You Again

You Again

by Ashlee Mallory

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ISBN-13: 9781622665150
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 03/24/2014
Series: Entangled Ignite
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 249
Sales rank: 576,984
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Ashlee was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah but always wanted to know what it was like to live on the other side of the mountains. During her undergrad years she interned a semester in DC with her congressman and later attended law school in Syracuse, New York, where she ventured to Israel for a summer semester. After graduating law school with a little taste of what it's like living in the bigger world, Ashlee moved back home to Salt Lake and took the Utah Bar Exam, got married, and settled in with her hubby and two wonderful kids.

A few more years in the legal realm, she grew restless again and turned her pen to one of her first loves—writing stories. Currently, when she's not working the day job as in-house counsel for a restaurant management company, she spends her time with her family and squeezing in writing time—anything to avoid the housekeeping. Just kidding, honey ;)

With influences from her first stories by Lucy Maude Montgomery, Victoria Holt, and Kathleen Woodiwiss, Ashlee writes with romance and humor at the heart of every story—and sometimes a dash of mystery and suspense.

Hopefully she pulls it off.

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You Again

A You Again Novel

By Ashlee Mallory, Stephen Morgan, Nina Bruhns

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Ashlee Mallory
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-515-0


Salt Lake City, Utah

"I think I see him!" Allie McBride's sister rose on tiptoes, an action that seemed unnecessary in Allie's opinion, since Laney already towered over most of the people around her at the Salt Lake International Airport terminal. "Wait." Laney squinted again and heaved a loud sigh of disappointment. "No. Never mind."

Allie groaned. That had been about the twelfth time in ten minutes that her sister had bellowed in her ear that their nephew was finally in sight. Each time she was wrong, Allie's patience ebbed.

"Are you sure the message board said the plane has landed?" Allie glanced at her younger half-sister. It had been over an hour since Jared's flight was scheduled to arrive, the delay not entirely surprising considering the heavy snowstorm raging outside.

"Of course." Laney chewed on her bottom lip. "But ... maybe I'll go double check. I need to use the restroom anyway."

Laney wandered away, and Allie brought her attention back to the top of the escalator, as did the rest of her family waiting alongside her. Well, almost everyone. Her ten-year old twin nephews were more interested in wrestling each other than paying attention to the faces of the arrivals, even though it had been two years since they'd seen their older brother while he completed his two-year LDS mission to Taiwan.

Why had she agreed to come to this thing again?

When Laney called earlier to see if she was coming, Allie had tried to pull the usual card — that she, unlike her stepmother and large extended family, wasn't even Mormon. That hadn't gone over well. Allie's other standby excuse — that she didn't want to keep her young daughter up too late on a school night — wasn't available since Violet was at her father's. Then Laney'd had to go and pull out the big guns. Guilt. After all, her sister didn't have the luxury of four-wheel drive, and everyone knew she was a terrible driver. Especially in the snow. And so, family duty prevailed.

Laney owed her big time.

Allie focused on the faces of the new glut of arrivals lining up at the top of the escalator. First up, a cute family of four in T-shirts, shorts, and flip flops. Man, were they going to be stunned when they stepped outside and got a taste of what the first week of April looked like in Utah. Behind them was an older couple with their arms filled with gift bags that Allie guessed were probably for spoiling grandchildren. Next was a lone figure with dark brown hair and a duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He looked oddly familiar. But since he had about a decade on her nephew's twenty-one years, he was unlikely their man.

And yet ... there was something about him. Strong jaw, slightly off-center nose, thick wavy hair that begged to be —

Her breath caught in her throat.

Oh, dear God. It couldn't be. Not here. Not now, of all times.

Not when she was surrounded by her mob of a family, wearing a poufy, white snow parka and clunky boots. Her hair — she brought her hands up. Yep. Styled in the efficient but plain ponytail she'd opted for as she raced out the door. Hardly the image of sexiness she would have envisioned for this moment.

She wiped her sweaty palms on the sides of her jeans while Sam Fratto's achingly familiar figure drew closer. Though drawn and tired, he looked no less handsome now than he had in high school, a dozen years before. Once a stoic and slender eighteen-year old athlete, Sam still looked stoic and slender, but with broader shoulders and the confidence of a grown man who had moved past the doubts and self-consciousness of youth. Unfortunately, he still looked just as temptingly touchable as she'd always found him.

He was almost at the bottom of the elevator.

"It's him!" This time, it was her stepmother, Peg, who had taken up the cry. "It's Jared!"

