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by Bill Myers

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Tuna and Herby, TJ’s “helpers” from the 23rd century, are finally ready to head home. (Insert sigh of relief here.) They just have a couple more lessons to teach TJ. (Replace sigh of relief with groan of despair.) Unfortunately those lessons involve their usual catastrophes and major mishaps, like . . .
  • accidentally transporting TJ’s


Tuna and Herby, TJ’s “helpers” from the 23rd century, are finally ready to head home. (Insert sigh of relief here.) They just have a couple more lessons to teach TJ. (Replace sigh of relief with groan of despair.) Unfortunately those lessons involve their usual catastrophes and major mishaps, like . . .

  • accidentally transporting TJ’s science class to an African jungle
  • turning Tuna into a baby ostrich
  • and visiting New York City with a 52-foot-3-inch-tall (in her stocking paws) gorilla
Join this unlikely trio as they stumble into one hilarious catastrophe after another . . . while accidentally learning the importance of such core values as love, honesty, patience, and kindness.

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Tuna and Herby, TJ’s “helpers” from the 23rd century, are finally ready to head home. (Insert sigh of relief here.) They just have a couple more lessons to teach TJ. (Replace sigh of relief with groan of despair.) Unfortunately those lessons involve their usual catastrophes and major mishaps, like . . .
  • accidentally transporting TJ’s science class to an African jungle
  • turning Tuna into a baby ostrich
  • and visiting New York City with a 52-foot-3-inch-tall (in her stocking paws) gorilla
Join this unlikely trio as they stumble into one hilarious catastrophe after another . . . while accidentally learning the importance of such core values as love, honesty, patience, and kindness.

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Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date:
TJ and the Time Stumblers Series , #6
Sales rank:
Product dimensions:
5.20(w) x 7.20(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

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TJ and the TIME STUMBLERS Book 6
By Bill Myers

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Bill Myers
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4143-3458-5

Chapter One

Beginnings ...

TIME TRAVEL LOG: Malibu, California, February 22

Begin Transmission:

While sharing our awesome intelligence with our awesomely smoot subject, Tuna and I were visited by an old friend. It was majorly cool that he brought over some eats, but does anyone know what to do with 5,322 gallons of chili? End Transmission

"All right, fine," TJ grumbled as she faced the dirty dishes sitting in the sink.

"Fine," Violet repeated as she headed out the door for the library to do her homework.

"Fine," TJ snapped, for no other reason than to have the last word.

"Fine!" Violet shouted back, for no other reason than that she wanted that word.

And so, after another deep and heartfelt conversa- tion with her sister, TJ Finkelstein turned on the hot water and began rinsing the Mount Everest stack of dirty dishes. It made no difference that they had a dishwasher—no one in the family ever felt a need to rinse their plates and put them in it. Of course, Mom would never have put up with that, but Mom was gone. She'd died of cancer not long ago. Now it was just Dad, TJ, Violet, and cute-as-a-button youngest sister, Dorie.

Well, not quite just them. There were a couple of uninvited guests in TJ's life....

"Hey there, Your Dude-ness."

TJ glanced around the room.

"Down here ... in the sink."

She looked into the sink and spotted it—the talking cereal bowl with two floating Froot Loops for eyes (one red, the other purple). Oh, and a yellow one acting as the mouth.

"Herby," she sighed, "what are you doing?"

"Just testing out the Morphing Blade on our Swiss Army Knife," the cereal bowl answered. Then, glancing at a dirty spatula, he added, "Nice work, Tuna."

"Why thank you, Herby," the spatula said through one of its many holes. "Except for some minor adjustments to the Transporter Blade, I believe all our equipment is up and running."

Now, if you're new to TJ's land of lunacy, let me explain that the cereal bowl and spatula are actually two bungling time travelers from the 23rd century. They've come back in time to do a history report on TJ because someday, if she survives the seventh grade (and their visit), she's going to be a world-famous leader.

"So you're finally going to leave," TJ said as she angrily stuffed silverware into the dishwasher. (She was still pretty steamed over her fight with Violet, and for whatever reason, the boys' presence never seemed to unsteam her.)

"We still need fuel for our time-travel pod," Tuna said.

TJ frowned. "We got you that plutonium power pack thingy."

