Wrapped in Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbor, #4)

Wrapped in Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbor, #4)

by Lexi Ryan

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BN ID: 2940156156795
Publisher: Lexi Ryan
Publication date: 12/04/2018
Series: The Boys of Jackson Harbor , #4
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,185
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Wrapped in Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbor, #4) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous 5 days ago
BookDragonGirl 5 days ago
The Boys of Jackson Harbor series has been the most enjoyable series. Because in each book it features one of those Jackson brothers and let me tell you, each and every one of them is book boyfriend material. How can one family have so many gorgeous boys, that are so sweet and loving, but an alpha in the bedroom. There is one sister, and I’m looking forward to reading about her love story too. This is the fourth book in the series, and honestly I didn’t know if I was going to like the female lead in it because of her past role in book 3. I loved Brayden, I mean really loved him. He’s really something very special. We haven’t had a peek at who Brayden really is before now, but he is absolutely wonderful! It was Molly that I was really afraid I wouldn’t be able to open up to. And at the beginning I still wasn’t so sure. But Lexi Ryan knows how to open someone up and reveal what’s truly inside. That’s what she did with Molly. I came to really love Molly. She ended up being good for Brayden, as he was for her. They go through some challenges and heartbreak, but they get through it. I found the end so heartwarming and Molly and her son, Noah, truly belong with the Jackson family. I can’t wait till the next book, where Carter Jackson gets his happily ever after!! It’s an intense and angsty second chance romance. Don’t miss this wonderful romance. I highly recommend it.
BookAddictLive 5 days ago
This is the fourth book in the Boys of Jackson Harbour and its finally Brayden story. Molly has always had a soft spot for Brayden Jackson. After their one-night stand seven months ago in New York it has been hard to resist him, and now she’s back in Jackson Harbour all bets are off. Molly had a terrible life in Jackson Harbour, but has now come home with her son Noah. Working closely with Brayden is hell on her willpower. Brayden falls in love and it’s a delight to read this book as we get to know how great Brayden is. Molly has matured and is great at her job and has no eyes for anybody else. It always fun to read one of Lexi Ryan’s romance’s as they gradually become a family, even Noah fell for Brayden looking up to him as the father figure. This is smoking hot great book, with great family dynamics. I can’t recommend this romance enough.
Rina_S 6 days ago
Wrapped in Love is Brayden and Molly’s story and what I really enjoyed about this story was Brayden and his family! So much support and love in that family you couldn’t help but want to jump in and be apart of them all! There are some parts of Molly’s past that have made her believe she is not worthy of love and she also has another part of her to look after! What Brayden and her friends show her is so wonderful but does heart win over the mind? I haven’t read much of this series and although I enjoyed it, I felt something was missing to really draw me into the story more! I have to say though I do like the way the author wrote this book and I definitely want to read more from her! A good read indeed!
aimz1972 7 days ago
WOW! The Jackson brothers are incredible, and Brayden is no exception! Wrapped in Love is the fourth in this series and they can all be read on their own, but with the interweaving, its best to read in the order Lexi Ryan has given them to us. We've met Molly and Braden previously, but this is their story. Both of them are focused on their jobs and Molly's focus is divided between her job and her son. She gives 100% in taking care of her son and doing her job, but what's left over for her. She has a sordid past, but she also has a tragic past. My heart hurts for her and the choices she feels she has to make. Brayden works to break through those choices, but can he get through them all... will her past come back to tear things apart for these two. These two are meant to be, but can they be. I loved Braden and Molly's story! Thanks Lexi for another amazing Jackson Harbor story
patriciagreco 7 days ago
Wrapped in Love By Lexi Ryan Brayden and Molly’s story. Lexi Ryan out did herself again. She brought out the many sides of her characters and kept them very interesting all through the book. This was Brayden and Molly’s story which included fears, insecurities, jealousy, and the way hurt affected each of them in different ways. Love isn’t easy in real life and Lexi Ryan proves it in this book with these characters. I cannot stress enough how good this book was and it follows in line with the rest of the books in the series. Just outstanding writing and understanding of the characters. Don’t take my word for it…..read it!!
Heather Mitchell 7 days ago
Wrapped up in Love is Brayden and Molly’s story. We met them in the previous books in this series. Brayden is the oldest Jacksonn brother who tends to be a workaholic. Molly is the step sister to Ava. Molly was abused by her step father for a really long time. She is pretty insecure because of the abuse, but she’s trying to prove herself with her new job working for Brayden. Brayden doesn’t care that he’s her boss he’s interested in her and wants to be with her, but he’s honoring her request that they be nothing coworkers. I really enjoyed their story. I felt for Molly for everything she had been through. I really liked her and admired her strength. I loved Brayden. He’s always been the more serious, quiet one in the other books. It was nice to see a new side of him. I loved the way he treated Molly and her son. I definitely recommend this story to everyone who enjoys a little angst with their romance. I’m looking forward to reading more about these Jackson Harbour boys.
mamalovestoread22 7 days ago