Sure enough, Allie could see the tall, lanky figure of her nephew finally coming into view just above Sam's broad shoulders. Immediately, the family's hand-painted welcome signs thrust into the air as they waved them to get Jared's attention.

But Allie was unable to tear her gaze away from Sam.

Which meant she didn't see the twins barreling toward him until they were only a foot away. Sam easily stepped around the pair, even if the tight line around his mouth indicated frustration. He swung his gaze to her.

Hazel eyes she could never decide were sea green or stormy gray stared at her in clear judgment. She held her breath and waited for any sign of recognition.

Instead, his gaze jerked away, he strode past her, and was gone.

Her body wilted as the adrenaline that had peaked earlier was swept away with acute disappointment.

Sam had not even recognized her.

* * *

With a quick thanks to the woman behind the rental car counter, Sam Fratto turned and scanned the small baggage claim area of Salt Lake's International Airport. It didn't take him long to find the carousel slated for the incoming flight from Los Angeles, and he made his way over. He glanced at his watch. Probably not much longer. Dropping his duffel bag to the tiled floor, he leaned back against one of the pillars to wait.

A glance out the window at the snow falling thick and white to the ground told him that even though it was the first week of April, Mother Nature liked to keep everyone guessing. And it looked like the snow was sticking, too.

It had been a long time since Sam had been home. Too long.

"Beat you!" The shout was followed by the appearance of the two boys who had almost lunged into him at the bottom of the escalator. The little reunion he'd had the misfortune of running into on his arrival was now making its way to the same baggage claim area.

Hell. Maybe it hadn't been long enough.

In any other airport, he would have assumed the cheering gaggle of people holding hand-made signs bright with glitter were waiting to greet some Hollywood A-lister or rock star. But considering he'd just arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah, he knew otherwise. And the first sign he had made out welcoming Elder Jared home from his mission confirmed Sam's guess.

It was a welcome home crew.

A welcome home crew who wasn't aware of the general rules of courtesy and had blocked access between the bottom of the escalator and the rest of the airport. A problem made worse when the two little spawns had nearly sent him sprawling on his ass.

But it wasn't that he was brooding over now. It was the pretty blonde who had triggered a faint memory of someone or something he couldn't quite recall.

Even though she'd stood at the back of the group, she had been hard to miss. Pretty and slim, it wasn't like she was wearing anything flashy or provocative. In fact, just the opposite.

But there had been something in the way she stared at him ... Maybe it was the way her blue eyes had widened as she spotted him, and her mouth had dropped open in surprise. It was almost as if ...she knew him. She had to be mistaken. Not that he was being overly modest. He was a critically acclaimed true crime writer. But he'd never had anyone actually approach him to ask if he was the Sam Fratto who had written four novels — the last two of which had been New York Times Bestsellers.

As if cued into his thoughts, she appeared again with the rest of the boisterous group. Deep in conversation with an older, sixty-ish woman, she hadn't noticed him yet. Whatever the lady was saying to her, from the roll of her eyes, the blonde was barely tolerating it. The older woman touched her ponytail in distaste and shook her head. He recognized the symptoms. Had to be the mother.

The blonde's gaze shifted and met his. Again, her eyes opened a little wider, and her whole body froze. He glanced away to give them privacy and trained his eyes instead on the carousel, willing it to move as the noise from the group drew near.

A little boy, no more than two, had pulled away from everyone and made his way over to the moving conveyor, where he climbed up and tottered across the slanted surface. No one from the group even looked his way, even as a loud ringing sound announced the imminent arrival of the baggage. But instead of sliding to his butt or climbing off the carousel, the little boy kept on walking, his steps becoming more precarious.

And still no one from the group looked his way.

No. Wait. The blonde seemed to realize the situation and was walking toward the kid. But she was probably a good thirty feet away, twice his distance. The carousel started moving. The toddler faltered. His arms flew out in front of him and he tilted sideways, falling, his little body about to meet the shiny, hard floor. Sam lunged forward and grabbed him just before his head slammed into the ground.

"Dylan!" The blonde had reached his side and grabbed the small bundle from Sam's arms, her voice breathless. "Thank God. Are you okay?"

But the little boy seemed impervious to the danger he had barely escaped and struggled until she relented and put him down. He ran back to the group.

"Thank you," she said, and smiled, gratitude warming those baby blues. And suddenly he was hit again with the feeling that he knew her from somewhere. Whoever she was, she could easily disarm a guy with that warm smile and those shining eyes.

