Yoga for Computer Users: Healthy Necks, Shoulders, Wrists, and Hands in the Postmodern Age

Yoga for Computer Users: Healthy Necks, Shoulders, Wrists, and Hands in the Postmodern Age

by Sandy Blaine

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Yoga for Computer Users: Healthy Necks, Shoulders, Wrists, and Hands in the Postmodern Age by Sandy Blaine

An ever-increasing number of people depend on computers for both work and entertainment, which means an ever-increasing number of hours spent slumped in a chair—and an ever-increasing number of hand, wrist, neck, and shoulder injuries. Yoga for Computer Users offers a new kind of preventive self-care. It contains twenty-three illustrated poses and exercises, plus breathing and relaxation techniques, that increase circulation and range of motion, prevent injuries to the upper body, improve posture, and avert energy stagnation. They can be performed regardless of age or yoga experience and are combined in sequences ranging from quick five-minute stretching breaks that can be done while at the computer to more intensive thirty-minute sessions designed for morning energy and evening relaxation. A special "Everyday Yoga" section presents lifestyle tips that help readers learn to alternate mouse hands, strengthen their core, stretch throughout the day, and schedule time for joy.

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ISBN-13: 9781930485600
Publisher: Shambhala
Publication date: 08/01/2016
Series: Rodmell Press Yoga Shorts
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 128
File size: 959 KB

About the Author

Sandy Blaine grew up in Berkeley, California, where she took her first yoga class in 1987 and immediately fell in love with its beauty and mystery. She has a joyous devotion to her own daily yoga practice, which she strives to share with her students through her teaching and writing.

Sandy got her start teaching yoga at the University of California, Berkeley in 1993 and has been teaching full time in the San Fransisco Bay Area ever since. In 1995, she graduated from the Advanced Studies Program at Berkeley's Yoga Room; she joined their faculty in 2000. She is one of the founders and codirectors of the Alameda Yoga Station, which opened in 1995. In addition to teaching her weekly classes in Berkeley and Alameda, she has been the in-house yoga teacher at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California since 1994.

Sandy's writing has appeared in Ascent, Yoga International, and Yoga Journal. In 2004 she wrote a series on home practice, "Asana at Home," for Yoga International's "Asana" column.

Sandy resides in Oakland, California where, when not teaching, practicing, or writing about yoga, she enjoys reading, cooking, and hiking in the Oakland hills.

For more information about her yoga classes and workshops, visit and

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     11
Introduction     13
Moving Forward: The Human Body in the Technological Age     15
Necessary Steps and Changes     15
How Yoga Can Help     18
A Healthy Musculoskeletal System     19
Chairs and the Human Back     20
RSI: What and Why     22
The Physiological Effects of Stress     23
How to Use This Book     24
Desktop Yoga     27
Take a Break! Balancing Practice with Computer Time     27
Practicing at Work: Issues and Suggestions     28
The Poses: Take a Break from Your Computer     30
Seated Posture     31
Seated Mountain Pose with Basic Arm Stretch     35
Reverse Prayer Pose     37
Seated Eagle Pose     39
Seated Cow Pose     42
Seated Back Bend Pose     44
Seated Twist Pose     47
Seated Thread-the-Needle     49
Standing Forward Bend Pose     52
Seated Forward Bend Pose     54
Seated Neck Stretches     56
Seated Lion Pose     60
Chair Dog Pose     62
Inverted Legs Relaxation Pose     64
Breathing Awareness and Meditation     68
Computer-Free Yoga     75
Dedicated Yoga Practice for People Who Spend Long Hours at Their Computers     75
More Poses: Away from the Computer     78
Standing Side-Stretch Pose     79
Supported Spine-Stretch Pose     81
Supported Shoulder-Stretch Pose     84
Downward-Facing Dog Pose     87
Gentle Sleeping Yogi Pose     90
Reclining Twist Pose     92
Bound Angle Pose     94
Letting Go Pose     97
Putting the Poses Together     101
Yoga Practice Guidelines     101
Cautions and Working with Injuries     107
Optimizing Benefits     109
Yoga Practice Sequences     111
Making Space     111
Take a Break     111
Working Yogi     112
Energizing Practice     112
Evening Transition     113
Everyday Yoga     115
Yoga Throughout the Day     115
Daily Mindfulness Practices for Stress Reduction and a Healthy Immune System     118
Resources     120
About the Author     122
About the Models      123
From the Publisher     124
Index     125

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