The Wounded Heart (Amish Quilt Series #1)

The Wounded Heart (Amish Quilt Series #1)

by Adina Senft


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The Wounded Heart (Amish Quilt Series #1) by Adina Senft

When a business offer turns into something more personal, Amelia is torn between what logic tells her is right, and the desire of her heart.

A widow with two small children, Amelia Beiler is struggling to make ends meet. She is running her late husband's business, but it's not what she was raised to do, which is run a home. When she gets an offer for the business from Eli Fischer, she's only too relieved to consider it-especially when it looks like Eli's interest might include more than just the shop. But when she begins to experience strange physical symptoms and is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, it's difficult not to question God's will. If she pursues the treatment she believes in, she risks going under the bann. But how can she allow Eli to court her when she can't promise him a future?

Includes instructions to make the quilt block featured in the novel.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781455557004
Publisher: FaithWords
Publication date: 04/01/2014
Series: Amish Quilt Series , #1
Edition description: Limited
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 282,534
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.80(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Adina Senft grew up in a plain house church and was often asked if she was Amish. (The answer was no.) She holds an MFA in writing popular fiction from Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania, where she is part of the adjunct faculty. Between books, Adina enjoys playing the piano and Celtic harp, making historical costumes, and spoiling her flock of rescued chickens.

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The Wounded Heart: An Amish Quilt Novel 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
ibjoy1953 More than 1 year ago
Amelia Beiler, a young widow with two small boys still runs her husband¿s pallet business in town. When she falls ill and finds out that she has s devastating disease she considers selling the business to have money for the treatment she needs for her disease. And Englisch man gives her a good offer, but several of the Amish men around that would also like the shop gives her a difficult time because she is considering selling to the Englischer for more money. Eli Fischer comes to the community for a family wedding and is interested in the pallet business as well, but he soon finds that he is more interested in the owner than the shop. But as much as Eli tries to help Amelia, she denies his help because she doesn¿t want to be involved with anyone because of her illness. I found this Amish fiction interesting and captivating, and I didn¿t want to put it down after I started reading it. As the drama of Amelia¿s life unfolds it was heartbreaking to read the difficult issues she was forced to face. It was enough to be raising two small children alone, and to have a frightening illness to deal with makes her life horrific. She was faced with a lot of unwanted difficult decisions to make. Decisions that her family and the church didn¿t agree with. I enjoy meeting new authors through their books, and Adrina Senft is new for me. She has a wonderful ability to tell stories that captivate your interest enough that you just want to see what happens next! I look forward to her next book in the series. If you like Amish fiction, then you will like this book, so I encourage you to grab a copy, read and enjoy it. You will be pleased that you read it! A copy of this book was provided by Faith Words for me to read and review. The opinions in this review are mine only. I was not required or expected to write a positive review.
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
THE WOUNDED HEART is the first book I've read by Ms. Senft and it was good. At first I wasn't sure what I would think of it. Women's fiction is not usually one of my favorite genres, I like a strong romance. This is a story about Amelia, a widow coming to terms with her husband's death, running her deceased husband's business, interacting with her friends, her family, and being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Scary! I did end up greatly enjoying this book, and highly recommend it to fans of Amish fiction or women's fiction. There was a surprise twist I never saw coming, and there are hints of a possible romance but that is not the focus of the story. The characters in this story are all very realistic, people you or I could meet on the street. I loved Emma's care of her parents, and even though Amelia had some disagreements with her mother's chosen methods of healthcare, she still honored and respected her. A great book. I will read more by Ms. Senft.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Adina writes about three friends and their real-life struggles. Not a Disney-view of Amish friendships & life. Laughed, cried and loved all three novels. Hunker down with a cup of tea or a beverage od choice and enjoy!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