"That's right." The cereal bowl grinned (though don't ask me how). "All we need now is the chili from a Texas housewife—"

"Who, at the moment, is about to turn three years old," the spatula sighed.

"And an African ostrich to digest it," the cereal bowl added.

"The chili, not the housewife," Tuna explained.

"Listen," TJ said firmly, "you're not bringing ostrich manure into this house."

"Not to worry," Tuna answered. "We have obtained gloves for our hands."

Herby nodded. "And clothespins for our noses."

TJ sighed wearily as she finished filling the bottom rack of the dishwasher and began working on the top. "Well, the sooner you get all that stuff and head home, the better." She wasn't trying to be mean; she was just in a lousy mood.

Herby added, "Unfortunately, we got ourselves one minor problem."

"What's that?" TJ asked.

Herby brought his Froot Loop eyes together into a scowl. "We're not sure you're ready for us to leave."

TJ gave him a look, then returned to the dishes. "Trust me, I'm ready."

Tuna and Herby remained silent—a first for both of them.

"What?" TJ asked.

"We are concerned about your attitude toward your sister Violet," Tuna said.

"Attitude?" TJ snapped. She continued dumping the dishes in loudly. "I don't have an attitude!"

The spatula and cereal bowl traded uneasy glances.

TJ spotted them and said, "It's Violet's night to do dishes, not mine."

"But she has an outloopishly big report due tomorrow," Herby said.

"Right," TJ said. "She's always got some lame excuse—and so does Dad and so does Dorie. I'm sick and tired of always having to clean up after everybody!"

"Good thing she doesn't have an attitude," Herby observed.

TJ turned on him. "You're the ones who are always saying I'm going to be some great leader, right?"


"Well, how am I supposed to lead if I'm always the one waiting on people?"

Both Tuna and Herby broke out laughing ... a fact that didn't exactly improve TJ's attitude.

"What?" she demanded.

Tuna answered, "History has proven that the greatest leaders are always the greatest servants."

"That's crazy," TJ argued.

"Crazy or not, it's the truth."

"Which is why you need gonzoid brains like us around to continue teaching you," Herby said.

Tuna nodded. (Well, as much as a spatula can nod.) "We must continue to instruct you so you don't reach any more of those half-baked conclusions."

"Half-baked?" TJ said, her anger growing even angrier. "Half-baked?!"

"We call 'em like we see 'em, Your Dude-ness."

Tuna agreed. "And from our vantage point we definitely see a need for improvement."

"Then maybe you need to change your vantage point." Before either the spatula or the cereal bowl could react, TJ scooped them up.

"What are you doing?" Tuna yelled.

"What are—?"

Which was all Herby managed to repeat before

Slosh-Slosh Spill-spill


his Froot Loop eyes and mouth were poured down the drain.

Then, without hesitation, TJ dumped the spatula and cereal bowl into the dishwasher, slammed the door


and started the

swoosh ... swoosh ... swoosh

wash cycle.

Of course, she knew the boys would transport themselves out of there in just a few seconds. But she figured a few seconds was all she needed to make her point.

Unfortunately, another point was being made by somebody else.


It was cute little Dorie, screaming at the top of her cute little lungs. She was upstairs, and she definitely sounded like she was in trouble.

TJ raced out of the kitchen. She ran through the living room and past Dad, who was in his chair


louder than a coffee grinder inside a jet engine in the middle of a thunderstorm.


"Coming!" TJ raced up the stairs. She figured whatever was wrong couldn't be too wrong because Tuna and Herby were still in the dishwasher (and too wrong only happened when they were too close).

But when she reached the top of the stairs, she slowed to a stop. The good news was Dorie was just fine. The bad news was the upstairs hallway wasn't ... unless your definition of fine is having a river of chili creeping across your carpet.

TJ did what she always did when weird stuff happened. She shouted, "Tuna! Herby!"

But no one answered. (Apparently Tuna and Herby were still in the rinse cycle.)

"Are you talking to your ghost friends again?" Dorie asked.

Since the two guys were invisible to everyone but TJ (some girls get all the luck), every time Dorie heard the boys speaking, she figured they were ghosts.

"Dorie," TJ answered as calmly as possible when chili was flowing around her ankles, "you know there's no such things as ghosts."

