Writing with Style: APA Style Made Easy / Edition 2

Writing with Style: APA Style Made Easy / Edition 2

by Lenore T. Szuchman
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Writing with Style: APA Style Made Easy / Edition 2

This accessible and invaluable workbook-style reference guide will help your students smoothly make the transition from writing for composition classes to writing for psychology classes. In her Third Edition of Writing With Style, author Lenore T. Szuchman quickly and succinctly provides the basics of style presented by the Fifth Edition of the APA's Publication Manual. Dr. Szuchman's years of experience teaching writing-intensive courses give her an inside track on the trouble spots students often encounter when writing papers and dealing with APA style. Her students played a large part in tailoring this guide's exercises to ensure an effective learning experience. The unique workbook format offers both a quick reference to APA style and interactive exercises that give students a chance to practice what they've learned.

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ISBN-13: 9780534572426
Publisher: Wadsworth
Publication date: 08/28/2001
Edition description: 2ND
Pages: 143
Product dimensions: 6.09(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.38(d)

Table of Contents

1. INTRODUCTION: THE LAY PEOPLE AND YOU. Scientific Psychology. How to Use This Book. Ethics in Writing. A Word of Warning. 2. SOME GENERALIZATIONS ABOUT HOW PSYCHOLOGISTS WRITE. Referring to Other Authors. Words and Phrases to Collect. Words and Phrases to Avoid. 3. STUDYING THE INTRODUCTION SECTION. What Was Done and Why. Literature Review. 4. STUDYING THE METHOD SECTION. Organization. Participants. Apparatus. Materials. Procedure. Remembering your Audience. 5. STUDYING THE RESULTS SECTION. Statistics. Useful Rules. 6. STUDYING THE DISCUSSION SECTION. First Part. Second Part. Third Part. Verb Tense. 7. STUDYING THE ABSTRACT. Contents. Style. 8. PREPARING THE REFERENCES SECTION. Typing Hints. Alphabetizing. Journal Articles Reference. Chapter in an Edited Book. An Authored Book. References in the Body of the Manuscript. 9. PREPARING A TITLE PAGE. Writing a Title. The Parts of the Title Page. Advice About Typing. 10. GROOMING TIPS FOR PSYCHOLOGY PAPERS. Parallel Construction. Half Empty Comparisons. Agreement Between Subject and Verb. Agreement Between Noun and Pronoun. Run-On Sentence or Comma Splice. Colons with Lists. Comma Before and (and Sometimes or). Comma When You Need a Breath. Important Differences Between People and Things. 11. PREPARING A POSTER PRESENTATION. What is a Poster Session? Preparing a Poster. Preparing Yourself. APPENDIX: WRAPPING IT UP. First Rewrite. Second Rewrite. Third Inspection- Not a Rewrite. Final Touches. References.

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