Hell, if he didn't watch it, he'd be asking for her number, or something even more ridiculous. Get a grip. After all, this was the same woman who had been too preoccupied to safely supervise her kid. Probably most of the dozens running around here were hers — and a husband lurked somewhere out there as well.

"You really should take better care of your kid," he managed to choke out. His voice, not exercised much over the past few hours, was gruff even to his own ears. "Airports aren't playgrounds."

Any gratitude quickly dissolved as her blue eyes narrowed to slits, and her face brightened considerably. Ahh, hell. He hadn't meant to snipe at her. He was dead tired and just wanted to get in his rental and start navigating those icy roads for home.

He hoped he could keep his sanity for the next couple of months. So far, it wasn't looking too good.

His black suitcase came into view, and with no small amount of relief, he headed over and pulled it off the carousel. His duffel was still on the floor by the pillar where he'd dropped it, and he went and grabbed it, too. The woman's straight back was all he could see as she returned to her group, pony tail bouncing. He swept up his duffel and headed to the exit, still wondering why she seemed so familiar.

Ah, well. He hadn't come home for touching reunions, anyway. And he sure as hell hadn't come home for touching pretty blondes.

No matter how tempting the thought might be ...

* * *

The snow that had pounded the Salt Lake Valley the previous evening had melted into a slushy mess around her ankles by the time Allie reached the school the next morning. She trudged through the muck, grateful for her spot at the front of the faculty parking lot that had taken seven years of teaching at St. Andrew's Academy to earn.

Excitement blossomed in her chest when she saw the small construction contingent parked on the north side of the school. Hopefully, the storm wouldn't delay the first day of construction on the school's new peace garden, scheduled to start today. She probably should be grateful yesterday's snowstorm had held off until after the morning's ground breaking ceremony.

She stepped into the school's foyer and was assailed by the aroma of today's lunch, Chicken Parmesan, already wafting from the cafeteria — along with wet socks and someone's generous application of baby powder perfume. After taking a moment to wipe her boots, she swept into the hallway and proceeded to the faculty lounge for another dose of morning caffeine.

The hallway teemed with kids amped up on Red Bull, hormones, and spring fever — despite the abysmal weather. Returning from a week-long spring break, they were livelier than usual for a Monday morning, which only made it more difficult to push through. She evaded a near collision with a freshman flipping a soccer ball into the air, giving him a stern look, but was too tired to follow up with more.

The raucousness of the hallway lowered to a dull roar when she crossed the threshold into the faculty lounge. She took a deep breath. Peace and quiet — relatively anyway. Now for more coffee.

With time to spare before her first class, she refilled her travel mug and stopped at the fridge to pour in her favorite creamer — salted caramel mocha — before finding a seat. As if on repeat, her mind played back the events of last night — and Sam Fratto's unexpected and brief cameo.

Could he have been any more of a jerk? And why, after so many years, was her body's first reaction to him so ... immediate? So visceral? One glance at the man still sent her heart thumping madly, just as it had when she was a painfully shy, overweight sophomore nursing a gripping crush on the handsome senior.

She would have recognized him anywhere.

His face had never been pretty-boy handsome like many of the popular heartthrobs back in high school, but it had been rugged. Strong. With a jaw that would set in a stubborn line when he didn't like what he'd heard, which, frankly, had been much of the time. He'd never been one to throw away his smiles — no matter how sexy she thought them — but it was when he turned those light hazel eyes in her direction that she would hold her breath. And melt just a little.

"Have you heard the news?" her friend Janine squealed, and slid into the seat next to her. Janine's hands thrummed with excitement as they tapped the surface of the table. A drama teacher at the academy, her flair for drama was innate. Her burgundy colored, choppy, mid-length haircut was no exception. Allie smiled, took a sip of her coffee, and waited.

"Jeremy may have found a replacement for Carter. They're in Jeremy's office as we speak, discussing the details."

"Thank God." This was better news than Allie could have hoped for. Hastened by the heart attack he'd suffered over the Christmas holiday, Robert Carter had announced his early retirement from the St. Andrew's English department at the first of the year. Effective immediately. A substitute had picked up most of his classes, but there were a couple that Allie'd had the bad luck of being assigned until they hired his replacement.

"And that's not even the best part. I haven't seen him, but from what Marie says, he's pretty hot," Janine gushed.

