You and Me against the World: The Creepers Saga Book 1

You and Me against the World: The Creepers Saga Book 1

by Raymond Esposito


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There are things worse than death.

A devastating virus has swept the world, turning humans into ravenous monsters. Even the government's extreme measures cannot prevent its spread and the world becomes a terror-filled nightmare.

Dr. Russell Thorn is thrust into this new world without warning as the Creepers - the zombie-like victims of the virus - lay siege to his home. He searches desperately for escape amidst the chilling revelation that the Creepers are changing...growing more intelligent...evolving.

Thorn's rescue by a group of young survivors starts him on a desperate quest to find the last safe place on earth. But the Creepers are not the only things standing on their path to safety. It is a road filled with horror, where the survivors will discover the limits of their own humanity and the costs of love, loyalty, and hope in a new dead world.

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ISBN-13: 9781481055833
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/02/2013
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Raymond Esposito is an award-winning dark fiction author and Amazon bestseller.

His Creepers Saga series, The Devil's Hour, and his short stories have won various awards from Readers' Favorite International Book Awards, The Wishing Shelf, Indie Fab, and Writer's Digest.

His articles and interviews have appeared in a variety of publications including Family Circle and Sanitarium Magazine.

He has a degree in Cognitive Psychology and has spent over 25 years as a criminal behaviorist.

He is the co-host of Writers After Dark, The Wit Without Wisdom Podcast, and works as a global director of marketing.

