Wreck Me

Wreck Me

by Lane Hart

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I never expected to fall for Riley, but she's all I think about.

She knows how much I want her, too. That's why the beautiful tease is trying her best to break me.

Like being caught in the riptide, she's impossible to resist.

And no matter how hard I try, I can't stay away.

She's completely wrecked me.

*This is a steamy standalone romance with a HEA.*

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BN ID: 2940161886540
Publisher: Editor's Choice Publishing
Publication date: 08/21/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 125,739
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Wreck Me 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've read a few books by this author and have high expectations as I've never been disappointed. This book is no different, except I feel it's one of the best by this author! The characters are well developed, as is the storyline. It hooks you from the beginning and you just can't put it down throughout! I really enjoyed the older man/younger woman theme of the book. For Brody and Riley, I think it makes their relationship what is. I don't feel it would be the same story if there wasn't the age difference. A must read!!!!
Kara Coens More than 1 year ago
I love the olderman, younger woman stories. This one was no exception. It was hot and it kept me reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
love this story
Jenn Allen More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this read. The characters are likable, Brody and Riley have a connection that takes them on a steamy, caring journey. The story kept me involved and I would love to see stories from the other ladies. I received a copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
KReader More than 1 year ago
Terrific! Riley has just graduated college and is invited to her roommate's friend's beach house for a 2 week vacation. It's expected that she and the friend wont get along, they never have. What isn't expected is Brody the owner of the house and mean girl's estranged father. The attraction is instant and forbidden as his daughter would never approve. I loved this book and read it cover to cover in one go. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Kloee More than 1 year ago
Lane Hart has quickly become one of my favorite authors and never seems to disappoint. This book is a standalone HEA story with a little bit of the taboo tastefully woven into the mix. As always, her books are easy to read and hard to put down. In this book, we meet Brody, a successful photographer with an unsuccessful marriage and a diminishing relationship with his college graduate daughter. When his daughter shows up with a group of friends to stay for the week, he hopes this will give him the chance to continue knocking down the wall Sara has erected between them. Queue the younger woman. Riley, a college graduate, who has been haunted by rumors and misplaced judgement amongst her peers. Her best friend convinces her to come along on this trip, even though Sara agrees with the rumors. Fireworks set off when she comes face to face with Sara’s father, Brody. She is determined to break down his defenses and make this a week to remember. Definitely would recommend this book to those who enjoy skirting the wild side with some hot monkey love! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Gibsongal More than 1 year ago
This book was one hot, hell of a read. I love age gap romances! So twisted and intriguing! It was my first read from this author, and it definitely won’t be my last I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Laasajoba More than 1 year ago
I loved Lane Hart’s latest release Wreck Me. This storyline has it all and you won’t be able to stop reading till the end. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars-- WRECK ME by Lane Hart is a contemporary, adult, stand alone, erotic romance story line focusing on forty- two year old professional photographer Brody Harrington, and twenty two year old, liberal arts grad Riley Yates. Told from dual first person perspectives (Riley and Brody) WRECK ME follows an older man/ younger woman trope that focuses on the building but forbidden relationship between forty- two year old professional photographer Brody Harrington, and twenty two year old, liberal arts grad Riley Yates. School is done, graduation behind them, four college friends (Riley, Cheryl, Sara and Allison) head to North Carolina in the hopes of some well –earned rest and relaxation at Sara’s father’s beach front home only to come face to face with the man himself. Enter Brody Harrington, and the man with whom Riley will fall in love. What ensues is the secret affair between Brody and Riley, and the potential fall-out as past sins, the possibility of rejection, and the glaringly obvious age difference come into play. Riley Yates’ college reputation continues to beat at our heroine’s fragile sense of self-esteem, a reputation fuelled by Sara Harrington’s need to destroy Riley at every turn. Meeting Brody Harrington offered Riley a chance at friendship, love and a possible happily ever after but keeping their affair a secret felt dirty and wrong. Brody Harrington barely knew his own daughter, a young woman who has never forgiven her father, for his many absences in her life but given a second chance at his own happily ever after meant hiding his relationship from the other woman in his life. WRECK ME is a highly erotic and sensual story line of forbidden love; older man/ younger woman relationship that struggles in the face of potential backlash from Brody’s only daughter. The premise is engaging; the romance is passionate and sensual; the characters are coloful and charismatic. My only concern is the author’s need to brow beat the reader using the term ‘slut’ twenty-three times, as a descriptor for a young woman caught in a world of betrayal and abuse. It is hard enough for women to be independent or enjoy themselves without fearing repercussions or attacks from men but to continue to perpetuate the attack using women as the weapon of choice, it disconcerting and heart breaking.
Sharky2931 More than 1 year ago
