, and just how far one will go for freedom from it all. He's learned these lessons well. Too well. Author's Note: The DeLuca Duet is a standalone duet with a HEA ending that can be read independently.

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ISBN-13: 9781988197289
Publisher: Bethany-Kris
Publication date: 02/07/2017
Series: DeLuca Duet , #2
Pages: 232
Sales rank: 936,315
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.49(d)

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Worth of Waste (DeLuca Duet, #2) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Llin More than 1 year ago
******I voluntarily received and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book***** This second book in this series began where the first one left off and was so compelling, thrilling and gritty. I can only think how astonishing this writer allowed her emotions,imaginations and words to flow freely like a pure clear waterfall. IMO, the author did an outstanding job with describing each covert detailed torments Dino endured. The book is full of manipulation, betrayal, jealousy, steamy love scenes, mayhem and touch of humor (I can't forget little JD, who was adorable). Dino continues to disregard his own happiness to endure total he$$ that was an arduous emotional roller coaster ride. I cried, laughed, got angry and seriously wanted to put my hands around the Uncle neck :), The question is will Dino ever be out of the reach of the depraved bat-crazy, demonic, controlling Uncle? Can he obtain his HEA with the beautiful, soft-hearted and loving Karen and save his sibling from the blatant controlling uncle? Will he survive all the tricks and traps the Chicago Outfit concocts to get him? THIS IS A MUST READ! Although this is a standalone, it would be much clearer if you read Deathless and Divided(Chicago War series). I don't want to give away this intriguing storyline, just get it. I will be revisiting the Chicago War series again and looking forward to reading the next book by this top-notch writer. It left me in disarray, wow what a story! >>>>There definitely should be more stars added to this list
PaigeJ More than 1 year ago
4 "How It Ends" Stars Worth of Waste was the conclusion to a series that hooked my from the start. I've followed Dino's story since the first book of The Chicago War series and as I've devoured this duet. I've learned so much more about Dino, his family and his life. With surprises, events explained and a love story that defies barriers, this is a mafia family I've fallen in love with. Dino and Karen have a lot of overcome. Starting where book 1 ended, Worth of Waste picks up with Dino and jail and Karen trying her best to move forward with her life and her new baby. As time moves forward, Karen realizes exactly who she's fallen in love with and Dino makes plans to give Karen all that she deserves. But with infighting becoming an everyday occurrence and war on the horizon, Dino has decisions to make that will effect every person in his life. I loved getting deep into Dino's head. I loved that I got to see events transpire from the original series but that were written in a way that made sense with this story as a standalone. I loved Dino and Karen and their love story. It may not have been quite as heart stopping a conclusion as The Chicago War series but seeing as that is one of my most favorite books ever, it was going to be nearly impossible to top. But this was a fabulous extension and I enjoyed every minute.
FromTheSouth More than 1 year ago
Fans of Bethany-Kris’ The Chicago War series need no introduction when it comes to Dino DeLuca. His character took center stage in Book 1, Deathless and Divided, as murder and mayhem broke out among four rival Chicago mobster families. At that point, most of us only saw him as the quintessential, uncaring mafioso brother of Theo and Lily, who seemed determined to save his own skin and didn’t care if he ruined their lives in the process. We were only given glimpses there were possibly more to him that meets the eye. Well, my mafia romance book-loving friends, things were definitely different than they seemed. Dino did have demons, some real but many self-imposed. He didn’t dare dream of ever finding peace and happiness considering the hold the mob had on him, especially the perpetual choke hold of his evil, cruel Uncle Ben. Thankfully for him, the author gave him the unconditional love of a good woman who wants nothing more than to drive that darkness away and bring him only love and happiness. Getting the full Dino details and his decision to take matters into his own hands was like watching a complex jigsaw puzzle you’ve struggled to put together suddenly fit together perfectly. Oh, it is so wonderfully wicked what ultimately happens to Uncle Ben, folks, but it is barely mentioned here. If you want the full scoop on that James Bond type ending, you just got to read book 1 of The Chicago War to see how karma in the form of a ghost gives him his just and final reward. You know what they say about payback? It begins with a “B”. Well, think again. In this case, it starts with a “D”. I’ll leave you and your imagination to ponder on that clue until you read Deathless and Divided and discover it for yourself. So here’s to hoping we haven’t seen the last of Dino and his lady love. With a little help from his family and a few mafia made associates, I have every confidence Bethany-Kris may not be finished with him yet. Here’s to keeping my mafioso book-loving fingers crossed he’ll turn up again in another of her great mafia romance series. Title: Worth of Waste, Series: DeLuca Duet, Part 2, Author: Bethany-Kris, Pages: 266, not a stand-alone, need to read part 1 first, mafia romance, mob violence, sweet/patient heroine, alpha tough good guy hero who has a tragic past, a few smexy scenes with lusty language, OTT evil family villain, Part 1 storyline takes place before book 1 of The Chicago War (Deathless and Divided) but this can be considered an independent 2 part series, romance safe read, no cheating, no love triangle, no OW/OM drama. The Chicago War: The Complete Series is now available as one book. DeLuca Duet: Book 1 - Waste of Worth, 1/9/17, Pages: 254 Book 2 - Worth of Waste, 2/2/6/17, Pages: 266 (This review is based on advanced reader copy provided via the author in exchange for an unbiased, fair review. No compensation was provided to this reviewer, nor is there any affiliation between the reviewer and author/publisher.)