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You and Me against the World: The Creepers Saga Book 1 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
togatrackgirl More than 1 year ago
While I didn’t intend on reading this book in one sitting I totally devoured it on one rainy Sunday. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. There was so much that I liked about this book. I’ll start from the very beginning, I appreciated that Mr. Esposito explained to us where the virus came from. I’ve read somef zombie books where we’re thrown into the story and have no clue even at the ending of the book how the zombies came to be-which is totally fine-but I really liked the explanation, to me it made it a little more scary and disturbing. In many zombie books I’ve read I’ll find that I’m attached to the main character only but there were so many great, relatable and memorable characters in this book. In fact, I’m not sure that I could pick one favorite character. I loved that our group of “young survivors” were kind, caring, respectful, brave, loyal, and resourceful. Each was an asset to the group and their devotion to each other was heartwarming. Dr. Thorn was also an extremely likable character…so many adults would want to take charge but he was such a great advisor. I don’t want to give too much away but I also very much appreciated reading a different spin on zombies-not your typical shambling or even running zombie and loved how they evolved throughout the book-scary! As we’ve seen in other zombie books, movies, and shows things aren’t always quite what they seem and while the zombies are scary sometimes it’s the living are what we should be most terrified of. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading The Creepers Saga Book 2 and think that both teens and adults who enjoy the horror or zombie genres would like it as well. My one gripe…the cover of the book-please do not let the cover of the book keep you from reading it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thrilling, action packed and a 100% page turner, Esposito’s novel You and Me Against the World: The Creepers Saga, rivals my all time favorite Zombie apocalypse series. Some elements even surpass it! The details the author expresses to describe the mimi virus has me contemplating reality at times and to be honest gave me chills. The humorous chapter titles and occasional cliques provided comic relief to what I consider one of the top zombie novels at B&N. Where’s the next novel, or the movie, or better yet the tv series?
FTDonereau More than 1 year ago
  Raymond Esposito's, You and Me Against the World: Creepers Saga Vol. 1 gets rolling before the first few pages have gone by. Dr. Thorn,an oncologist, sees a patient in the hospital. Things are abnormal with the patient. You might say he's crazy, but really it's a different thing, lessnormal than that. You have the start of an epidemic of sorts, a virus thatturns people into flesh hungry humans, known, soon enough, as creepers. The tale moves swiftly, and believe me, it will keep you turningpages, one after another until you come to the end.    The true gem of this book may well be the tight, concise writing. Mr. Esposito lays down his lines using direct language, nothing over the top and certainly nothing flowery. This is an exceptionally smart choice, I think, because he is dealing with a zombie apocalypse story; to have been too flamboyant with the writing would have taken the reader outof what's going on, and what is going on is a suspenseful, on the edgeof your seat drama. The band of people united together, fighting tomake things right and survive, are brought brilliantly to life. The way they interact and love and strive together lifts this above much elsefound in the genre.    Me Against The World's pacing is incredible. The characters are well drawn. The action is relentless and right and frightening. The happenings at the old fort may be the most chilling things put down on paper. Though they are traveling on somewhat different roads, Mr. Esposito has much in common with the great Cormac McCarthy. They both understand the power of economy of line. They both know how to render you nearly unbalanced by terror. Read this book and see what it is to really fall into a saga you can't put down. 
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite You and Me Against the World is the first volume of Raymond Esposito's Creepers Saga. When we first meet Dr. Russell Thorn, he's working at Gulf Memorial Hospital in Florida. He encounters a baffling virus that begins with below-normal body temperatures in the afflicted. The virus seems to be airborne but can also be transmitted through contact with black bile which the victims vomit in later stages. At this point, they also appear to be mindless and violent, grabbing at their victims and eating them alive. The hospital quickly becomes a shambles as the virus spreads throughout staff and patients alike. Thorn is the designated contact for the hospital for the Federal Center for Disease Control, and he's stunned to receive a rather cavalier response to his report. Realizing that things are out of control, he attempts to persuade the head of pediatrics to get the new parents and their infants to safety with very limited success. He does persuade Susan,a pediatric nurse, to leave and accept a ride home with him, but any relief at leaving the hospital is short-lived. The afflicted, called Creepers because of their strange one-legged gallop, are everywhere; they are hungry, and they are on the hunt. This is not just another zombie novel. Thorn and Susan meet up with a band of young warriors who've rescued a number of children and seniors and go on rescue missions with blasting music and skills learned through video games. As the Creepers develop homing and hunting skills, the rescuers become the hunted and begin a journey to Wyoming where the scarcity of population should mean there are fewer Creepers to contend with. Devin, the leader, Annie, the knife dancer, and Golden, the traumatized girl are just a few of the compelling characters in this first book of Esposito's Creepers Saga. Watching them grow and interact as a strong and determined team against overwhelming odds is what makes You and Me Against the World tick. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
Santosh More than 1 year ago
Have you ever read a book to which giving 4 stars, seems like a crime.. because you enjoyed it so much more than any other recent reads? well that’s exactly what happened with me while reading and reviewing this book. “You and Me against the world” by Raymond Esposito is “The” book for any zombie apocalypse or general End of the world genre fan. Raymond Esposito is the man with many talents; In earlier days he worked many jobs. Raymond always had an inert aptitude towards Human psychology and also the crave to create mark on the world which ultimately resulted in the story of The Creepers Saga. As in with any other book in this genre; this book also come with readers discretion tag. Story starts with Dr thorne and his yet another day at hospital. No one realizes that this was the last day of ‘life as we knew it’. I liked the way story moved throughout the book, there were twists and turns and sudden jostling but all fueling towards central theme of the book. I also liked the way Mr. Raymond kept the core idea of zombies simple. There are few things to look forward to in this book, like How well youngsters adapt to whole scenario. The way people turn on each others.And the tension between the sexes is nice pauser between major action scenes.. Ending of the book leaves much room for next book to start which I am hoping to read soon. Although the book name is mouthful and book-cover doesn’t help it any better, but as this one came in as an recommendation. I gave it a shot, and I am glad that I did. The language used is easy to read but sometimes there are jumps in-between the dialogues and on others it seemed like hurried through but overall It’s one of the best book in it’s genre.  So on concluding notes, (although I don't want to be side taker here) I love this book second to The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. It’s a 4 out of 5 stars for me, and a deserving candidate for second read. Thanks. For more reviews of many other good reads, please visit soulkeeper720 on blogspot.