WOW what a fantastic read. Riley is a very troubled young lady. Something has happened to her that changed her forever. She is going away for a week with friends to one of the girls father's beach house. The relationship between Sara and Riley is very strained, Sara believes that Riley slept with all the men that Sara had been interested in and isn't shy on calling her a slut. But little does Sara know there is more to the story but Riley doesn't want people to know, so takes all the verbal abuse that Sara throws at her. She has only trusted her best friend Cheryl that's knows the truth. It is people like Sara that have made Riley believe it was all her fault. When the girls arrive at the beach house Riley quickly finds herself attracted to Sara's Dad Brody. And quickly sets her sights on him, giving him a private stripteases. Brody didn't stand a chance and is quickly confused at being attracted to a girl the same age as his daughter, a daughter that didn't want anything to do with him. This week was so important for Brody, this was his chance to mend bridges with Sara. But the pull to Riley was too much They had so much in common, but both knew that it didn't have a future due to Sara's feelings towards Riley. Will Sara ever truly believe what happened to Riley? Would Brody ever fight for Riley? Would Riley ever see herself as an innocent victim?? This book was an amazing read and I couldn't put it down. It had me smiling. laughing, crying and had my heart melting and let me tell you some of the chapters will get you very hot and bothered lol. A brilliant read from an amazing author Lane Hart never disappoints. I voluntary read an ARC on booksprout and now I choose to leave my honest review.
Deb_from_Oz More than 1 year ago
Well this book is definitely up to Lane Hart's usual standard in fact I think It could have set a new benchmark for her work. A brilliant read that draws you in and doesn't spit you out until the very last page. Riley has set off on a beach vacation with her friends only problem, a girl Sara who absolutely detests her is there as well. When she sees a super hot older man she thinks things could be changing for the better. How wrong could she be the hot older guy is Sara's father talk about spanner in the works. Brody wants to start something with Riley she is the first woman who has attracted him in years but she hs ties to his estranged daughter how mixed up can things be. Will they have a chance together will he fix his relationship with his daughter will Riley and Sara declare peace you need to read to see
EmilyP23 More than 1 year ago
Brody and Riley -- Riley Yates was glad to join the other young women for their after-graduation free beach vacation. Sara’s family had a place on the beach and they were taking advantage of the offer of a fun stay. Sara didn’t particularly like Riley for some reason, but since Riley was roommate and friend of Cheryl, she got invited too. But so far they were lost. Sara took a wrong exit and stubbornly refused to admit it, which put them an extra hour behind the 4-1/2 hour trip. But finally they were here! Riley leaned on the porch rail, taking in the ocean view until she spotted a handsome hunk coming out of the surf. Sara sighs, waves to him, and says in a bored voice, “That’s just my dad.” The other women were still staring with their jaws hanging down in shock, then they all went inside. Brody Harrington dried off and went inside to say hello to everyone. He tried to hug his daughter but she pushed him away because he was getting salt water on her. He invited them all out to dinner and Sara refused – girls’ night only! She was really rude to him. When her parents had divorced, her dad couldn’t afford to fly out to California regularly, so they lost touch until her teen years when he was a successful photographer. But by then it was too late. She felt abandoned and ignored and no longer wanted a relationship with her father. Cheryl took one look at Riley and knew she wanted to be with Sara’s dad. She warned her off since Sara would hate her for that – but since Sara already hated her, that was not a big loss. Brody was very young-looking and attractive; and when Riley saw the gorgeous professional photographs framed all through the house that Sara said her dad had taken, she was very impressed. And she was ready to accept the challenge of getting him into her bed! Brody offered his shower to the women to get ready for their night out. To give them privacy, he walked on the beach until he thought they would be done. But when he returned, the flirty one with dark hair was pulling a dress over her head, then wiggling into her panties. She turned around, met his eyes, smiled and waved! Did she want him to see her like that? He knew this girl was going to be trouble for him! By the time the week was over, he would need to find a date at the local bar to calm himself down! I was glad to see that the characters in this story did grow and mature a bit so that it didn’t turn out to be just an immature stunt going on that could hurt several people. There was so much healing needed among Brody, Sara, and Riley – grab your copy and see if the story can resolve those relationships into something worthwhile.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Brody is the hot dad of a classmate who can not stand Riley. Riley is only invited on this beach trip because her roommate is friends with Brady's daughter. There is an instant attraction for Riley. It turns out Riley and Brody have similar career interests. This will be built upon later in the book. Brody and his daughter Sara are astranged. This attraction between May and December will not help. Another stand alone NC based book, that is enjoyable and HOT. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
christy-womack More than 1 year ago
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book I am a huge fan of Lane Hart's books and Oh this one was amazingly good Riley her best friend Cheryl, and Sara and her roommate are headed to TopSail island for a week of fun in the sun, Sara hates Riley but is very good friends with Cheryl so tolerates Riley coming along, They are staying at Sara's dad's beach house, When they first arrive Riley is watching a gorgeous guy come out of the ocean and just cant take her eyes off of him, But when she finds out that this "God" of a man is Sara's dad that doesnt deter her from wanting him. Brody Harrington is just so excited that his estranged daughter is coming to stay for a week, hoping that maybe they can work things out and be close again, (The story behind this is really sad in ways because you can totally understand both sides of the estrangement) Brody cannot help but be attracted to the gorgeous girl that has come with her Riley, but when he accidently sees her changing in her room he knows that he wants her badly, Brody has dated a few times and had a few longer relationships since his marriage broke up 20 years ago but he has just never found that true love/ passion that he knows he is waiting for. But OMG Riley and Brody together is so HOT and so sweet. There are parts in this book that deal with issues that may be triggers for some so be warned. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this book It is a CANT put down book.