"Which is not the best thing to have in a high school teacher, if you ask me," the algebra and calculus teacher, Claire, added in her no-nonsense tone and took a seat with them, a steaming mug of tea in her hands. As always, Claire looked fairly bright-eyed and chipper, despite the early hour. She'd also been at the academy for seven years and was turning twenty-nine next month — but tended to have the stodginess of a seventy-year old. She was also Allie's best friend at St. Andrew's. "The last thing we need is dozens of impressionable girls flocking to his classroom. Mark my words. Trouble."

"He could be Brad Pitt for all I care," Allie said. "So long as he takes Carter's Advanced Media and Graphic Design class from me. When your students know more than you about a subject, that's trouble. Last quarter was a nightmare."

"Which is probably why Marie was here looking for you earlier," Claire said, and tucked a strand of her long, shiny, chestnut hair behind an ear. "She mentioned Jeremy was hoping you had time to swing by his office before your first class."

Allie glanced at the clock. She had about ten minutes. She rose reluctantly and sighed. "Thanks. I'd better go drop off my stuff and get out of these boots first."

"When you meet him, scope out his finger for a ring," Janine called to Allie's back. "If Tim doesn't get his crap together and propose soon, I might have to start broadening the field. Or at the least, get Tim to think I'm broadening it."


Excerpted from You Again by Ashlee Mallory, Stephen Morgan, Nina Bruhns. Copyright © 2014 Ashlee Mallory. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Customer Reviews

