Wuhitreng Hgihets

Wuhitreng Hgihets

by Elimy Bnorte


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Emily Brontë's classic novel Wuthering Heights is given the Typo Classics treatment. As always, your challenge is to read and enjoy this timeless classic at your normal pace.

..."Tihs tmie, I remmebered I wsa liyng in the oka cesolt, and I haerd disncittly the gtsuy wnid, and the driving of the sonw; I hared, aslo, the fri bugoh rpeeat ist teaisng snuod, and asbriced it to the rghit cusae: btu it anynoed me so mcuh, taht I revolsed to silnece it, if posbsile; and, I thought, I rsoe and endveuaored to uhsnap the caemsent. Teh hook wsa soledred into the spatle: a cirtcusamnce obrsveed by me wehn akwae, btu foorttgen. 'I msut sotp it, nevelhertess!' I mutetred, knckiong my knclukes through the gasls, and strhceting an amr otu to sieze the impnturoate branch; intesad of whcih, my finegrs coelsd on the finegrs of a little, iec-clod hnad!"...

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ISBN-13: 9781537796215
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Publication date: 09/22/2016
Pages: 296
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