Dss360 More than 1 year ago
I loved this story by Lane Hart. It is amazingly written and has a fantastic flow to it. I loved how the story has a little mystery to it as you try to figure out what is going on and what happened in Riley's past. Brody is an amazing character that you will love instantly. They have such chemistry that you just can't help but root for them. This is an exceptional book that is definitely worth reading. Yes, it might be a bit taboo but it is beautifully written. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
moonfox1234 More than 1 year ago
Wreck Me by Lane Hart is a very good book. Passionate, sexy and deeply emotional. This is a really entertaining and highly enjoyable older man/younger woman romance.
Merryj More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of this book for an honest review. Brody and Riley are your typical older man younger woman couple with all the issues that it entails. Not only is Brody coming to terms with this relationship with Riley he has to deal with his daughter who is against them. This is a great book for those who love Older man Younger Woman romance.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
This fantastic story features Riley Yates and Brody Harrington. My heart aches for Riley. She's been through so much and had such a low opinion of herself but at the same time a little of who she was before the incident shines through. She need someone as self-assured as Brody. The age difference was a little more complicated for Brody than for Riley. The beauty of this older man, younger woman story shines with the talent of this amazing author. When I got to the last page I actually felt emotionally satisfied. Great story that's worth every one of those five stars and more.
Rinsky13 More than 1 year ago
I've become a big fan of Lane Hart. Once again, I loved her story she gave us. Lots of emotions, characters you love, and a story you just fly through. I don't want to give anything away, so I'm kinda leaving you hanging here lol. I Loved It. And you will too.
Rockabyebailey More than 1 year ago
This was a re-read for me and while it took some getting into it before I could decide whether I did or did not like it I can say 100% that it was well worth the read. The older man/younger woman theme has been done many, many times but this one was well done. I especially liked that Riley was the same age as Brody's daughter. Where she was not really "friends", she was in within her group of girl friends which is how she comes to meet Brody. As the story unfolded, it turned into a very sweet love story that shows no matter what obstacles we find in our way as we strive for our HEA, love is possible. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest and totally voluntary review
scottnl73 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book, there was more than just a budding romance between Brody and Riley happening. Riley's been struggling with the reputation she's unfairly earned while attending university, and she doesn't think she deserves the happiness she wants and needs when it comes to a relationship. I really appreciated that Brody isn't the typical manwhore that are running rampant in the romance world currently. He really wants to connect with his daughter during her visit, but of course she wants nothing to do with him, which I thought she was acting like a 4 year old spoiled brat. I can certainly understand her anger, and I was so glad that Brody finally set her straight about what happened between him and her mother all those years prior. The chemistry between Riley and Brody is electric right from the start, although Brody does try to maintain a respectful distance at the start. It's obvious how much they care about each other, especially the way Brody handles the issue from Riley's past. I was wondering what was going to the issue that would come between Riley and Brody and cause them to separate, and I was glad to know it wasn't the obvious reason what came between them. I like how the story wrapped up for Brody and Riley, and even for Brody and his daughter. Another fantastic book from Ms. Hart!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. I have read a few books from this author. Riley has just graduated from college and is tagging along with her friend to stay at the beach. Once she arrives she sees the most sexiest guy on the beach. Only to find out it's the dad of one of the girls. Brody has been a single dad his whole life. When his daughter comes to stay with him and brings her friends. Riley has made it her mission to tease Brody until she gets what she wants. Only for it to lead to feelings for both of them. They find themselves in a tough situation. Do they stay away from each other for the sake of his daughter or decide to give in to how strong their feelings are? I loved this amazing story. I would definitely recommend this book! Thank you for a great read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Page after page sentence after sentence this book will keep you going. The love of an older man and younger woman will keep you entertained throughout the entire book. The by play between Riley and Brody will keep you entertained through the book.
Samantha Brown More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. I typically am not a fan of this big of an age difference but I really felt the connection between Brody and Riley. Riley was friend of a friend of Brody’s daughter just graduated from college visiting for a week at his beach house. I loved the tension, how they had to hide it and of course what happened in the end. I have actually quite a few of my favorite spots bookmarked that I reread. Yes there is sex in this book. I highly recommend.
EllenH More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars This was an OK story for me. The story and how the characters unfolded were good, it was just really hard for me to put myself in their place and like them.