Ya No Seas Codependiente [Codependent No More] (Promexa/Autoayuda Series)

Ya No Seas Codependiente [Codependent No More] (Promexa/Autoayuda Series)

by Melody Beattie




Where recovery began for many people, this inspiring, straightforward, personal explanation of what codependency is and who has it gives listeners the option to change unhealthy behaviors and stressful relationships, as they rediscover hope, guidance, and encouragement.

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ISBN-13: 9789683904737
Publisher: Hazelden Publishing
Publication date: 11/28/1992
Series: Promexa/Autoayuda Series
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 5.28(w) x 7.96(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

Beattie was a struggling single parent of two children, freelance author, and journalist cranking out stories for a small-town daily newspaper in 1986 when she came up with a book idea. She wanted to write a book about what happens to people when they love someone who is addicted to alcohol and other drugs. "There were many books out there about how to help an addict or alcoholic. Nobody was talking about how an addict impacts the lives of the people around him or her, and how crazy you can become when you love someone who is addicted," Beattie said. "Even though I was sober, I didn't know how crazy I could get until it happened to me." Twenty publishers turned down Beattie's book proposal. "It's a good idea, but we don't think there's that many codependents out there," they wrote back. Hazelden, however, a treatment center and recovery publisher based in Minnesota, saw a need for the book. The publisher understood how families of alcoholics suffer and believed Beattie's book idea would help people. Beattie marched to the welfare department, asked for enough financial help to make it through the three months it would take her to write the book, then locked herself in a basement office and cranked out Codependent No More. Codependent No More has now sold 3.5 million copies. Beattie has since written nine more books, five for major publishing houses on the east and west coasts. She relocated from Minnesota to California, and she has long-since paid back the welfare department. Beattie has appeared in the pages of Newsweek and People and has been a regular guest on Geraldo and Oprah. Playing It By Heart is Beattie's first original book for Hazelden since 1990; the book is a return to her recovery roots that first brought her national recognition.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is excellent! spanish or english. It is pretty much applicable to almost everybody. We many times do not understand what codependy really means. You will be surprised when you read this book and you will start having more control and be less co-dependent.