X Window System User's Guide

X Window System User's Guide

by Tim O'Reilly, Valerie Quercia

Paperback(Second Edition)

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The X Window System User's Guide, Motif Edition, orients the new user to window system concepts and provides detailed tutorials for many client programs, including the xterm terminal emulator and the window manager. Building on this basic knowledge, later chapters explain how to customize the X environment and provide sample configurations.This alternative edition of the User's Guide highlights the Motif window manager for users of the Motif graphical user interface. Revised for Motif 1.2 and X11 Release 5.Topics include:

  • Starting the system and opening windows
  • Using the xterm terminal emulator and window managers
  • Most standard release clients, including programs for graphics, printing, font manipulation, window/display information, removing windows, as well as several "desktop" utilities
  • Customizing the window manager, keyboard, display, and certain basic features of any client program
  • Using and customizing the mwm window manager, for those using theOSF/Motif graphical interface
  • System administration tasks, such as managing fonts, starting X automatically, and using the display manager, xdm, to run X on single or multiple displays
Material covered in this second edition includes:
  • Overview of the X Color Management System (Xcms)
  • Creating your own Xcms color database
  • Tutorials for two "color editors": xcoloredit and xtici
  • Using the X font server
  • Tutorial for editres, a resource editor
  • Extensive coverage of the new implementations of bitmap and xmag
  • Overview of internationalization features
  • Features common to Motif 1.2 applications: tear-off menus and drag-and-drop

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781565920156
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/28/1994
Series: Definitive Guides to the X Window System Series
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 955
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.19(h) x 1.77(d)

About the Author

Tim O'Reilly is the founder and CEO of O'Reilly & Associates, thought by many to be the best computer book publisher in the world. O'Reilly also publishes online through the O'Reilly Network (www.oreillynet.com) and hosts conferences on technology topics. Tim is an activist for open source and open standards, and an opponent of software patents and other incursions of new intellectual property laws into the public domain. Tim's long term vision for his company is to help change the world by capturing and transmitting the knowledge of innovators.

Valerie Quercia has co-written a number of books for O'Reilly & Associates, including the X Window System User's Guide (with Tim O'Reilly), X User Tools (with Linda Mui), and WebMaster in a Nutshell (with Stephen Spainhour). Internet in a Nutshell is her first solo book. Val is also the managing editor of The Left Field Press, a company that specializes in baseball publications.

Table of Contents

Do I Have To Read This WHOLE Book?
A Quick Start Approach to X
What's New in Release 5?
New Client Programs
Defunct Programs
Clients that Work Differently in Release 4 and Release 5
Available Fonts
Available Colors
Screen-specific Resources
Bulk Sales Information
Font and Character Conventions

Part One: Using X

Chapter 1. An Introduction to the X Window System
Anatomy of an X Display
Standard X Clients versus Motif Clients
X Architecture Overview
The X Display Server
The Window Manager
The xterm Terminal Emulator
The Display Manager
Other Standard X Clients
Customizing Clients

Chapter 2. Getting Started
Starting X
Logging On in the Special xdm Window
Logging In at a Full Screen Prompt
Starting X Manually
Starting the mwm Window Manager
Typing In a Window Once mwm is Running

Chapter 3. Working in the X Environment
Creating Other Windows
Using the Pointer
Managing Windows Using the mwm Frame
Converting a Window to an Icon
Converting an Icon to a Window
Maximizing a Window
Raising a Window or Icon
Moving a Window
Moving an Icon
Resizing a Window
Closing a Window: The Window Menu Button
Exiting from an xterm Window
Starting Additional Clients
Command-line Options
Window Geometry: Specifying Size and Location
Running a Client on Another Machine: Specifying the Display
The DISPLAY Environment Variable
Using -display
Once You Run a Remote xterm Using -display
Logging In to a Remote System
Monitoring the Load on a Remote System
Putting It All Together
Customizing a Program
Customizing the X Environment
Where to Go from Here

Chapter 4. More About the mwm Window Manager
Using Special Keys
Input Focus and the Window Manager
Focusing Input on an Icon
Changing the Stacking Order with Keystrokes
Transferring (Explicit) Focus with Keystrokes
What To Do if mwm Dies and the Focus Is Lost
A Quick Review of Frame Features
Using the Window Menu
Invoking Window Menu Items
Pointer Commands to Manage Icons
Using the Window Menu on Icons
The Root Menu

Chapter 5. The xterm Terminal Emulator
Terminal Emulation and the xterm Terminal Type
Resizing and Terminal Emulation
Running xterm with a Scrollbar
The Athena Scrollbar
How to Use the Scrollbar
Copying and Pasting Text Selections
Selecting Text to Copy
Extending a Selection
Pasting Text Selections
The Text Selection Mechanism and xclipboard
Saving Multiple Selections with xclipboard
Problems with Large Selections
Editing Text Saved in the xclipboard
The xterm Menus
The Main Options Menu
VT Options Menu
VT Fonts Menu
Tek Options Menu

Chapter 6. Font Specification
What's New in Release 5?
If You Just Want to Pick a Font
Font Naming Conventions
Font Families
Stroke Weight and Slant
The Size of Bitmap and Outline Fonts
Other Information in the Font Name
Font Name Wildcarding
Specifying Scalable Fonts
The Font Search Path
Modifying the Font Search Path
The fonts.dir Files
Font Name Aliasing
Making the Server Aware of Aliases
Utilities for Displaying Information about Fonts
The Font Displayer: xfd
Previewing and Selecting Fonts: xfontsel
Previewing Fonts with the xfontsel Menus
Selecting a Font Name
Changing Fonts in xterm Windows
The Great Escape
The Selection Menu Item
Using the Font Server

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