"I know," Dorie said, her eyes growing wide as saucers as she pointed past TJ. "But do they?"

TJ turned to see Tuna and Herby floating behind her. They were still invisible to Dorie, but the soap and dishwater dripping from their clothes weren't.

"Tuna!" she whispered. "Herby! Do something!"

"No sweat, Your Dude-ness." Herby pulled out his Swiss Army Knife, sold at 23rd-century time-travel stores everywhere. He opened the Time Freezer Blade and fired its beam

zzoo ... o ... o .... a .... . a .... . a ...... . h .... .... h .... .... .

directly at Dorie.

Immediately the little girl froze. Well, not really froze—more like began to move veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyyyyy sloooooooooooowwwwwwwlllllllly.

TJ had seen this before and wasn't worried. Until the beam was reversed, everything would zoom past Dorie so fast that she couldn't see or hear it.

Now there was just that other little matter to attend to.


"This is no ordinary river of chili," Herby said. He stuck his fingers into it and gave them a lick. "Here, Tuna, would you like a taste?"

"Thank you, Herby. I don't mind if I do."

"Guys?" TJ asked.

Tuna took a taste. "Hm, you're right, Herb—this isn't ordinary chili."


"I didn't think so."

"In fact I'd recognize it anywhere."


They both turned to TJ as the chili was now oozing around her knees.

"Where's it coming from?" she demanded.

"Why, from that portal right over there," Tuna said. He pointed to an opening that floated at the other end of the hallway. An opening that chili

plop ... plop ... plop-ed

out of like a chunky waterfall.

"Apparently your talk with Bruce Bruiseabone made quite an impression," Tuna said.

"What talk?"

"When you asked him to forgive and help us."

"He did this?" TJ sputtered. "You call this help?"

"I call it Texas chili made by a housewife in the future," Herby said as he gave his fingers another lick.

"He's bringing this in from the future?" TJ asked.

"Absotootley," Herby said. "Why else would he use a time portal?"

Tuna explained, "He knows we can't travel into the future to retrieve it ourselves, so he brought it back to us."

"Pretty cool dude."

"I told you he could be nice," Tuna said.

"You never said that."

"I most certainly did."

"Did not."


"Did too."



They both faced TJ.

She pointed at the flowing chili. "How do we stop it?"

"First we must determine if we have enough," Tuna said.

"How much is enough?"

"Oh, I'd say a cup, maybe two—wouldn't you agree, Herby?"

"Yes, I would, Tuna."

"Two cups?!" TJ tried to stay calm, but it's hard staying calm when Texas chili has risen to your belly button and is starting to

blop ... glop ... splop

down the steps.

"So how do you turn it off?" she demanded.

"No sweat, Your Dude-ness," Herby said as he floated toward the portal. Only then did TJ notice the portal's giant zipper. (Little details like that can be hard to notice when your house is being overrun by certain food groups.) "Are you sure we got enough, Tuna?"

"Hm," Tuna said as he looked down at the chili rising toward TJ's shoulders. "I always like to be prepared."

"Tuna!" TJ cried.

"Well, all right," he said. "I believe we have enough, Herb."

"Okeydoke." Herby reached for the zipper, gave it a good, firm pull, and


it shut.

Of course, there were a few remaining

glugs and glops

as the last of the chili fell to the floor. But eventually it stopped and everything returned to normal.

Everything except 5,322 gallons of Texas chili in the middle of TJ Finkelstein's hallway.


Excerpted from Yikes!!! by Bill Myers Copyright © 2012 by Bill Myers. Excerpted by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Bill Myers (www.Billmyers.com) is a bestselling author and award-winning writer/director whose work has won forty national and international awards. His books and videos have sold eight million copies and include The Seeing, Eli, The Voice, My Life as, Forbidden Doors, and McGee and Me. Bill Myers trabaja con los jovenes y es un escritor/director cuyos libros y peliculas han ganado cuarenta galardones nacionales e internacionales. Es el cocreador de McGee and Me, y autor de la serie Forbidden Doors, la serie My Life as..., The Seeing.

