Yoga Therapy: At Pathologies of Knee Joints (Mindfulness Therapy): Healthy Living, Yoga Sutras, Yoga Poses, Teaching Yoga, Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Therapy: At Pathologies of Knee Joints (Mindfulness Therapy): Healthy Living, Yoga Sutras, Yoga Poses, Teaching Yoga, Benefits of Yoga

by Martha Rowe


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"A knee is a joint, which bears the first load of our body and, consequently, it is one of the bones that are most vulnerable to injuries and diseases."

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In yoga practice, ruptures of menisci, tears, and fractures of knee ligaments are somewhat frequent events, and there are only a few methods of rehabilitation which could solve this problem. In this book, I would like to emphasize the exercises at the knee joint excessive mobility and instability, including injury-induced ones. Moreover, we'll consider the principal means of yoga therapy at various joint inflammation diseases causing its constraint. Often, problems with the knee joint significantly reduce not only the practice quality but life quality in general.

Yoga poses, or asanas, recover the knee joint flexibility, strengthen muscles and ligaments which surround it. Due to yoga, your knees will become stronger and healthier, will be able to resist heavy loads and will be less subject to damages.

Nevertheless, in the course of yoga practice, anyone can also injure his/her knees. Although yoga for knees is applied very successfully, the knees may get hurt at the wrong method. How? This may be a foolish attempt to master some yoga pose, for example, the Lotus Pose, for which you must first develop excellent flexibility and strength of your knee joints. Moreover, a person may damage the knees during yoga classes while applying too much effort, exerts himself/herself too much to achieve perfection in the asana. In other words, one should practice yoga regularly, and master the yoga poses gradually, moving from simple to complex ones.

Here You Will Learn...

  • How Can Yoga Help at Joint Wear?

  • The Knee Joint Constitution

  • Set of Yoga Exercises on Early Arthrosis Stages

  • The Principal Methods of Yoga Therapy for Knee Joints

  • Work with Additional Materials

  • Bonus! Problems Caused by Pathologies in Other Sections Means of their Compensation by Yoga Therapy Methods (Complete collection - save $2.99)

  • Much, much more!

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