Writing with Hemingway: A Writer's Exercise Book

Writing with Hemingway: A Writer's Exercise Book

by Cathy MacHold


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A work of creativity such as an artist's song, a dance, a musical instrument, a paint brush, produce a vision or a sound powerful enough to evoke emotion. A word or sentence can do the same. If properly placed, words stir thoughts and harness pure emotion, drawing a reader into a story. But, how do we get those words onto paper?
An artist, a singer, a dancer or a musician cannot achieve success without discipline. Many hours of practice are necessary. Any art form requires time to perfect it. The same holds true for a writer. A writer must write. A writer must write many things in many ways to achieve a goal as a successful writer. Writing with Hemingway, A Writer's Exercise Book is the place for practice. Select a page and write. Or, start at the first page and work your way through. You will notice improvements in your work. Over time, you will develop your own writing style as you learn to write from your heart.

Soak in Hemingway information as you complete these exercises. Enjoy photos of a walking tour of Hemingway's northern Michigan. Hemingway visited this area each summer from his birth in 1899 until he married Hadley Richardson at Horton Bay in 1921. The photos capture the influences used in his short stories early in his writing career. Other photos include The Hemingway Home in Key West, Florida; Ketchum, Idaho; and the Finca Vigia, Hemingway's home in Cuba. All photos in this book are from the authors personal Hemingway experiences.

This book is structured for a writer to write a variety of responses. Some questions intentionally provide a small area in which to write. For other questions more space is available. This is part of the exercise. If you are inspired to write more on a particular topic, then continue writing on an added page. Exercises begin small and work into larger pieces. You will find an essay on page 149 for you to edit and critique. This is another exercise. This is not a diary. Be creative. Free yourself to write honestly.
You will feel as though Ernest Hemingway is your personal guide moving you forward to become the writer you were meant to become. No matter what genre you are interested in, you will discover new ideas and possibilities for your work. Writing with Hemingway will be a dominate influence on writers crafting their books, articles, and memoirs and more. This timeless and soon-to-be treasured book will bring many readers a delightful experience. Appropriate for classroom and individual use, it is sure to be a "go to" resource for teachers in the high school, adult school, or college setting.

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ISBN-13: 9781535151801
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/06/2016
Pages: 174
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About the Author

Cathy MacHold worked in the food industry while attending college. While working in the food industry, she wrote training manuals for several corporations as delis and bakeries were implemented into the grocery store-market place. Following graduation, as an employee of Hewlett-Packard, Cathy worked in procurement and later in planning. But, it was her passion for gourmet meals and great conversation that led her to write her first dinner club book Gourmet Nights, self-published in 1998. Cathy has written numerous articles used in training and for the newspaper. Her second dinner club book, The Vintage Feast, is expected to be available as an eBook in 2017. The unique concept of Writing with Hemingway, A Writer's Exercise Book was developed by Cathy utilizing writing exercises and prompts. As an Ernest Hemingway aficionado, she realized how much one could learn from the famous writer's life as they practiced writing exercises to develop their own writing talents. Cathy has led workshops and taught adult school creative writing classes using concepts from Writing with Hemingway, A Writer's Exercise Book. Cathy presented her teaching ideas while participating on the Teaching Hemingway day panel at the XVII Biennial International Ernest Hemingway Conference held in Oak Park, Illinois on the eve of Hemingway's 117th birthday. She is currently translating her writing exercise book into Spanish. Cathy earned a degree in Communication Studies from California State University Sacramento. She lives in northern California with her husband Ken.

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