You Are Not Alone: Experience the Divine Love and the Power of the Miracles That God Performs in the Lives of Each of Us

You Are Not Alone: Experience the Divine Love and the Power of the Miracles That God Performs in the Lives of Each of Us

by Laura G


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You have at your disposal the divine kingdom to help you on your journey through this earthly world. And regardless of the time or the magnitude of your need, the spiritual side is always waiting for you to ask for their help and trust that they will always answer in ways even better than you have ever dreamed.

You Are Not Alone is a heartfelt and earnest reminder that you have the unconditional love of God, the Blessed Mother, and an army of angels guiding your steps every day, illuminating the path destined for you, and assisting your calls. Author Laura G. opens a window into her own spiritual life and invites you to see how this divine presence is there for you always. She also shares the profound experiences of people like you, proving the existence of miracles in everyday life.

You are not alone, because the spiritual kingdom is closer than you imagine. If you want miracles happening in your life, you just have to ask to receive them-because with God, all things are possible.

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ISBN-13: 9781982212810
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 09/28/2018
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.30(d)

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Miracles Happen; Just Look Around

* * *

To live the life you always dreamed of, you must be willing to serve others, because in serving others, you serve God. You came to this world with a beautiful purpose. Within you lies a divine light that you are destined to share for the welfare of all beings, and during your life, you have the duty to find that light and through your gifts and skills share them to enlighten and help others.

You can choose to live your life half lighted, hiding who you really are, or you can open yourself to the love, joy, and peace that you only experience when you accept your light and share it with gratitude. You were given this amazing gift of being alive, breathing, feeling, and loving, and the greatest sign of gratitude for the miracle of existing is to be yourself, to ignite your inner flame, and to illuminate the world by choosing to be happy every day despite the circumstances.

To help you on this wonderful path, you have a celestial team that guides you daily. You can refer to your spiritual guides as you prefer. I will refer to them in this book as God, the blessed mother, the angels, archangels, or our loved ones who have crossed to the spiritual world. But you can establish your own parameters.

The point here is to know that you are not alone, you have not been alone, and you will never be, because your spiritual guides are always with you, pointing the way. They are sending signals to get your attention and appearing in your dreams. Well, they do the impossible to get you to turn to them because they are here to help you from a higher energetic plane, which is the spiritual realm.

In the most unexpected ways, they always seek to communicate with us. After two weeks in the intensive care unit, my grandmother had a cardiac arrest. It all started with a common diagnosis that gave us to understand that she would recover quickly. However, from one day to the next, her condition became more complicated. As always, I have remained in prayer for the health of my grandmother. Regardless of whether her condition improves or not, every day I asked God and the Virgin Mary for her recovery.

My parents, who were traveling, waited anxiously for the day of their return to the country with the hope that my grandmother would remain stable. However, that day my grandmother suffered cardiac arrest in the morning, and her condition worsened. When I was informed of what had happened, my parents were already on a plane back home. However, there was the possibility that my grandmother would not last until night. The prognosis was reserved, and doctors readmitted her into the intensive care unit to keep her monitored and stable.

While I was in the house, I went into my room to pray. I asked to God and the Blessed Mother to please allow my parents to see my grandmother alive. I told God that if this was His will, I accepted it, but to please make the miracle of giving my parents the opportunity to see her and talk to her.

Before leaving the house to go to the hospital, I asked Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, of whom I am a great devotee, to comfort me, as I was very anxious and worried about the whole situation. I felt uneasy. It had been two challenging weeks with a lot of anguish, and that day was no exception.

I went out with my brother, sister-in-law, and daughter to the hospital to see my grandmother before we left for the airport. While in the ICU waiting room, a family celebrated the birth of a beautiful girl. I extended my congratulations and went to see my grandmother, who looked very tired and could hardly speak; seeing her like that boosted my worries and sadness. I kept repeating constantly in my head, Please allow my grandmother to see my parents.

I went back and sat next to my brother in the waiting room. We were there a while and before leaving, a lady, the grandmother of the girl who was born, approached me. She said, "I need to give you a picture of the Blessed Mother, as part of the promise that I made to her." I was moved that the lady came to me from nowhere to offer me an image of the Virgin Mary. To my great astonishment, the lady wore a chain from which hung the image of Our Lady of the Miraculous medal. Suddenly, the lady took an image of Our Lady of the Incarnation out of her purse and asked me to continue with the devotion, which of course I did.

I asked the Blessed Mother to comfort me, and there she presented herself, through that lady, to let me know that despite my grandmother's health condition and the unfavorable prognosis, the Blessed Mother was confirming her love and her support. And above all, she was telling me that she had heard my requests.

As if that were not enough, during the stay of my parents and my aunt in Malaga, Spain, they searched everywhere for an image or medal of the Blessed Mother to bring to me as a gift, and they did not even find it in the cathedral. The next morning, when I inquired about Our Lady of the Incarnation, it turned out to be the Virgin that is in the Cathedral of Malaga.

