Yankee Tsunami: The Ocean Erupts: The Ocean Erupts

Yankee Tsunami: The Ocean Erupts: The Ocean Erupts

by Andrew R. DiConti

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Yankee Tsunami: The Ocean Erupts: The Ocean Erupts by Andrew R. DiConti

Today’s Terrorism Against America May Have Beginnings Going Back Over 100 Years.

When America drove its modernized fleet into Asian Pacific waters, prior to 1900, that action became a catalyst starting a chain reaction. A legacy of America’s subsequent imperialism may well have been the springboard to terrorist activities in America today. Following the wake of America’s Navy, Christian missionaries flooded into Pacific Rim countries, not unlike the missionaries who accompanied the Spanish conquistadors. The sacrosanct policy of “Manifest Destiny,” may have provided the moral principle for America to impose its will upon its own non-Christian people, as well as the peoples of the Asian Pacific, but it also sent a thinly veiled message, demeaning in nature, that unified the peoples who resisted us. America’s intentions may have been noble and caring, but they were also insulting. Shortly, the consequences of that international policy resulted in America’s involvement in the Boxer Rebellion in China and the Moro Insurrection in the Philippines. The term “benevolent assimilation” was the euphemistic label given by President William McKinley to America’s rationale for the mission of transforming the Pacific Rim peoples of Asia into Christians. In spite of strong opposition to America’s imperialistic Asian Pacific policy, headed by none other than Mark Twain, the movement had little restraint upon America’s quest to “civilize the heathen peoples,” a phrase frequently used by America’s press to describe its foreign mission.

Andrew DiConti, in two of a trilogy of sequential novels, reveals that world through the eyes of a young sailor aboard the Boston, a modern man of war. The novels tell a succession of unique tales in each of the Boston’s ports of call, which demonstrate how America’s social order impacted its own non-white peoples, as well as the peoples of the Asian Pacific Rim. Due to a taboo romance with an American of Chinese ancestry by the protagonist, the reader is exposed to the prejudice in America in 1900 and the resultant consequences in a society that was both temperamentally and legally biased against non-white people. Could a society that would not treat its own citizens equally be expected to deal with people in its imperialistic adventures more benevolently? The author’s background as a teacher, an historian, a student of Asian culture and a former sailor gives authority to a novel that depicts how peoples throughout the Asian Pacific Rim were impacted by the influences of America’s leadership, as well as its military establishment. Web Page.


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