Woven History Dancing Lives: Torres Strait Islander Identity, Culture and History

Woven History Dancing Lives: Torres Strait Islander Identity, Culture and History

by Richard Davis (Editor)



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ISBN-13: 9780855754327
Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press
Publication date: 05/01/2004
Pages: 313
Product dimensions: 6.92(w) x 9.62(h) x 0.55(d)

Table of Contents

Preface and acknowledgementsvii
Map of the Torres Strait region and communitiesxvi
Part 1Introductions
Writing about Islanders: recent research and future directions2
Torres Strait: the region and its people15
Culture connections30
Evidence of cultural custodianship31
Part 2Identity, performance and kastom
The spirit of the image (journeys)34
'The great traffic in tunes': agents of religious and musical change in eastern Torres Strait46
'Living in the Light' and Island dance: morality and temporality in Warraber Christianities73
'Embryonic science': the 1888 Torres Strait photographic collection of A.C. Haddon90
Language diversity, pan-Islander identity and 'national' identity in Torres Strait107
Cairns and Cambridge: an Australian anthropologist's view of the Cambridge Expedition's centenary124
Cooking, walking, and talking cosmology: an Islander woman's perspective of religion140
What is a totem?151
Part 3Space, region and politics
Commonsense, colonialism and government154
Turning secession into self-governance in the Torres Strait174
Shared space: Papuan perspectives of the Torres Strait190
Bridge or barrier: the Torres Strait borderland207
Schooling and the negotiation of culture on Saibai217
Part 4Time and resources
Archaeology of the Murray Islands, eastern Torres Strait: implications for a regional prehistory234
'Our feet are on the land, but our hands are in the sea': knowing and caring for marine Territory at Erub, Torres Strait259
Hunter skills: the dugong, the hunter and the talking sea grass271

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