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You Again 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
Love Story Wrapped Up in a Murder Mystery.... I really enjoyed this book and found myself caught up in not just the murder mystery, but also in the relationship that was growing between Allie and Sam. Although there wasn’t a lot of steamy scenes between Allie & Sam, the tension between the two that was caused by not only the history between them but also the murder mystery they found themselves wrapped up in made the wait worthwhile. Allie’s family added an interesting dynamic to the story as well. They were an interesting bunch to say the least – right down to the four different types of Jell-O molds they served at family gatherings! I absolutely loved Allie’s eighty two year old grandmother Molly, she cracked me up every time she opened her mouth…especially when she spotted Sam for the first time… “Now that’s something I’d like to tap,” the copper-haired eighty-two year old seated at her right murmured with a leer…”What?”…”Hey, I’m old, not dead, and he’s got a booty I haven’t seen the likes of since Herbert Volkman took me ballroom dancing back in ’94…” It was fun watching Sam’s protective alpha side come out when Allie finds herself threatened, and then watching the tension escalate between the two of them as they both try to deny and resist the attraction simmering between them. All in all, this was a good read that was heavier on the suspense than on the romance, but thoroughly enjoyable. I received a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review.
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
an interesting, fast-paced mystery and fabulous, high school-crush romance. The suspense part of the story is great. It flows well and I didn’t feel like there were too many red herring moments. Everything tied together nicely, with logical flow and a reasonable resolution. Every step of the way, each clue that was unearthed, worked together nicely and nothing felt forced or like it didn’t make sense. And I liked Sam and Allie together. They work together well to figure out what happened and along the way get to know each other better, falling in love. Of course, it helps that Sam is a true crime writer but that causes a little trouble too. With entertaining intrigue and a lovely little romance, You Again is perfect for those who like their mysteries with a love story twist.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
As a romance I was extremely disappointed. I read the entire book hoping for some romance but was disappointed. Very misleading cover and publishing line. Great who-done-it type of mystery though. As a romance, I rate this book at 2 Stars. As a mystery, I rate this book at 4 Stars. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JillianReadLoveBlog More than 1 year ago
You Again is the first book by author Ashlee Mallory that I have read and from start to finish I really enjoyed this suspenseful romance! English teacher Allie McBride cannot believe he’s back.  Sam Fratto.  The one and only huge crush she had devoted her entire high school career to pining over from afar.  He was smart, handsome and a star soccer player back then and everything a girl wants in those teen years.  Of course now, he was just as desirable.   Still handsome and even more sexy.  And also a bestselling true crime author.  SO it was a little bit shocking that he was here, back in their small hometown, offering to take up some of the English classes from a recently retired colleague at her school.  As if Sam being back wasn’t emotionally jostling enough, a body has been found on the school grounds.  The body of their beloved high school English teacher who had gone missing 14 years earlier.  Allie soon finds herself working with Sam on trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Mr. Williams and also finds herself working on trying to squelch the attraction she thought had died out so many years ago…. Sam knew the beautiful blond looked familiar but he just couldn’t place her.  Now being back at his old school and seeing she was on the faculty here with him, he figured out who she was.  The shy, fresh-faced sweet underclassmen he had fond memories of working on the school paper with back in the day.  She had turned into quite a stunning woman now and he couldn’t stop thinking about her.  Determined to give a memorial to Mr. Williams, he offers to help her along the way and try to find out the truth of what happened to one of his favorite teachers.  Will he also find more than an old friendship with Allie along the way? The mystery surrounding the death of one of the kindest and well respected teachers in their alma matter will not only bring many suspects and scandals to life but will bring two people closer than they ever had imagined. The suspense in this murder mystery had me guessing from the very beginning.  The subtle hints that author Mallory dropped throughout were really well done and all came together in beautifully in the end.  All the thoughts I had were validated when the pieces of the puzzle started fitting together.  The story was well thought out and had more to it than just a murder.  There was plenty of deceit, cover-ups and even infidelity, all leading to a “whoa” ending.  The relationship between Allie and Sam built beautifully and believably along the way… something I really appreciate in a romantic suspense. All in all, this was a very entertaining and suspenseful story with a juicy plot and unexpectedly devious characters.  I enjoyed it from start to finish and will be putting author Mallory on my list of authors to watch for!
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Ashlee Mallory has written a delightful cozy mystery. When Allie McBride sees her old high school crush, she doesn't realize that her life will be turned upside down. Sam Fratto has returned to Salt Lake City to care for his mother who is seriously ill. He takes a temporary teaching job at St. Andrew's Academy. Sam attended school there as did Allie. She is not happy when she realizes that they'll be working together. Tension escalates when the body of Jackson Williams, is found on school property. He taught English at the school. He disappeared fifteen years ago but no one suspected he was murdered. Allie and Sam form an uneasy partnership. They are determined to find who killed their favorite teacher, but someone doesn't want them to succeed. Allie becomes their target. Will Sam be able to protect her? This story is a nice combination of mystery and romance. The book is well plotted and the characters are skillfully crafted. Allie is a gentle, caring person who won't stop until she finds the truth. Sam is strong willed, stubborn and very attracted to his former classmate. Their romance is filled with misunderstanding and memories of the past. The secondary characters add additional depth and humor to the story. The ending was unexpected. I didn't know who committed the murder. This is the debut novel by Ashlee Mallory. I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to reading more.
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Allie always had a crush on Sam growing up but he never noticed her. Now she has grown into a sexy, smart woman who is a single mom and teacher at their old high school. She never forgot Sam. Sam is a crime writer who has come back home to help his sick mother. He is helping out at the school and now sees the Allie. He remembers her as a sweet girl in school but she is different from what she used to be. A body turns up at school and the two work together to figure out who killed their old teacher years ago. However the killer doesn't want to be found and will do anything to stop the two. This is a very good mystery book as you try to figure out along side Allie and Sam who did it and why. They start off with a few problem when they meet again but quickly move on. I have to say I did not connect with either one a whole lot. I just couldn't click with them. I did enjoy the mystery and unraveling all the secrets from the past. A lot went on and you kept guessing till the end. There is a romance between Allie and Sam. I am sure if you like a mystery with danger and some romance you will enjoy this book.
