Would you put your head in a Microwave Oven

Would you put your head in a Microwave Oven

by Gerald Goldberg, MD

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Would you stick your head in a microwave oven? Well would you? Of course not.


 Technology has transformed this planet into an open microwave system with its satellite transmissions. This book examines what the health consequences are.  This book simply points out that the gradual rise in illness across broad geographic areas are an early indicator of microwave illness, independently of what the experts lead you to believe. The handwriting is already on the wall and most of know that something is wrong. This book discusses in simple terms the effects of microwave radiation on the human body.  I utilize dosimetry studies done by the US Air Force, which outline in clear terms what organs of the body are most vulnerable to cumulative microwave exposure.  I outline the mechanisms by which slow exposure is masquerading as various illnesses across this country.

We are on the verge of a health care crisis which threatens to bankrupt our society and health care system. Whether we like to consider it or not the planet that we are living on


has been transformed into an open microwave system.


 In this book I examine the common link between microwave radiation and seemingly unrelated illnesses.   The book demonstrates that the rising incidence of certain illnesses and cancers across broad geographic regions parallels the increasing rise in exposure and use of microwave radiation.

 This book is a common sense approach to the subject which is presented in a clear language that the laymen can understand.  Also it is liberally referenced from the scientific literature. The book is designed to be generally informative as well as a reference source for the average reader. Additionally I have provided a wealth of resources that have been shown to be beneficial to offset the consequences of excess microwave exposure. 




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