Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait

by Destiny Moon

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ISBN-13: 9781784304843
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 04/03/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 184
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Romance heroines have saved my sanity numerous times through break-ups and life changes. I find escaping into a romance both soothing and revitalizing—and even better when there are some steamy scenes to tantalize the imagination.

For most of my adult life, I’ve concentrated on carving out a serious career, but a number of love-hungry, sassy characters keep taking over my mind, insisting that I daydream, live vicariously through them and tell their stories. Watching these women emerge on the page gives me a different sort of satisfaction than I get from my day job. It is a joy to share them with readers.

I live in a tiny apartment in a crowded city and I like to think there is something romantic about this. I did manage to find my soul mate here.

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Copyright © Destiny Moon 2015. All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Totally Bound Publishing.

Jerome was insufferable today. He looked way too good in his suit, like a pastry that tormented you by calling your name all the way from the bakery. In his navy blue and gray pinstripes with a crisp purple shirt underneath, he looked like he’d stepped out of the pages of GQ. He even had on those sexy glasses. He either had a gay best friend or a savvy girlfriend who dressed him. He was like no other straight guy I’d ever met… And I’d met a lot. I knew men. And Jerome was in a category all on his own.

At four, he sidled up to my desk and asked me if I had a moment.

For him? Of course!

“I’d like your analysis report of the Murdoch file before you leave,” he said. He knew I couldn’t do it in an hour.

“Okay,” I responded.

That saucy flirt had basically invited me to stay late with him. Classic. So I did what any hot-blooded girl with an out-of-control libido would do. I took a quick coffee break, went down to the mall below our office tower and bought myself some lucky panties. You just never know. I had to cling to the hope that he had ulterior motives.

* * * *

At six o’clock, he asked what I wanted for dinner. On him, he said, since he was forcing me to work late. I told him we should have sushi. That was better than something greasy, I figured. Keep it light. After all, who knew what we’d get up to later?

I figured that tonight was the night he was going to tell me he felt the same way about me that I did about him. I pictured him coming over to my desk, telling me he couldn’t stand how sexy I was, that I was a terrible distraction for him. I would be so glad I had gone to L’Atmosphere to pick up a frilly little number. It occurred to me that I should really keep a pair at work for just such an emergency.

By quarter after six, there was no one left but us. The lights in the other areas were all turned off for the evening. It was much dimmer in here than usual. Mood lighting. He was going to find a way to finally turn business into pleasure and all I had to do was bide my time until he came over, swept everything off my desk and took me in a passionate embrace.

* * * *

No such luck. By the time I got home, I was shaking my head. That guy! Seriously. Nothing. Nada. He’d got me to stay late to…work? Who did that? When dinner had arrived, I’d suggested that we eat together and he’d said he’d rather just keep on working and asked me if I wouldn’t rather eat at my desk and get home at a decent hour. Well, I’d got home later than usual, twenty bucks poorer because of my panty-splurge.

He really had some nerve. I would have loved to tell him off, tell him that no other guy would ever treat me that way. But I guessed that was just it. He was not like other guys.

I called Claudia. At least she’d understand.

“Men suck,” I huffed.

“Yeah,” she said. “They can be slobs. Pete’s laundry is spread all over again and I can’t stand it. He treats our place like a hotel.”

That was true. I wanted to tell her I thought she was settling, but I couldn’t do it. It was a bigger discussion and it’d have to wait. She provided more proof that men are hate-worthy and that shacking up with one just made him lazy and gross. I told her about Jerome’s infuriating behavior.

“Maybe he’s hiding something,” Claudia suggested.

“He is, right?” Her theory felt accurate to me. “But what?”

I ran my gay theory by her, but she didn’t think that was it. “Nobody hides that anymore. There’s no reason to.”

“You’re right, but you should see how he dresses. He’s definitely metrosexual. I mean the guy looks like he stepped right out of GQ.”

“Maybe so, but no need to stereotype, right? I mean, straight guys are capable of choosing their own clothes. Well, not Pete, but other guys. Guys who work in offices.”

“Well, if that’s not it, what could it be?”

“Maybe he’s married,” she said. “But that doesn’t really make sense. That’s not something people hide either.”

“There’s something, for sure. He keeps everyone at work at arm’s length.” I was really getting gossipy now. “Check this out. Normally, on the first of each month we get a cake at coffee time for all the birthday babies of that month.”


“Yeah, yeah, I know… Office culture is weird. Anyway, so there’s this enforced cake ritual and get this. He’s been there for over a year now and not once has it been his birthday.”

