"yes Virginia, quantum mechanics can be understood": How Nature Treats Information


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ISBN-13: 9780998671345
Publisher: Casting Analysis Corp.
Publication date: 12/20/2018
Pages: 388
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About the Author

Attended Columbia University and studied applied physics starting in 1966. Started writing longer works in 2011 in going back to the problems with the foundation of quantum mechanics which were seriously affecting everyday interpretation of measurements on certain steels. That precipitated running an in house experimental study of the problem dynamic ferromagnetic measurements that led to writing three book length works: Dark Matter from Light, The Principles of Matter, amending quantum mechanics, and "yes Virginia, quantum mechanics can be understood" . Also in the course of studying hydrogen in niobium two other longer works were written: "Proton in SRF Niobium" and a book on cold fusion, Terrestrial Nuclear Processes.

Attended Hampden-Sydney College starting 1999 and studied physics, then took geophysics at Montana Tech in 2003. I have coauthor four longer works in physics: Dark Matter from Light, The Principles of Matter, amending quantum mechanics, "yes Virginia, quantum mechanics can be understood", and Terrestrial Nuclear Processes on cold fusion.

Table of Contents


1) Fashion: Lacking understanding of the role of language led fashionable committees to flawed quantum models.

2) Spaces: Mathematicians ignoring experiment introduced their own fantasy spaces for physics ensuring ignorance.

3) Faust and the Neutrino: Using relativity to derive the basic equations of quantum mechanics restores an experimental science.

4) Dimensions: Introducing statistical independence within quantum spaces producing information, matter, and fields.

5) Information: Information’s two forms produces the quantized fields for both photon and neutrino.

6) Quantum Roulette: Structural derivation of spin for particles and fields buries a long standing abstract fantasy about spin.

7) Forces: A topic that no longer needs avoiding in quantum mechanics by eliminating some poorly made assumptions.

8) Landfall: The structural origin of gravity and strong force complete the trip tying the four forces to Bertie’s fair-game

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