You Are Not Alone: True Stories of Sexual Assault, Abuse, & Harassment From Around the World

You Are Not Alone: True Stories of Sexual Assault, Abuse, & Harassment From Around the World

by Jyssica Schwartz


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ISBN-13: 9781620062166
Publisher: Sunbury Press, Inc.
Publication date: 02/20/2019
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

Jyssica Schwartz is a thirty-something writer, editor, and book coach living in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and a very fluffy cat. She has 10 years of corporate sales and business development experience before she quit her job in early 2017 to pursue being a full-time writer. Building and refining her business has been a challenge and a joy. Jyssica is often found curled up with a cat and a book, posting pictures of food and cats on Instagram, pithy notes on Twitter, or discussing random thoughts on her Medium blog when she probably should be working. She holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Florida and has always been a writer, even before she was getting paid. Jyssica loves music, traveling, rollercoasters, the Yankees, and the Offspring. Check out her website at, blog at, and join her mailing list for rare notes on writer-y things.

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Jyssica, 31, New York, USA - My Story

Lisa, 58, Missouri, USA

Karen, 55, Pennsylvania, USA

Lisa C., 53, New Jersey, USA

Leticia, 20, Spain

Megan, 20, Oregon, USA

Michelle, 30, California, USA

Ryan, 35, Massachusetts, USA

Amanda, 32, Toronto, Canada

Angela, 45, California, USA

Theresa, 21, North Carolina, USA

Mae, 30, Florida, USA

Anna, 20, Russia

Julia Freifeld – #MeToo Original Song

B, 30, Arizona, USA

Josh, 43, California, USA

Mandy, 32, Florida, USA

Rachael C., 39, Gold Coast, Australia

Anonymous Twitter Story

Helena, 68, Portugal

Samantha, 20, Minnesota, USA

Ann, 70, Missouri, USA

J.M., 48, New York, USA

Mark, 62, New York, USA

Alexis, 18, Pennsylvania, USA

Marita M., 56, Victoria, Australia

Leta, 34, California, USA

Anonymous, 14, Minnesota, USA

Melissa D., 65, New York, USA

Sharine, 54, California, USA

Michelle, 36, Texas, USA

Michael L., 72, Kansas, USA

Renee, 48, Arizona, USA

Apolonia, 31, Florida, USA

Carolyn M., Toronto, Canada

Monet, 35, New York, USA

Carol R. T., 70, Kentucky, USA

Kee, 19, California, USA

Crystal, 43, Ohio, USA

Bob, 62, New York, USA

Linda, 58, Oklahoma, USA

Madeleine Black, 52, Glasgow, Scotland

Kim, 55, Indiana, USA

Charity, 27, Arizona, USA

Julie, 17, California, USA

Tamara, 40, California, USA

Ella, 19, Aarhus, Denmark

Khalid, 30, United Arab Emirates

Lisa, 44, New Jersey, USA

Ava, 32, California, USA

Jenn, 21, Maryland, USA

Mel, 15, Ohio, USA

Luna, 16, Netherlands

Emily, 20, Vermont, USA

Matthew L., 33, Texas, USA

Misty Griffin, 35, California, USA



Historical Feminist Figures



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