Yetser Days: A Season In The City Of Stories (Including

Yetser Days: A Season In The City Of Stories (Including "Private Breadbasket" and "Physiognomy"

by Othniel Poole


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Yetser Days: A Season In The City Of Stories is the companion volume of Kiriathsepher.

Yetser Days are the days of imagination, where many worlds intersect with Kiriathsepher and the New Jerusalem. The book is a collection of poetry and short stories written over an eight-month period.

Ellen Groovy returns and is baptised, and Gohm, Tabula, and Ludwig Othello wrestle with their relationships and their careers. There are songs of devotion, poems of praise and vision, and stories of growing up.

The book concludes with the Physiognomy stories. “Physiognomy was inspired by a very dark time in my life a few years ago, even though it’s a very funny story,” said Othniel Poole.

Locations feature Kiriathsepher, The City of Stories, the realm of the imagination and the eighth mountain of influence; The New Jerusalem, the consummation of all things; and Antwerp, a future suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

About the Author: Othniel Poole grew up near Melbourne, Australia. This is his 12th book, which was “inspired to bring old characters into the poems, and characters from different places meeting each other. Church history inspired a lot of it, and all the mysteries that are still to be solved.”

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ISBN-13: 9781950860852
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication date: 10/09/2019
Pages: 358
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