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XML and Web Services Unleashed by Ron Schmelzer, Travis Vandersypen, Jason Bloomberg, Madhu Siddalingaiah

The complete and up-to-date XML Reference book on topics that matter.

Top authors from each "HOT" and emerging XML area drill deep to bring you competency and confidence within the areas of XML that are normally outside of your everyday world.

Code samples, examples and context make the XML developer comfortable and confident in launching into new areas of XML

Authorship comes from Java, Microsoft and Open Source backgrounds to provide all sides of the story.

The Extensible Markup Language is changing the way that information is being stored and exchanged. It is also changing the very way that we think about data. XML Unleashed! allows the reader to unlock this new power and get well on the way towards developing XML applications and systems that enable their most important business processes, or the simplest visions for data representation and exchangeThis book covers all the necessary topics from the basics of Document Type Definitions (DTDs) to the more advanced topics in XML database integration and the semantic web. This book is designed to be the only XML book that the reader will ever need on their shelf. Ron Schmelzer, as the lead author, ties all the XML chapters and topics together for us just as he does with his organization "ZapThink". Founder and senior analyst of ZapThink, Ron Schmelzer is a well-known expert in the field of XML and XML-based standards and initiatives. Ron has been featured and written for periodicals, and has spoken at numerous industry conferences including XML One, Comdex, and Internet World on the topic of XML.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780672323416
Publisher: Sams
Publication date: 02/25/2002
Series: Unleashed Series
Pages: 1172
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.82(d)

About the Author

RON SCHMELZER- (lead author) ties all the

TRAVIS VANDERSYPEN- Programmer with EPS Software corporation. Five years development experience in

JASON BLOOMBERG- Ashton Services. eBusiness industry expert and proven thought leader with over 6 years of technical hands-on and management experience with Internet/Web technology, and over 9 years of IT consulting experience. Program Director of on-line retail research for IDC Research, East Coast director of Technology for WaveBend.

SAM HUNTING- is truly an expert in

MADHU SIDDALINGAIAH- Madhu Siddalingaiah is a Physicist specializing in emerging technologies like Java and the Web. Over the past 10 years, Madhu has worked with world leaders in high technology fields which include satellite instrumentation, communications receivers, and 3D graphics. His former employers include NASA Goddard, Naval Research Laboratory, Watkins- Johnson (now part of BAE Systems), and Fairchild Space & Defense (now an Orbital division).

CHAD DARBY- the founder of J9 Consulting, a Java consulting firm. He has experience developing n-tier web applications for Fortune 500 companies and the Department of Defense. Chád has published articles in Java Report, Java Developer's Journal, and Web Techniques. He has also been an invited speaker at conferences including SD West 99,

MIKE QUALLS- Web Master for Advanced ASP and Visual Basic Web Developer.

DAVID HOULDING- an Infrastructure Architect with eight years of design and development experience and a strong academic background. Experience with modeling, design and development of infrastructure for secure distributed object systems using web, wireless & voice accesstechnologies.

Table of Contents


Who This Book's Intended Audience Is. What You Need to Know Prior to Reading This Book. What You Will Learn from Reading This Book. What Software You Will Need to Complete the Examples Provided with This Book. How This Book Is Organized. What's on the Sams Web Site for This Book. Conventions Used in This Book.



2. The Fundamentals of

Introduction to

3. Validating

Document Type Definitions. Some Simple DTD Examples. Structure of a Document Type Definition. DTD Drawbacks and Alternatives.

4. Creating

Introduction to the W3C

5. The X-Files: XPath, XPointer, and Xlink.

Xpath. Xpointer. Xlink.

6. Defining

A Brief Review of


7. Parsing

What Is DOM, Anyway? What DOM Is Not. Why Do I Need DOM? Disadvantages of Using DOM. DOM Levels. DOM Core. DOM Traversal and Range. Other DOM Implementations. Java Architecture for

8. Parsing

What Is SAX, Anyway? What SAX Is Not. Why Do I Need SAX? SAX vs. DOM. Disadvantages. SAX Versions. SAX Basics. Working with SAX.

9. Transforming

XSL Technologies. XSLT for Document Publishing. XSL for Business-to-Business (B2B) Communication. XSL Formatting Objects. Web Application Integration: Java Servlets, XSLT, and XSL-FO.

10. Integrating

11. Formatting

A Brief History of DSSSL. A Brief History of CSS.

12. Interactive Graphical Visualizations with SVG.

Vector Graphics to Complement Bitmap Graphics. SVG: An


What IsWeb Content Management? What Are the Components of a Content-Management Workflow? The Role of

14. Architecting Web Services.

What Are Web Services? Business Motivations for Web Services. Technical Motivations for Web Services. The Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Architecting Web Services.

15. Web Services Building Blocks: SOAP.

Introduction to SOAP. Basic SOAP Syntax. Sending SOAP Messages. SOAP Implementations. The Future of SOAP.

16. Web Services Building Blocks: WSDL and UDDI.

Introduction to WSDL. Basic WSDL Syntax. SOAP Binding. WSDL Implementations. Introduction to UDDI. The UDDI API. Vendor Implementations. The Future of UDDI.

17. Leveraging

The .NET Strategy. ADO.NET. The System.

18. Using

BizTalk. SQL Server 2000.


19. Understanding

Standards and Vocabularies. Standards Organizations: Who Is Creating the Standards? Standards Stack Layers. Standards Stack Aspects. Community Vocabularies Layer.

20. Implementing

What Is the Supply Chain? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). E-Business and the Internet-Enabled Supply Chain. Different Types of B2B Interaction. Components of E-business

21. Delivering Wireless and Voice Services with

The Vision of Ubiquitous Computing. Key Technologies. Wireless Applications with WAP and WML. Voice Applications with Voice

22. Applied

The Vertical Industries. Professional Services Standards. Manufacturing. Scientific and Engineering. Print, Media, and Entertainment. A Final Note:


23. RDF for Information Owners.

Basics of the Resource Description Framework. The RDF Family of Specifications. The RDF Data Model. RDF Schema. Working with the Angle Brackets.

24. The Semantic Web for Information Owners.

Precursors of the Semantic Web. Architecture of the Semantic Web. How Do Semantics Get into the Semantic Web?


Appendix A. Extensible Markup Language (

Abstract. Status of This Document. Table of Contents. Appendices. 1. Introduction. 2. Documents. 3. Logical Structures. 4. Physical Structures. 5. Conformance. 6. Notation. A. References. B. Character Classes. C.


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