Way back when Molly McKinley had a thing for Brayden Jackson, but he was older and didn't seem to be interested, so she tucked her crush away and left him behind in Jackson Harbor. As soon as she was old enough she fled Jackson Harbor to escape her family and all the haunting memories, and made a new life in the city. Then one day she bumps into her longtime crush, and he turns her life upside down, in more ways then one! He offers her a new job, one that would be perfect for her, but it comes with a few complications. One, she must return to the life she walked away from, and two, she has to find a way to keep her crush on her new boss under wraps. Which may be easier said then done when it comes to Mr. Brayden Jackson! Wrapped in Love reunites readers with the Jackson family and gives them an up close and personal view of Brayden Jackson, and the lady that steals his heart Molly McKinley. The instant you meet these two you will feel the sparks simmering between them, and with each page that you swipe those sparks will continue to intensify, and keep you teetering on the edge of your seat, dying in anticipation. This slow burn romance darn near killed me, it was intense, the "will they, won't they" question kept me flying through the pages, anxious to see if they would finally give in to their attraction. There is so much to love about this perfectly crafted tale, the words were addictive and riddled with feeling, the characters were well drawn and came with a real feel quality... and their journey was unforgettable. Hands down my favorite installment in the series yet, it pulled me in from the first page and held on tight to the last! Highly recommend!! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
cookie614 7 days ago
Molly McKinley is a single mom and she is just trying to do the best she can for Noah but when she has a one night stand seven months ago in NYC she know when she moves back to Jackson Falls that it can never happen again because Brayden Jackson is her BOSS. When Molly finds herself being evicted with one weeks notice right before Christmas she finds herself living with the so called one night stand aka Boss and they make a pact that it can never ever happen again .. we all know how that will go .. lol Can these two with crazy chemistry keep there distance or will LOVE wrap it’s heart around them ?? It was a riveting installment with all of the brothers and families back together .. there is so much love and friendship in these words that you will be sucked in again word by word !! It will make you be a mush for them !! Loved it !! ❤️
Kelly_BTCBlog 7 days ago
I was entirely too anxious for Wrapped in Love to hit my kindle. I had mixed emotions upon discovering who this book was about. But after reading it, I can for sure say that I all my uncertainties I had were swept away. After reading book one, The Wrong Kind of Love, I was instantly hooked on this series. Although they can be read as standalones, I highly recommend reading them in order, as character and story development with ALL the characters takes place throughout the entirety of the series. Like I’ve already stated, I was very questionable about how I would feel about Molly and Brayden. And since we’ve only been given glimpses and half-revealed truths about her backstory and we’ve only known him as an ambitious workaholic, my early perception of them was debatable. To be honest, I just wasn’t sure I was going to love them as much as the characters in the previous books. So that’s why I couldn’t wait to read their story. I was hoping my early assumptions were proved wrong, and I’d love them just as much. And it did just that! Molly and Brayden were very compelling characters. Both have been hurt by the people closest to them, and both struggle to become more than what their pasts dictate and who they’ve allowed themselves to be. That is until they enter one another’s lives. Instant attraction flares between them, but only one of them is willing to put their heart on the line, to prove that what they have is more than a casual relationship, but something that’s deeper, something that’s more beautiful than either of them have allowed themselves to have. At times, this story is heartbreaking. The challenges and complications the characters face seem to be too much for either of them to face. But on the other hand, this story was joyous and emotional with words of compassion, acceptance, and love. The progression of the story line alongside the development of Molly and Brayden’s relationship, flowed wonderfully and truly captured my heart. Wrapped in Love is the embodiment of an intense and angsty second chance love story. Don’t pass up this remarkably written romance; allow yourself to be wrapped up in all the passion, heartache, and holiday excitement that this book offers. Highly recommended!
Chloe Trivelpiece 7 days ago
The Boys of Jackson Harbor Oh how I fa-love this series!! Every story gets better and better.  This story along with the others can be read as a stand alone.  I would highly suggest that you read them all. Wrapped in Love is Brayden and Molly's story.  I honestly thought this story was going to be a hard one for me to read.  I have read all the stories in the series so far so I have a bit of background on Molly.  I disliked her originally, but Ms. Ryan has the amazing ability to change my way of thinking! Molly was broken and scarred at a young age.  What didn't kill her made her stronger.  But she still carries the emotional wounds deep within her.  She feels like because of her past, she doesn't deserve better. Brayden has his own vulnerabilities.  He knows his initial meeting with Molly could have been much better, much different if he had known the whole history.  But the past is the past and he wants a future with Molly. This is a true story of second chances.  This is a story of overcoming your past to make a brighter, more beautiful future.  This is a story of what family truly means, not just related by DNA but being chosen. I cannot wait for the next book in this series!!
kgagnon 7 days ago
I am so in love with the Men of Jackson Harbor and the women who bring them to their knees! Brayden and Molly's story is a beautiful and poignant story about redemption, and unconditional love. We met Molly in previous books and now we learn her moving story. I didn't know if I could like her but Ms. Ryan showed us that, like Molly, we are all capable of making wrong choices at times, but we are all definitely worthy of love. Molly had some horrific things done to her and she ran away to New York to start her life over. She is a single mom, raising her son on her own, and determined to give him a life filled with unconditional love. Brayden convinced her to return home to work for him and his brothers. Molly is determined that her life will be different this time, but it is not always that easy to come home again. Brayden is the strong, silent, broody type and Molly has a hard time fighting her attraction to her boss. Brayden is a one women man, and Molly is the only women he wants. He is determined to show her that he loves her unconditionally, despite her flaws, and mistakes. Their forbidden romance was sweet, steamy, and captivating. Ms. Ryan expertly and exquisitely portrayed life with all it's complications, joy, heartbreak, and pleasure. I loved all the authentic emotions she made me feel including empathy. I am so in love with the whole Jackson family and how essential they are to each other. The girlfriend outings were so much fun too, and I can't wait to read Shay's story. I highly recommend this fun, sexy and passionate story and series!