KenishaP More than 1 year ago
Dr. Thorn, an oncologist, is enjoying an ordinary day when he is called to the emergency room to have a look at a patient who presents a variety of symptoms, most of them in line with a flu. However, the man soon displays more bizarre behavior; he spits black bile and becomes violent. Thorn contacts the CDC, but his report is nearly brushed off. The CDC can't help him because people like this man have popped up all over the nation. These flesh-hungry humans become known as Creepers. The plot pretty much kicks into high gear from the first chapter, with little downtime for explanation. As the virus spreads and the Creepers become more advanced in their behavior, the only hope for stragglers is to leave cities and find unpopulated areas. The perspective shifts between various characters (its in third person but sometimes attaches more closely to certain characters), giving the reader a wider glimpse into the opinions and thoughts of the survivors. Their trials bring the survivors closer together and reveals their true character. Many of them are fairly well developed and easy to relate to, and their back-stories are explained well without dragging in useless information. Some supporting characters aren't that developed. In most ways this is a pretty by-the-books take on zombie survival fiction. The story has a good sense of suspense and drama, which is necessary for good zombie survival stories. There were a couple of unexpected developments in the story. Unfortunately the action does let up in certain parts, so there are sections that are pretty dry. Still, the good outweighs the bad there because the slow bits don't occur often. The writing is pretty basic; not flowerly or particularly bad, just straightforward. I'd recommend this to fans of zombie literature, survival fiction, etc. Although it's not too fancy, it was still an enjoyable diversion.
tiffanydavis2 More than 1 year ago
     You and Me Against the World: The Creepers Saga, by Raymond Esposito, is a great book from start to finish. It is a zombie apocalypse story that follows a group of survivors.  These survivors have to battle of the zombies, known as creepers in this version.  The creepers were infected with a virus known as the Mimi virus.  There si a pretty good introduction on the virus and how it became that the world turned apocalyptic.  I think that what I enjoyed the most about the book is that the Mimi virus is actually real, though it didn't actually wipe out most of mankind turning them into zombies.  I really enjoy when an author takes a small fact and turns it into a great fictional tale.        I really enjoyed reading this book.  It was a pretty quick read for me.  I had a very hard time putting it down simply because I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it.  It's action packed (because what zombie story isn't) and it's filled with humor.  I feel that the book itself will not get the recognition that it is worthy of due to it's cover, as I was not instantly drawn to it, but I'm glad that I gave it a chance!  I honestly recommend this book to anyone that is a fan of the zombie genre.  I will be looking out for more by this author.  
Shaka2U More than 1 year ago
A fictional Sci-fi winner, that is what the novel You and Me against the World is. Raymond Esposito is a writing genius. What he admits started of as a short story grew to be a grand novel of great proportion. His exquisite way of detailing the zombies and how each individual characters response to immediate danger, grabs the reader right in the first chapter. You and Me against the World reminds me of the show "The Walking Dead" meets the movie "Outbreak," two amazing acts of work made into a novel. Esposito's attention to detail is astonishing. Thank goodness Esposito turned this into saga 1 as I am not ready to end the expedition of Dr. Thorn and the amazingly strong willed young vigilantes he has as a crew and leader. I am looking forward to the book 2 in this series.
Sue_in_CT More than 1 year ago
You and Me, Against the World: The Creepers Saga Book 1 by Raymond Esposito is one of those books that you just can't put down. If you are a fan of "The Walking Dead" on TV then you will love this story. In fact, I think it's even better. The action starts at the beginning and it doesn't end and the story line is direct and stays on the mark. There is no long 'side stories' or 'down time' because this character loves that one and we hear about their problems that had nothing to do with the story that happened long ago. This author stays right on the story and when we do hear about some history of one of the characters, it is because we need to know that piece of information to understand where the character is coming from. Speaking of characters, some are more developed than others but all are well developed for their roles in the story. It is easy to connect with at least one of the characters if not more. This fictional horror story is about a virus that goes rampant but this isn't any virus, this virus turns the victims into zombies that have the need for human flesh. These zombies are called "creepers" by the survivors and they are savage and mindless, at least that is what the survivors thought. They observed a change in them, they seem to be learning, making some intelligent decisions or was it just some ancient instinct taken over? The creepers are everywhere and as the virus spreads either people become creepers or are eaten by them. The only chance of survival is to find a place that isn't totally populated. The less people means the less creepers.  A small group of young adults that are either related to one another or are friends try and make their way to such a place. They have a small group of children with them and on the way they rescue Dr. Thorn, who I want to say is the main character with certain members of the group of young adults as secondary characters. As they make their way across the state they happen to spot an old fort which was turned into a tourist spot but none the less it is still a fort with walls around it and would be a safe place to rest. They were not aware the fort was already occupied by people, some of which were mad and who had other plans for the children which were even more chilling than death itself. The group must now sneak the children out and get away but how can they when there is such a small number of them verses the fort full of people. If they ever got out with the children, will they ever make it to a safe place or will it all be for nothing and they fall victim to the zombies themselves? I am afraid you will have to read the story yourself to find out. I totally recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the horror genre. I know there are a lot of zombie stories out there just as there are a ton of werewolf stories but I assure you there are none like this. This author is in a class very few achieve, right up there on top. Hats off to the author, great story!