johjud More than 1 year ago
I thought this was an excellent book. Story was interesting and I could hardly put it down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
linda74 More than 1 year ago
love this book they are so real to life and will grab your attention right from the first page to the last dont ever want it to end these books could be read by any age group based on this book I would sure read any book wrote by this author and yes this is great for book club decussions
Evangeline_Han More than 1 year ago
The Wounded Heart is an engaging portrayal of Amish life. Most Amish books I've read romanticize the Amish beliefs and have characters with the fatalistic mentality, that is that every negative incident that comes by is God's will. Whenever I read those type of Amish books, I always get annoyed with the way the characters are so fatalistic and submissive to the stifling interpretations of the Bible given by their Amish bishop, elders and ministers. This novel is different. The main characters are spirited and somewhat independent in a way. They don't accept everything they are taught and they speak out against certain beliefs they don't think is right. Now, this doesn't mean that The Wounded Heart is critical of Amish principals. It isn't. All it does is show us that Amish beliefs and people is not as beautiful and romantic as they are often portrayed. This refreshing aspect caused me to enjoy reading The Wounded Heart. The courage the three main characters, Amelia and her two best friends, Emma and Carrie, had to question what they have been told is right to do made them very likeable. This is the first Amish novel in which I didn't get annoyed and irritated with the characters. I usually wonder why they aren't more sensible and challenging! The Wounded Heart is the first book in the Amish Quilt trilogy. The second book, The Hidden Life, will be released in June 2012. The novel will focus on Emma's life and I can't wait to read it. Emma struggles with being a single senior and her struggles make her a character one can't help but pity. When I read the review offer for this book, I wasn't sure if I wanted to review it. I didn't think it would be worth reviewing a book I'm only going to dislike because it romanticized the Amish beliefs. I admire Amish beliefs and believers, but reading Amish novels have caused me to think that some of them are too legalistic. However, I am so glad I requested to review The Wounded Heart. It had a nice balance of its portrayal of both the positive and negative aspect of Amish beliefs.
Melanie-Ski More than 1 year ago
First in a new Amish quilt series! Widow Amelia is left to run her husband's pallet shop in addition to managing her household and two young children, after he is killed in a buggy accident. 11 months later Amelia still struggles and entertains the idea of possibly selling the business after an English customer inquires into it. Amelia begins to notice pins and needles in her hands that are becoming much more than just a nuisance. Consulting her mother she tries her home remedies and then tries the local chiropractor that many Amish go to. That doctor strongly suggests she see a medical doctor. An MRI shows the early stages of multiple sclerosis. Treatment options are to take medications, expensive for an Amish women without medical insurance, or travel to Mexico for an experimental study. Both are extremely expensive and need approval of the Amish community. Thankful for her friendships of Emma and Carrie and her time with them quilting, she is able to walk through her journey with their help as well as that of God. Unique spin on the typical Amish novels, tackling a disease like MS. I enjoyed the information on what Amish do in the case of serious illness like that and how the community works together to help provide funds needed for medical procedures. I loved how the quilting weaved into the story line and the author even includes a sample block instructions at the end of the novel. I look forward to reading the rest of the books in the series! I received a copy of The Wounded Heart in exchange for an honest review.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Once again another Amish novel has captivated my heart and left me sighing. A great sign of an excellent book in my personal opinion. For most people they understand the simple story lines of your typical Amish novel, but not in the case of The Wounded Heart by Adina Senft. We have a story that is slow as it unfolds as we find ourselves immersed in the tragic story of Amelia Beiler, who has recently been left a widow after an unfortunate buggy accident that claimed not only the life of her husband, Enoch but the driver of the car that hit them as well. Now left to deal with managing a farm alone with just two small boys, she struggles to maintain her husband's pallet business as well. Offer after offer appears on her doorstep, first from an English man looking to retire and then subsequently from others within her Amish community as well. The only thing is, that Amelia isn't sure she wants to sell. How else will