Write Your Way into College: College Admissions Essay

Write Your Way into College: College Admissions Essay

by LearningExpress LLC Editors


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Written by a college admissions expert, Write Your Way into College: College Admissions Essay is designed to guide you through the most anxiety-producing part of the college application process-the personal essay. The essay is your chance to stand out from other applicants and let admissions representatives know why you'd be an asset to their school. This book provides all the practice, review, and strategies you need to write a great application essay!

This Comprehensive Book Includes:

The opportunity to write TWO full-length college admissions essays online and have them instantly scored

Expert essay scoring technology based on 20 years of research

Strategies for finding your perfect essay-writing voice

Help selecting an essay topic that stands out from the crowd

Step-by-step instruction for how to plan and write your essay

Common essay mistakes to avoid

Sample essays with expert evaluation

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ISBN-13: 9781576857274
Publisher: Learningexpress, Llc
Publication date: 08/16/2010
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.80(h) x 0.50(d)

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Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Chapter 1 What Is a Great Essay, And Why Is It So Important? 1

Greater Admissions Competition 2

Increasing Importance of the Essay 3

You're in the Driver's Seat 4

What is a Great Essay? 4

Who is Your Audience? 7

What Not to Write 8

Chapter 2 Choosing Your Story-The Reverse Approach 11

Why You Need to Brainstorm 11

Find Your Voice and Find Your Story: Journaling 12

Your Personal Inventory 15

Show, Don't Tell 23

Right Brain Triggers 23

Great Essays: Some Final Thoughts 24

Chapter 3 Selecting and Working With a Topic 27

Common Application Topics 28

Demonstrated Interest Topics 34

Quotation Prompts 38

Short Answer Prompts 38

Recycling Essays 39

Making the Choice 40

Chapter 4 The Writing Process 43

Narrow Your Focus 43

Plan First, Write Second 44

Creating an Essay Outline 45

Add Depth with Details 46

Great Starts: The Introduction 49

The Meat of the Essay: Effective and Organized Body Paragraphs 51

Strong Finishes: How to Conclude 52

Watch What You Read 55

Chapter 5 Essay Writing Workshop-Part One 57

Get Concise 57

Be Precise 61

Be Accurate 62

Stay Active 66

Eliminate Ambiguity 67

Don't Offend 69

Opening your Thesaurus-Think Twice 70

Chapter 6 Essay Writing Workshop-Part Two 73

Grammar Check: A Warning 73

Subject/Verb Agreement 74

Run-on Sentences and Fragments 75

Apostrophe Misuse 76

Comma Misuse 78

Accidental Shifts 79

Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers 81

Unclear Pronoun References 81

Spelling 82

Chapter 7 Finalizing And Submitting the Essay 89

Revising 90

Editing 91

Proofreading 94

Considerations for Electronic and Paper Submissions 95

Chapter 8 Putting It All Together: What Works, And What Doesn't 97

Essay One 98

Essay Two 101

Essay Three 104

Essay Four 107

Essay Five 109

Essay Six 112

Essay Seven 115

Essay Eight 118

Appendix A College Admissions Resources 121

Online Resources 121

Books 122

Appendix B Colleges That Accept The Common Application 125

Additional Online Practice 131

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