“Maybe he just doesn’t want to participate in the enforced cake ritual. Do you guys have to sing Happy Birthday?”


“That’s super weird.”

“Focus, Claudia. Why wouldn’t he want people to know?”

“Jehovah’s Witness?” she offered.

“Nah,” I said. “I’ve seen him drinking at office functions and he wished people Happy Hanukkah and Christmas last December.”

“Maybe he’s just private.”

“Yeah, but why?” I was desperate. There had to be some reason.

“Some people are.”

“I’m going to figure it out, mark my words.”

“You do that, Super Sleuth. I have to get going. I have to read a whole other boring academic article tonight just so I can understand a footnote from the one I just finished. This PhD is going to kill me, I swear.”

“You have to come out one of these weekends and blow off some steam. You must be going crazy.”

“I am, but I don’t have time.”

“You and me both. I really ought to be focused on my career right now instead of dreaming about shagging my boss. I can’t help myself.”

* * * *

Later that night, I even went to our work website just to look at his face. His bio impressed me so much, I couldn’t help but read it every time I clicked on his profile. He’d started a small business in his early twenties, got an impressive scholarship, graduated from Stanford business school, and entered the corporate world. Sitting in bed with my crush’s face on my iPad, I realized just how pathetic my obsession had become.

The TV was on and there was an infomercial for a seminar on visualization. I got sucked in. Everyone in the audience wanted all kinds of ridiculous stuff—big cars, fancy houses, great vacations. Sure, all that stuff would be great, but the only thing I really wanted—the only thing that mattered—was true love. Great friends, too. I already had those. Claudia and Kristen were like sisters to me. And our other girlfriends were cool, too. I’d already achieved the big goal of my twenties—a beautiful home that I owned. I didn’t need a car because I was right on the subway line and so was work. Besides, I didn’t want anything I had to take care of. I had got a plant. That was good enough for me. Clothes—check. Awesome lifestyle—check. The only thing missing was Jerome.

The host of the show was talking about the law of attraction and how you needed to see something in your mind’s eye before it could come true in reality. I propped the iPad up on the pillow next to mine and lay down beside it. Jerome’s face was locked on a professional smile at me as I gazed into his eyes. I felt like a stalker. This wasn’t working at all. What a scam.

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Worth the Wait 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Amers86 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book from Totally Bound Book Publishing in exchange for and honest and fair review. Monique has her life all together. She has a house, the corporate job with opportunities for advancement, great friends, and any man she could want, except for the one she really wants. She has the looks any woman would kill for and any man would chase after. Unfortunately, the man she wants to chase after her doesn’t seem to reciprocate those feelings, or does he? Does Monique really want to find the one, settle down, and have a family? She has spent much of her life playing the single game and having fun with the different suitors. It’s time to see just what pining after Jerome could offer her if only he would give her the time of day. Jerome is a quiet, reserved, incredibly handsome and smart corporate executive, or is there more to him than meets the eye? His number one rule is to not become involved at work. He must go to work and earn a paycheck and then come home, no baggage, rumors, or drama. Simple, until Monique catches Jerome’s eye and makes him second guess his single simple rule. Should he risk everything to show his true feelings for Monique and does he risk whether or not she feels the same way? No work was going to get done until he could get his mind and eyes off her all day. Could he possibly give into his heart, just this once? Jerome grasped my attention from the first mention of him. He was led to be quiet, reserved, and all business. However, once those layers to Jerome are peeled back one by one, it displays a completely different side of him. He is strong, loving, emotional, gracious, giving, responsible, feisty, demanding, and incredibly charming. He has a lifelong dream and doesn’t want to do anything that would alter his path to that dream, but can he take a short detour in the name of love? This book definitely kept my attention from the beginning to the end. I didn’t want to put it down until I found out if it were possible for Jerome and Monique to work things out with one another. One of the last scenes in the book, specifically the one at the restaurant, was my favorite. The way things were happening, conversations were being had, and emotions were flowing, made me feel like I could insert myself into this story and be having the same conversation. It involved every day topics that we all eventually end up having. I felt, after being married for ten years, that the advice that Monique received was perfect and truthful. My one complaint was Monique’s and Jerome’s story seems to progress a little fast for my liking to feel realistic. I found that to be a little “unbelievable” in real life. It is possible to happen as fast as it did, but not extremely likely. It’s possible the timetable was longer than it portrayed also, but there is no definite time frame referenced to know for sure. Had that party been a little more believable to me, this definitely could have been a five star rating. If you’re looking for a sweet romance, with some incredibly steamy love scenes, then I would recommend this book to you.