she be able to provide for her family without having to move back home with her mom and dad? However when Amelia begins to experience tingling in her left hand, that leaves her numb and at times unable to use her left hand, she begins to wonder if perhaps God isn't sending her a sign after all. The only thing is will she be ready to accept all that God has for her, even if it means going against everything she believes she needs in her life. I received this beautiful, heart-warming story as an Ebook compliments of Faith Words Publishers, a division of Hachette Book Groups for my honest review. I applaud the character of Amelia for attempting to hold down the front in spite of some difficult odds that seem to stack up against her. She tries to maintain a level of strength in trying to get on with her life, while still grieving for a husband that she still misses and has a difficult time trying to move forward. She relies a lot on her friends, Emma, who fears that God has abandoned her efforts to find a husband, declaring herself a Senior, even though she isn't that old, and her other friend, Carrie, who is struggling to have children after being married for 10 years and unable to conceive. Meanwhile, Carrie's husband Melvin is struggling to find work since he lacks the farming skills to keep them afloat. She manages to also be the only child struggling to take care of her parents who are desperate need of medical care. It seems like quilting is the only thing that keeps these three wonderful characters from falling apart. Each a times is able to put their own personal struggle on the back burner so they can assume the care taker in the others life. This is what it means to be true friends in my personal opinion and what makes for a great book. For those that love Amish stories, this one will not disappoint and takes a different road than the one most of us are used to, making it a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. When faced with any adversity in life, it's easier to weather those storms with the love and warmth of close friends. Just like the patches of material that make up a beautiful quilt, it takes friends and family to weave our lives together and make it beautiful and full of love and life. This is the first novel in the Amish Quilt Trilogy and she has me as a fan for life! Can't wait for the next book in this series!
AAR More than 1 year ago
THE WOUNDED HEART by Adrina Senft is a exciting inspirational Amish romance set in Whinburg,Lancaster County, PA. It is the first in the new "The Amish Quilt Trilogy".This is the story of Amelia Beiler, a young widow with two small boys,who is also trying to run her husband's pallet shop,and Eli Fischer, who would like to court Amelia. Amelia just learns that she has a devastating disease and does want to be a burden on anyone including Eli. She struggles with decisions that could take her from her faith and small communtiy,if not had could cost her her very life. While Amelia tries to discourged Eli due to her illness,Eli is determined to court,help her through this devastating time and help her children. This story has triumph,love,romance,faith,the Amish community,family,friend,and adversity. It is a fast paced story that the characters will steal your heart while they struggle with difficult decisions.This story is a heart warming story of struggles,adversity,faith and love. It has its sadness also,but a wonderful Amish story. A must read for any Amish readers,Christian readers(it is not preachy),and anyone who enjoys a great romance as "The Wounded Heart" characters try to move on with their lives and come to grips with the struggles.Also,has a great Amish Quilt square pattern.This book was received for review from the publisher.Details can be found at Faith Words and My Book Addiction and More.
Granny1 More than 1 year ago
Amelia Beiler lost her husband 11 months ago when he was killed in a buggy accident. She is left with two young boys, ages 6 and 8, to raise on her own, and no income other than that earned from her husband's successful pallet shop. In order to survive, she must also take over the running of the shop. When Amelia begins having problems with tingling and numbness in her hands, and particularly in her lower left arm, she consults with three different doctors, and all three concur in a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Devastated by this diagnosis, Amelia struggles with the only two treatment options available to her, both of which are prohibitively expensive, and neither of which can promise anything more than some relief from the debilitating symptoms of this deadly disease. Overwhelmed by her illness and the loss of her husband, Amelia is faced with three major, life-changing decisions: first, how can she possibly pay for the medical treatment she needs; second, should she sell the business in order to pay for it; and third, how will she and her boys survive without the income from the business? Amelia has a prospective suitor, Eli Fischer, who wants to court her but she discourages him because of her disease. After much soul-searching and many discussions with her family and Bishop Daniel Lapp, Amelia comes up with a third alternative that just might work. Then a fourth alternative comes from a totally unexpected source, and Amelia's future begins to look a little brighter. The Wounded Heart is a wonderful story of a young widow's triumph over extreme adversity through prayer and the loving support of her entire Amish community. This book is the first in the "Amish Quilt" series written by Adina Senft, and is a "must read" book. I would rate it as 5 stars plus-perhaps 7 or 8 stars!!