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
Allie is a teacher at the same high school she graduated from. All of a sudden Sam comes back. She had the biggest crush on Sam all through high school, but he never seemed to pay her any attention. Now he is a part of the faculty! Sam left town and never looked back. He became a shot murder mystery writer. All of a sudden they locate the remains of his missing English teacher that was his soccer coach and mentor. The one who encouraged his writing. The author does a great job juggling the romance and mystery of the book. There is just more than the recovery of the dead body. Great mystery book with romance involved. I was given a copy of this book for my honest review.
cattouch More than 1 year ago
Allie had a crush on Sam in High 14 years later, he's back in town and doesn't even recognize her at first. What starts as a simple story about Allie finally meeting up with her old high school crush now that's she's grown up and NOT CHUBBY, turns into a murder mystery and a story of two people who have been hurt by other people in the past and need to learn to trust again. Both Allie and Sam are great characters...very believable and likeable..and Allie just makes you want to route for her and Sams hot...greats couple...really good story
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I received this story in exchange for an honest review. For me this was a good quick read. It kept me guessing as to who did it through most of the book.  I had narrowed it down to two people, and did figure it out before the killer was revealed.  I think the author did a great job keeping you guessing and trying to distract from the actual person. As for Allie and Sam, I thought they were cute together.  There was something about the other that drew them together.  Even though Allie had a crush on Sam in high school, she realized they were different now.  I enjoyed their interactions and working on the case together.  I would love to see more on them and also see how the other characters' stories would develop, like her sister Lainey, her friend Claire, and especially her grandma Molly who is a riot.
Ren_Puspita More than 1 year ago
You Again is a debut novel from Ashlee Mallory, and well, this one turn to be a good read for a debut writer. I see that the cover (and the line) can be soo...misleading. You know, there was shirtless man on the cover, it promise some steamy sex scene, or at last steamy sexual tension. I warn you, and this is a little bit spoilery, the sex scene was fade to black scene, and the romance part actually not the main focus of You Again. If you are a romance reader, you might be a little disappointed. But if you search for a good mistery, I think that Ms Mallory already did a good job. You Again has a small town setting, so anyone know anyone. It also has a "school sweetheart" theme, even both MCs, Allie McBride and Sam Fratto are both divorced, also have child. But this part never bugged me. The story is mainly about Allie and Sam investigate their English's teacher murder. Mr Williams. While they also deal with their condition, where Sam was hated by Allie's family because of sensitive theme on his book), also Allie that have too much self doubt and problem with her family. The mystery and the thrill thicken when someone target Allie, because they didn't want her to find the truth behind Mr Williams's murder. I admit, I don't understand why some reviewers think that this book is part of series, because You Again is simply, standalone. I will surprised if Ms Mallory will write next part of Sam and Allie's story, because I think all plot and mystery are wrapped nicely in the end. The romance is not the best part, even I will say it's not bad written. I enjoy how with all drama that surround them (a disagree family, an annoying love rival, a sad past),romance between Allie and Sam is not rushed. And yeah, I don't mind with fade to black scene, even I had stated earlier in my review that the cover is not suitable for You Again. Maybe the publisher can use less sexy cover, and I really don't mind!! Cover is just a bonus. It's the blurb that make me request You Again in the first place. Mystery and thriller, both are factors that make me enjoy You Again. The mystery surround Mr William's murder actually is simple, but still manage to make me curious. And well, if you pay attention, you can guess who the killer is. But, this is when Ms Mallory add some nice twist, for what the killer did to Allie (and Mr Williams) is beyond sickening. And creepy! This is a kind of killer that I gleefully enjoy (and no. I'm not psycho), because it add excitement when you are reading this kind of novel. If you are in the mood to read thriller and mystery novel, with both MCs just ordinary people, not lawmen, military people or FBI agent for sort (even Sam is a crime writer), and doesn't mind with lack of steamy scenes, you would love to read You Again.
mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
This book is a great read. Allie and Sam story is a teacher/ writer that happens to start their own investigation on a missing teacher but also find love along the way.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really love a good mystery where you’re left guessing until the end, a story that can make me laugh and relate to the characters (overbearing family anyone?), and, of course, a good romance. YOU AGAIN totally fit the bill and I really enjoyed it. The romance was a slow build but I like that, as I’m not one for having characters totally in love right away, but rather first getting to know each other. There was also fun banter and embarrassing antics involving Allie's family, including a half-sis trying to toe the line with her church and a hilarious non-conforming liquor drinking grandma. As for the mystery, I didn’t figure it out until the end, and I may have had to keep the light on a little longer after I finished it, LOL. This was a fun read and I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good mystery tied up with their romance--or the other way around.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You Again is a romance/mystery set in Salt Lake City, Utah. Allie is a single mom who teaches English at a local Catholic high school. The discovery of a body of a teacher who disappeared over 15 years ago found on school property has the close knit community reeling. Jackson Williams was a beloved teacher of Allie's when she attended the same school she teaches at now. She decides to put together a video memorial for the teacher she idolized. But foul play soon becomes apparent and Allie decides she's going to figure out what happens. However an old crush of hers turns up back in town right around the same time and they quickly turn into a Lois and Clark duo. There are quite of few things I enjoyed about this book. The mystery part of the story line was pretty strong. I really love being able to follow the clues as a book progresses and try my own guess at who our killer is. I wasn't sure in this one, there seemed to be several people who fit the bill. It seems although Allie loved Mr. Williams there were some who disagreed with that assessment. The romance part of the book wasn't as strong. However I really did enjoy the progression between Allie and Sam. At times it seemed Allie was being pretty childish in how she was handling certain situations with Sam. And Sam wasn't able to trust Allie even though he really had no reason not to. But overall it wasn't bad. I think if you're looking for some interesting, not scary or gory, light romance this is a good choice for you. I gave it 3.5 stars because Allie and Sam's connection didn't seem that deep to me and the mystery was pretty straight forward. The book was pretty solid though.