Our Lady of the Incarnation did not find me in Malaga, but she found me here in my country.

The Blessed Mother's love for us is so great that she becomes present in the most unexpected ways, including through people we do not even know and in situations that we do not expect.

It doesn't matter where you are. Their help is always at your disposal, no matter how big or small your request is. God, along with your spiritual guides, is always in the complete disposition to help you with an open heart and the desire to see you truly happy.

You Are Not Alone is a song of faith, hope, and love to discover a world that exists within ourselves. It is a sign that while we walk our spiritual path in this human experience, we do it by the hand of divine beings, who help us to open ourselves to a fulfilling life and to open our arms to joy, hearts to love, and minds to peace.

My intention is that you travel these pages aware of the immense and unconditional love within your reach each day and that only comes from God. He lives within you. With that power, you can cocreate the life you want and that inexhaustible light that you have to share with the world.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

— Matthew 5:16

We all come from the same place. We are united with all that is. That's why love is real. To love and to be loved is all there is. Separation and hate are just an illusion created by human beings disconnected from themselves, but you are not alone in this. You know your true self. You are conscious and aware of this higher energy that unites us all, and above all, you are a bright light shining for the highest good of the universe.

When you shine your light, you are making this world a better place for all. God feels grateful to see His children spreading His beautiful message of love to the world, and as you enlightened others, blessings will come your way.

The universe wants to see you shining brightly, joyfully illuminating others with the message of God, which is this: "Don't fear. You are not alone. My love for you will last forever."


In Order to See, You Have to Believe

* * *

My paternal grandmother had a small room in which she used to store her shoes. I perfectly remember this because I enjoyed wearing them and went around tapping with long necklaces on my neck toward the garden. However, in that same room, what struck me the most were the figurines, which I later discovered were saints. They were placed on a brown bench in a corner, and they were surrounded by candles and decorated with flowers.

I felt a fascination for these figurines because they filled the room with an indescribable peace. I used to spend time observing them, and from then to now, they still awaken in me an immeasurable calmness and tenderness, as if the figurines, although immobile on their altar, were alive.

There was a saint who was always in front of the altar. I remember his black tunic and dark complexion, and the figurine was already a little deteriorated. It was Saint Martin de Porres, to whom miracles of healing are attributed and to whom my grandmother made a promise more than thirty years before I was born. Due to complications while pregnant with my father, she promised Saint Martin that if my father was born healthy, she would name him Martin. My father was born perfectly healthy, and she named him Martin in gratitude to the grace of Saint Martin.

While growing older, I used to see my grandmother every day reclining in her bed and praying the Holy Rosary in a low voice. A smell of roses came from the beads that passed between her fingers. That was one of the images that I will always remember. It was like my first encounter with divine grace, because that was the image of faith, of my grandma's conviction, that through prayers things will be all right. And she was right.

In 2003, Grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery to remove the lymph nodes and was left with permanent inflammation in her left arm. She endured several chemotherapy sessions and a few other radiotherapy sessions. I saw her lose her much-appreciated hair and become a very thin woman. But she never lost her unwavering faith. She prayed the Holy Rosary every day, even when she felt sad, because she was certain that God and the Blessed Mother were taking care of her. She put her faith in God, and He healed her, twice.

Talking to God through prayer and having the certainty that He always listens has been a premise with which I have lived since I was very young. Baptized in the Catholic religion, I studied in a school of nuns, and I grew up watching my grandmothers and my mother believe fervently in God.

I went to mass every Sunday, and in my childhood, I was constantly aware of the presence of God and the Blessed Mother. From a very young age, the image of the Virgin Mary had a strong impact in my life. Besides the many figurines of the Blessed Mother that adorned my grandmother's room, my parent's house contained paintings with the image of our Blessed Mother.

But my devotion for the Virgin Mary began at school. I used to sit every day in the first bank on the right side of the school chapel to contemplate the great statue of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus in her arms. I felt a great wave of love brimming inside of me. Since then, the eyes of the Virgin Mary have filled me with tenderness and an inexplicable love. She made me feel like I wasn't alone.

What I didn't know was that many years later, in the most unexpected ways, the Blessed Mother would manifest herself in my life, confirming every day that she only needed my willingness to receive her unconditional love and that she will always be with me.

However, despite my faith and the relationship I had developed with the divine realm, I began to question the perceptions of society about faith. Adolescence was a defining time in terms of creating my way of experiencing faith and communion with God. I was a somewhat rebellious teenager. Although my mom would say that "somewhat" falls short, I never stole the car or ran away from home. I did not use drugs or steal anything. It wasn't that kind of rebellion.

My rebellion consisted of standing up for my beliefs, my way of thinking and seeing life. I defended it with my fist and sword. I questioned everything, investigated, read. I was not satisfied with the simple fact that I had to agree with something that someone said, even if that was against my common sense.

