Wtf I'm Trying to Be Spiritual: A Workbook for Loving Yourself Without Fear

Wtf I'm Trying to Be Spiritual: A Workbook for Loving Yourself Without Fear

by Jeanette Bishop, Helen Varga

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About the Book

Precious One

You are the unimaginable gift

A fragment of eternity

The embodiment of universal joy

A reflection of peace

Soul immemorial

Love's reproduction made

manifest here on Earth

- Helen Varga 2014

This workbook is a tool for you to use based on the book WTF I'm Trying to Be Spiritual: A Guidebook for Loving Yourself without Fear and is a stepping stone to greater self-awareness. This workbook is an honest look at our need to create self-love that in turn reflects on our daily lives and our relationship with the world.
Along the way, readers are asked to gently try quieting their minds via meditation by examining meditation techniques through a personal-preference questionnaire.
Other tools, such as the redirection of one's thoughts and the creation of affirmations, are included to get the reader started in a more positive frame of mind along with creating and writing lists for establishing boundaries with others as well as themselves.

In addition, exercises related to the practices of love-Flexibility, Non-Judgment, Willingness, Courage, Relinquishing Control, and Integrity/Honesty/Personal Responsibility-are provided.
Finally, thought-provoking questions touch on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness (or lack thereof). All this is combined to give a wide range of ideas and thoughts without being limiting.
This workbook is an invitation to value the wonderful person you are.

Jeanette Bishop, retired cardiology physiologist, active healer, and medium with a wealth of experience in humanity and no belief in herself, finally decided to "come out" as a medium and a spiritual explorer with coauthor and her best buddy, Helen Varga.
Bishop's diverse, out-of-the-box spiritual communications rocks everyone's boat, challenges the mediocre, and brings about a truth so simple yet labyrinthine as it expands. This is just the beginning.

Helen Varga is a reflexologist with the Reflexology Association of Canada since 1997, a spiritual healer, and a spiritual activist. She and her best friend, Jeanette Bishop, formed Kiss and Tell Creative Productions to tackle taboo subjects through workshops and books. Seeing and sensing God since a small child, she mentored under Bishop to develop her spiritual awareness.

"WTF I'm Trying to Be Spiritual — A Workbook for Loving Yourself without Fear" is a finalist in the Body/Mind/Spirit category in the 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards.


Front Cover: original encaustic collage by Helen Varga (Somewhere There is Peace, 2013)

Back Cover: photograph by Jeanette Bishop

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