Yhwh Loves The Gates Of Zion

Yhwh Loves The Gates Of Zion

by Nicolene Rautenbach


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Psalm 87 is a Korahite psalm that is renowned for its difficulty and uncertainty in meaning. The psalm is complex and often appears chaotic, or, at best, strangely weaved together. This study sets out afresh, analysing Psalm 87 from a holistic approach. An intra-, inter- and extratextual study of Psalm 87 is thus followed to determine if this controversial psalm's meaning can be determined. The study furthermore examines the psalm's possible Sitz im Leben, i.e., its cultic or historic setting, and date of composition. Therefore, the study analyses Psalm 87's poetic structure, and its connection to other psalms and texts. The study examines the world in which Psalm 87 came into being, i.e., the Ancient Near East, and the impact this had on the psalm. As such, the mythological aspects present in the psalm is examined in the form of iconography. A critical spatiality approach is also employed, looking at the psalm from the viewpoint of people who lived in a world filled with chaos monsters and threats. The study then also examines the social values present in Psalm 87.

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