For God to listen to you and answer back, it is necessary to get rid of judgment. God is loving, caring, and compassionate. He doesn't want you to make sacrifices. He brought you here with a divine purpose. He wants you to be happy. Despite the social and religious concepts that take you farther from God, you can learn to communicate with Him through prayer and meditation.

Over the years, my spiritual growth became my main mission. I understood that we came here with a higher purpose. We do not fall here by accident just to breathe, study, and try to make a living through harsh situations. I don't believe that life has to be a constant struggle full of setbacks, disagreements, heartbreak, and worries with only a few happy moments. Instead, I believe fervently that we come here to be happy, to love unconditionally, and to receive unconditional love. It is here that we learn forgiveness, empathy, honesty, compassion, and the importance of giving the best of ourselves to others from a place of integrity.

I spent many years choosing the hard way, repeating patterns that didn't take me anywhere. I chose it. And the good thing about this is that you can choose to make things better.

We have free will to choose our thoughts, words, and actions. When we are disconnected from ourselves, we choose to attribute responsibility to others. We blame God, our parents, our coworkers, or our partners for everything that is not going well in our lives. We avoid taking responsibility for our choices, so we give away our personal power and then the decisions we make are based on the fear of not being approved by others.

Taking responsibility for your life is an act of self-love. Every day you have the choice to take a new road, make better choices that match your values and your knowledge of what's best for you.

Choose to have a better life through faith, to grow spiritually, to believe and manifest miracles in your everyday life. It is up to you!

Once you choose to ask God for help, you are saying yes to the beginning of a wonderful life. You are getting out of the bubble that prevents you from sincere communication with God. Choose to eliminate the stigmas about God being a supreme being who points to the bad and applauds the good, who punishes, who is in a place as far away as heaven.

Ask yourself how you can live through faith and create your own way to communicate with God. If you don't feel like sitting for thirty minutes to meditate or pray, that's okay. Just go for a walk, pray while you run, lift weights, paint, dance, or take the dog outside. God listens to you no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, He is always there by your side.

During spiritual introspection, I found my communion with God. Through meditation I entered the void where the essence of divinity lies, and there I met God, the one who taught me to forgive myself and others. He showed me His mercy, His unconditional love, and above all, He taught me to trust.

Now I live with the certainty that nothing is coincidence. There is a greater force that guides my steps, and that force is God's unparalleled and unconditional love for each one of us. You just need to ask day after day to be guided, protected, and loved, and you will see how, basing your actions on faith, you can create a better and more joyful life.

Thomas, one of the twelve apostles, said, "One must see to believe."

However, I understand that you must believe in order to see. You must believe that you are being guided so that you can see the miracles that are unfolding for you.

Due to the miracles that have happened in my life and to the people who shared their experiences of faith in this book, I can assure you that you are not alone. And if you are not alone, what are you so afraid of?

Let me guess! It happens that it is a social statement that after leaving school, we go to college, earn a master's degree, find the perfect partner, be successful, have children, and be the best parents. It is expected from us to fulfill requirements that do not necessarily match our heart's desires.

You jump on this snowball that never stops, trying to be perfect, reaching goals to feel that you have achieved something and feeling guilty for not giving the best of you in all areas of your life. But you continue uphill, carrying wounds, stress, pain, and a void that is not going to be filled even if you achieve everything you wanted.

You are afraid because you are living disconnected from what is truly important: your higher self. When you are not in touch with your true self, you live under the expectations of what you should be or what your life should look like.

I was in the snowball for many years. If you identify with the above, I embrace you because I understand what you are going through.

There is a wise old saying: You know you've hit rock bottom because the only option left is to start climbing. When you feel stuck in the snowball, you will realize that your only option is to take a leap of faith, jump off that ball and land on your true self. The only move you have left is to find yourself again and honor your truth.

You are also afraid because you keep making excuses to get in your own way and stay in your comfort zone. You know that when you step out of your overrated comfort, you will be standing face-to-face with your greatness. You will have to acknowledge how wonderful you are and act accordingly.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Miracles Happen; Just Look Around, 1,
Chapter 2 In Order to See, You Have to Believe, 7,
Chapter 3 Close Your Eyes and Feel That Those Who Trust are Never Alone, 21,
Chapter 4 Create Your Journey One Prayer at a Time, 39,
Chapter 5 Faith is the Antidote to Fear, 47,
Chapter 6 Surrender to the Love of God, 59,
Chapter 7 Rise above Your Fears, and Let Your Light Out, 73,
Chapter 8 Every Path is the Right Path, So Don't Be Afraid to Follow Yours, 79,
Chapter 9 Be the Light with Which You Want to Illuminate the World, 93,
Chapter 10 You Are Made of Stardust, So Stay in the Light and Shine, 105,

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