Would Jesus Date A Woman Like Me?

Would Jesus Date A Woman Like Me?

by Brian Bolden


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Brian's book answers numerous questions with which black women continue to struggle regarding their relationships with men--particularly black American men, such as: Why will he bed me but not wed me? Why have many black women lost the love and respect of black men? Why are black men continuing to cross the fence in alarming numbers? Why are some black men making a vow to never date or marry another black?

The reality is that sometimes we need to be challenged, and this book will definitely challenge many black women in America to take an introspective look at themselves.

Brian Bolden grew up in Killeen, Texas and graduated from Lamar University with a degree in Communications.  In 2006, he released his first book, "I Am A Man Who Happens To Be Black".  Mr. Bolden is a popular author and motivational speaker whose award-winning mentoring programs "12 Steps to Success" and "Don't Give Up! Success is an Option!" have provided many youth a path to success. In 2007, he won the prestigious Jefferson Award for his commitment to youth.  As a successful businessman, former athlete and Juvenile Probation Officer, Mr. Bolden's experiences have proven invaluable as a life skills trainer, personal development mentor, and seasoned host of youth empowerment workshops. For more information contact Brian Bolden at www.brianbolden.net.

keywords: African American Women, Black Women, Woman, Black Men, Relationship, Dating, Marriage, Sex, Self-Help

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