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Yikes!!! 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
KMarkovich More than 1 year ago
Leeches and gorillas, ostriches and African tribal warriors all await TJ and her classmates when Herby transports them all from an African theme park to Africa itself! Eventually Herby and Tuna, the two 23rd century time travelers, are able to get them back but not before TJ learns some lessons about leadership. I’m sad to come to an end to these zany books about TJ!
amybooksy More than 1 year ago
Yikes!! is yet another adventuere for TJ, Tuna and Herby. Tuna and Herby are trying to get back home. This time they send TJ and her classmates to an African jungle. How fun and funny. I'm sad to see the end of the series.  4 1/2 stars
thedeena63 More than 1 year ago
Okay...I'm a huge fan of Bill Myers. I've loved his books forever, both for kids and adults. But Tj, Tuna and Herby....too over the top cheesy for me. "Yikes" wraps up the series, and the antics are way, way too much. I mean, in order to get home, they need chili and a baby ostrich? C'mon! The one redeeming element is the lesson of servanthood that TJ finally grasps, securing the future the boys have come from and are trying to return to. Maybe if I was a ten-year-old I'd find the books cool. But for me they were just too silly, and by the end, I won't be remembering this series with fondness.
BeachNana8 More than 1 year ago
Oops or yikes! This time Tuna and Herby have transported TJ and her science class to Africa! Tuna and Herby make me laugh! Then Bill Myers makes me laugh with the silly things that happen like the students start twitching from withdrawal of texting. This is an exciting adventure that both boys and girls should enjoy! It also teaches some important life lessons, such as kindness to others, helping others, and putting of others before self as TJ starts learning and applying these lessons.
thecraftyhome1 More than 1 year ago
Yikes!!! is the sixth book in the TJ and the Time Stumblers series by Bill Myers. It is also the last book. In this book the gang (TJ, Herby, and Tuna) end up teleported to Africa, but it's not just them, TJ's schoolmates end up transported as well. They end up spending two days in Africa while Herby and Tuna try to get everything figured out. Many scary situations happen and TJ learns that too lead you must be a servant. The lesson of this book is very valuable and this book actually is the best I've read from them. She has finally learned to forgive and so there isn't as much bad talk of Hesper which is nice. There are still grammatically incorrect words but of course, if your child is old enough to realize they are incorrect than it would be fine. Overall it's a nice ending to this series.
rlighthouse More than 1 year ago
Yikes is another fun read in the Time Stumblers series. T.J.'s visitors Tuna and Herby are finally ready to travel back to where they belong. The problem is they just need a few more things like chili from a Texas housewife and an African Ostrich to digest it-not exactly things your average Malibu resident has in their house. With the help of Bruce Bruiseabone and their time travelling equipment they are able to have everything they need to travel home and leave T.J. to her perfectly normal life. Well almost, they did leave her an Ostrich and the Swiss Army Knife. I loved this series-it is an amusing quick read for an adult.
AlaskanTebowFan More than 1 year ago
"Yikes!!!" is the 6th (and I believe, final) book in the "TJ and the Time Stumblers" series by Bill Myers. Like the previous 5 books, "Yikes!!!" follows the crazy, wacky adventures of TJ and her 23rd century companions, Tuna and Herby, as they navigate junior high life with futuristic gadgets and inventions.  In this volume, the gang spends a majority of time somewhere in the African jungle (thanks to some future transporting gizmo), and TJ learns some valuable lessons about leadership, humility, and having a servant's heart. Although I still find the books fairly obnoxious at times, I must say, this was my favorite book, as the lessons TJ learned are very applicable for the intended reader, and although her predicaments may not be typical, the internal struggles she has are very relatable. Additionally, I've mentioned in previous reviews how annoyed and bothered I was by the plethora of boyfriend/girlfriend, "he's hot," and "she's a babe" vocabulary in the books, so I was pleasantly surprised by the conclusion of this book and the series, and one final lesson TJ learns.  For these reasons, I'm going to go ahead and give "Yikes!!!" 4 stars! :)
pinkgirlLS More than 1 year ago
Yikes! is a strange book. The story gets interrupted all the time with words in a large font or a tiny font. The story is choppy and silly. The heroine is a seventh grade girl, so maybe a junior higher would think it’s a cool book. I just wonder what happened to kids loving a great, well told story. I feel like the storyline is lame, so they try to add excitement with all these crazy words and strange dialog.
AnotherBibliophile More than 1 year ago