Icecream18 More than 1 year ago
This novel starts out with the main character losing her husband of ten years, Enoch. They had two young boys. Now, Amelia has to attempt to run a business herself while she is only equipped/prepared to run a home. She is still in mourning, wearing the traditional Kapp, when she is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She doesn't know what to do, she even questions her faith-a rarity for her. If she goes through with the necessary treatment, she will be going against the rules set by her community; if she doesn't, her livelihood is threatened. Eli comes into the story in the knick of time, he may even turn into a potential love interest. Amelia has to make several hard decisions in the story, some that may threaten her place in her community. This book was fast-paced, intriguing, and offers the reader a view into a different way of life. The main characters were likable and the plot was fun to read about, really draws the reader in. This book is recommended to adults readers.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
I cannot even imagine being in Amelia Beiler's shoes. First she looses her beloved husband in a buggy accident, and then she is diagnosed with the dreaded Multiple Sclerosis. She had been considering an offer by an Englisher for her business, and her Community is really against her selling to someone who is not Amish. She meets Eli Fischer when he is visiting her area. He becomes interested in Amelia and also wants to buy her business. Things come to a highlight when an interesting cure maybe available, but she needs the permission on her Bishop and her Church. You will be surprised when you learn how she deals with this terrible illness and her worry about her young Sons. Also how she ends up coping with Eli, and preventing him having to deal with a wheelchair bound spouse! This is another page turner, and you need to keep reading to get to the end to learn the outcome! I was provided with a copy of this book by the Publisher, and was not required to give a positive review.
kittycrochettwo More than 1 year ago
Amelia Beiler and her husband Enoch had been married for ten years when he was killed in a buggy accident, leaving her to care for her two sons Matthew and Elam. In addition to caring for the children she runs her husband's pallet making business which is four miles away. She longs just to stay home and be a mam to her children but the shop is there only means of support. She has been in mourning for eleven months, but still can't imagine ever finding love again. When an Englisher poses the question to her about selling her shop, rumors start that she might sell her business which brings Eli Fischer an Amisher to her shop inquiring about buying the business. About this time, Amelia starts experiencing numbness in her arm, and soon is diagnosed with a debilitating disease of MS. She has plenty of decisions to make, not just about the business but about her future, and Eli as well because he wants to start courting her. Because of her disease she feels as if she can't allow it, but he is determined to help her and her boys. How will things work out? Will Amelia get the medical treatment she needs, and could there be a second chance at love for her? Read this fantastic book and find out! I read a lot of Amish fiction and I must say this book pulled me right in.The plot started out a bit slowly for me, but I think it was because I needed to get a feel for the characters I was being introduced to. Once the characters and their backgrounds were established the book moved along at a very brisk pace. While the main story revolves around Amelia and her struggles, we are also introduced to her friends Emma and Carrie. All three women are facing different issues in their lives but their friendships and love of quilting bind them together.I thought the character of Amelia was multi-layered. She is struggling with losing her husband, being a mother, a shop owner, and if that isn't enough she is faced with a debilitating disease. Her emotions seem very real, and I wasn't a bit surprised to see her question her faith,because that seemed like the most realistic thing any of us might do. A story that reminded me that faith, prayer, good friends, and a loving community can help us overcome any adversity that life throws our way! " The Wounded Heart ," is a wonderful beginning for the authors new Amish Quilt Trilogy.A book that I would recommend not only to Amish fans but anyone looking for a nice read, with characters that have real life struggles. Adina Senft has a new fan here, I can't wait to see where she takes us next!