Yoga and Breast Cancer: A Journey to Health and Healing

Yoga and Breast Cancer: A Journey to Health and Healing


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ISBN-13: 9781932603910
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication date: 09/29/2010
Edition description: Original
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 839,417
Product dimensions: 10.24(w) x 11.32(h) x 0.53(d)

About the Author

Ingrid Kollak holds a doctorate in literature and is a registered nurse. Currently she is Professor, Alice-Salomon University of Applied Sciences (ASFH), in Berlin, and since 1995, has acted as chair Division of Health and Nursing Management there, with previous teaching in the Bachelors and Master programs. She is well noted in the US for her work in the conceptual bases for nursing theories and in the EU for her work on intercultural perspectives at play in health care. She is editor of three books in the field of nursing, and is the author of Springer Publishing's title Yoga for NursesDr. Kollak authors a monthly yoga column in the German journal Health Professions.

Isabell Utz-Billing is a medical doctor in the department of gynecology and obstetrics of the German Red Cross Hospital Westend in Berlin. During her residency she specialized in diagnosis and therapy of breast cancer patients. Her interest lies on the topics of psychosocial support of patients with breast cancer.

Both co-authors cooperated in the randomized clinical study The Effects of Yoga on Patients with Mammacancer (2008-2009) funded by the German Statutory Health Insurance (AOK).

Table of Contents

I: Yoga for Women with Breast Cancer
1. How Yoga Works
2. A Short History of Yoga
3. Self-help and Yoga
4. Rehabilitative and Supportive Yoga
5. On Your Way with Yoga
6. Exercises for Everyday Life
7. Yoga Exercises with Continuous Effects
8. Beyond Exercising
II: About the Disease
9. Types of Breast Cancer and Their Origins
10. State-of-the-art Methods of Surgery
11. Therapies, Effects, Side Effects, and Helpful Means
12. Body Image and Intimacy
III:Further Reading
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From the Publisher

"This is a valuable resource for patients who are looking for help in gaining strength physically and mentally."-Doodys Reviews

"Nurse and author Kollak (Yoga for Nurses) and physician Utz-Billing have studied yoga practice specifically with breast cancer patients and consider yoga a significant addition to a recovery protocol. They outline the dynamics of yoga and how the poses-asanas-can be customized for every woman, no matter her physical limitations or length of time postsurgery. The photos clearly illustrate the postures; "Quick Look" boxes summarize the moves for each chapter. For all patient health collections."-Library Journal

" a good practice text and a worthy adjunct for Yoga teachers to accompany their class instruction for students in active breast cancer treatment."-Yoga Therapy Today

"Like a barely perceptibly rising inclined plane, the book very gently lifts the breast cancer and post-breast cancer patient toward a realistic sense of well-being and inevitable joy with the improved health that accompanies it... [the] elegant pictures, simple contraindications, and thoughtful directions bear witness to the unassuming confidence and serenity with which the book was written, and that may be quite contagious."- Loren M. Fishman, MD, author of Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis: A Journey to Health and Healing

"Yoga and Breast Cancer is a wonderful healing resource for breast cancer survivors. The core of this book is a series of yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditations specifically sequenced and designed to help heal and nurture women's bodies post surgery. Based on the authors' medical study, these yogic techniques are proven to increase flexibility and strength, reduce anxiety and pain, and to improve one's overall mental well-being. The writing is friendly, practical and is full of informed advice and gentle encouragement. This well thought out yoga program will be a huge gift to anyone recovering from breast cancer."-Timothy Burgin,

"... information that is easy to read and understand. The authors encourage patients to become active immediately after surgery, stress consciousness of body changes upon movement, and therefore provide a means to cope with body stresses and support healing.... This book will benefit breast cancer patients of all ages."-Cindy Howell MS RN CNOR CMLSO, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston Texas

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Yoga and Breast Cancer: A Journey to Health and Healing 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Lakenvelder on LibraryThing 5 months ago
This book has variations of the basic stances that would work for just about anyone. What I liked about this book is that instead of going out and purchasing yoga equipment they give you ideas to use for the props. I am planning to use the knee to chest to ease the back pain I get at night.
diasukie on LibraryThing 5 months ago
A very informative book that will help anyone with or without breast cancer. Yoga is always a terriffic help yourself, proactive activity and this book is well written.
kristincedar on LibraryThing 5 months ago
In the book, ¿Yoga and Breast Cancer¿ readers are treated to a pleasant journey through the healing powers of yoga. I don¿t have breast cancer, and thus cannot justify the usefulness of the main thesis of the book, but I can attest to the helpfulness of the yogic exercises in general. I enjoyed the yoga exercises, but did not connect to the book in general. While this can be explained by the overarching medical, scientific, and directional language of the authors, it still explained what needed to be done to complete the yoga tasks. An enjoyable, but technical read.
kssunflower on LibraryThing 5 months ago
Yoga and Breast Cancer: A Journey to Health and Healing joins a expanding line of books addressing how yoga can benefit people suffering from a variety of medical conditions from depression and pain relief to osteoporosis. If the others achieve their goals as well as this book does, then all are worth your time and money. This is a book you can use yourself or gift to others, knowing that it can and will make a positive difference in the life of anyone who needs and applies the knowledge and wisdom it presents.Although this book is specifically designed to address the needs and limitations of breast cancer patients, particularly those fresh from surgery, it will be useful to anyone seeking a gentle yet effective application of yoga movements, techniques and philosophies. This is a practical, well-written, easy-to-understand guide to help you understand how your body reacts to physical and emotional stress and how to help it heal.You learn what postures, alignments, and breathing techniques are most effective, why they work, how to do them, and, as importantly, when not to do them (e.g., some postures or movements should not be done by women who have had hip replacements or who are experiencing back or neck pain). This book removes fear from the equation. At no point do you feel pressured to do something that may not feel right. In fact, you are reassured to listen to your body and proceed at your own pace. You feel as if you have a sensitive, compassionate personal trainer with you as you work through the book ¿ encouraging and cautioning you each step of the way.The book is truly about process, helping women transition from a victim or patient mentality to that of a triumphal survivor. It provides a means with which to reconnect with a body that you may feel has betrayed you or one which you never quite felt comfortable within. It helps you become comfortable with your own body regardless of its limitations or condition. Women with a variety of body types of various ages are shown in the how-to photographs so you can see that no matter who you are you, too, can do this. There are variations of movements and suggestions for modifications should you not be able or ready to do certain floor or standing postures. The authors also make suggestions as to the best time of the day for various exercises and point out which ones can be done discretely any time or any place. They go that extra step to make it easy for you to make time and space for your healing. As you read and work through the recommendations in the book, you effortlessly learn about the history and philosophy of various yoga traditions. You pick up simple Sanskrit words with ease because the authors define them in a way that relates to your life and the process itself. There are even sections listing resources for further study if you wish to delve deeper. However, the true gift of this book is that it gives you the feeling that the authors really understand what you are going through or what your friends or loved ones are going through, and you trust them to help you get through the process.For example, there is one chapter on how to deal with vision problems caused by chemo treatments. How many people realize that? There are doctors who never warn their patients that this can happen or who are at a loss as to how to assist. However, in this book, these authors give you specific yoga exercises to minimize or cope with those potential vision difficulties. They also cover the importance of visualization and meditation and explain how learning to do both can create positive attitudes and increase feelings of well being because this book seems designed to address all aspects of recovery, not just the physical ones. You are always left with the sense that regardless whether you decide to try something, it is your choice and whatever your choice it right for you at that moment. These authors nurture, but do not demand. They encourage, but do not coerce. How many self-hel