Crazy Happenings, Always Unexpected. Awesome books for young readers. They are full of impossible things happening, and are quite imaginative. You can never guess what will happen next. TJ is a girl who learns a lot about leadership. She has good Midwestern manners, unlike the Malibu girls. Some apt comments appear about typical celebrity wannabes, all in fun, of course. My favorite part is the texting withdrawals. I think the author jumps out of the story too much in this one.
Nicnac63 More than 1 year ago
Yikes!!!, by Bill Myers, is book #6 in the TJ and the Time Stumblers 6 book series. TJ’s 23rd century friends, Tuna and Herby, have another lesson to teach her. The trio visits the African jungle and learns the value of kindness, and how leadership often mimics subservience.  (Matthew 20:26, “But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister.”) This last book in the series shares an important message, but doesn’t seem to have the flair the other 5 did. Perhaps it’s because it’s an end to all the fun. 
Virginia76 More than 1 year ago
TJ's visitors from the 23rd century are finally heading home, but not without causing trouble first. Somehow TJ's class ends up in the African jungle and she has to figure out a way to get them home. I thought this book was silly like the others in the series. The ending was interesting and not what I had expected.
SophiesMindset More than 1 year ago
Strangest book of the series This is not my favorite series. The book itself follows the series' standard outloopishness but really takes it over the top. It is nice to see TJ start becoming a leader though. I was glad TJ matured where Chad was concerned, but don't like the actual ending to the book.  While TJ exhibits servitude in her adventure, it doesn't show the carry-over into her family life, which I found disappointing. I also thought the author broke the 4th wall too often.
kristen4mk More than 1 year ago
The 6th and final book in the "TJ and the Time Stumblers" series, 'Yikes!!!' is a fun ending to this great series. Set mostly in the African jungle (three guesses how they got there), Tuna and Herby almost have everything they need to get back to the 23rd century.  TJ is finally seeing some truth to her future as a great world leader, stepping up to lead the way for her science class to get out of the jungle and rescue Hesper Breakahart as well. Full of the typical catastrophes that happen when you hang out with Tuna and Herby, TJ realizes that strength of character might be one of the most important factors in a friendship....and that she just might miss Tuna and Herby after all.
J4Life5 More than 1 year ago
It's a little sad the adventures of TJ, Tuna, and Herby are ending, but this book stays true to the flavor of the other books in this series. Tuna and Herby offer up the same misguided "help" that results in unending catastrophes while TJ continues to develop into the person she will become. Similar to the other books, the language in this one is entertaining and silly, the futuristic gadgets are cool, and there is a valuable lesson for TJ to learn. This lesson is about how a great leader is also a great servant to others. TJ learns about being a leader while trying to rescue herself and her classmates from an accidental journey to Africa. Overall, this series offers a lot to readers, especially kids. I would recommend reading the other titles first so the conclusion of the series is more meaningful.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yikes!!!: Just as Herby and Tuna are finally ready to travel home, they accidental transport themselves, TJ, and some of TJ’s fellow students to Africa. In this final ordeal, TJ must summon the valuable lessons she has been learning and start to act like the leader Herby and Tuna say she will become. Needless to say, she displays remarkable leadership skills and everyone comes through with flying colors. TJ finally bids farewell to the zany boys from the future and can get back to life as a normal teenager…sort of. I received the TJ and the Time Stumblers series (6 books in all) for my classroom, and they quickly became hits with a lot of the kids. A Christian riff on Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, the Time Stumblers series features Herby and Tuna, two silly guys from the 2200’s who travel back in time to the twenty-first century in order to get some first-hand data for their history project on TJ Finkelstein, a great world leader from their past. They end up stuck with a seventh-grade version of TJ in her own time, and while they work on finding their way home they help TJ learn many of the biblical virtues and life lessons that will make her a godly and revered leader one day. My female students love that the books feature a godly heroine who, though destined for greatness, struggles with the same hardships, homework, and heartbreaks as them; and the boys get a kick out of Herby and Tuna’s antics.
hannah97 More than 1 year ago
Yikes!!! the 6th book TJ and the Time Stumblers series by Bill Myers is a must read! The whole series has the same feel to it as the My Life as... series. Kids and their parents who like Myers writing will love this book.