You Are Psychic!: The Free Soul Method

You Are Psychic!: The Free Soul Method

by Pete A. Sanders Jr.
You Are Psychic!: The Free Soul Method

You Are Psychic!: The Free Soul Method

by Pete A. Sanders Jr.


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Use a scientifically proven method to harness your inborn psychic abilities and achieve breakthroughs in everyday life!

Everyone has occasional psychic experiences, but few people realize that it is possible to access ESP on command. Using his extensive study of biomedical chemistry and brain science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pete A. Sanders, Jr., has developed a method to show how we can tap into our psychic abilities at will to expand our knowledge and gain control of our destiny.

By sharing the techniques that he and his instructors have taught to more than half a million people, You Are Psychic! offers a program of simple exercises to teach you how to:

* Experience nine senses, instead of only five.
* Locate the body's four Psychic Reception Areas and find out whether you are strongest in psychic vision, hearing, intuition, or feeling.
* Tap your extrasensory awareness whenever you wish.
* Use your psychic abilities to improve your professional success, your relationships, and your creativity, and to heal your body.
* Apply your sharpened perceptual powers to solve complex problems and handle difficult people.

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ISBN-13: 9780684857046
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication date: 04/27/1999
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 235,362
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.44(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Pete A. Sanders, Jr., graduated with honors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His principal studies were in biomedical chemistry and brain science. In 1980 he founded Free Soul, a fully certified and registered nonprofit public-education program. Its 200 instructors worldwide have taught more than 500,000 individuals how to tap into their inborn sensory powers. Sanders himself has presented hundreds of lectures and workshops. He and his family live in Sedona, Arizona.

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You Are Psychic!

The Free Soul Method
By Pete A. Sanders


Copyright © 1999 Pete A. Sanders
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0684857049

Preface Before You Read This Book

If ever you wished you could reach beyond the everyday world and experience virtually limitless knowledge and control of your destiny, the time for merely wishing is over. If ever you dreamed of being able to tap psychic insight and wisdom whenever you need it, the time for just dreaming is over.

The skills for achieving those goals are now within your grasp.

Imagine what it would be like to wake each morning knowing what the day holds in store for you -- being able to sense in advance the moods of the people you will be with, to take exactly those steps that will help you be successful in all that you do.

That power can be yours. By the time you finish reading this book the capacity to assess other people's temperaments and personalities, and the ability to sense, feel, hear, and see events before they happen can become everyday skills for you.

That is, I know, a startling claim. But during my years of biomedical chemistry and brain science study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), I discovered basic principles and training techniques that make these psychic abilities available to anyone who wants them. Later, I refined and successfully tested those methods around the world. I have taught them to thousands of men and women. Now, in this book, I will share them with you.

No longer need you be limited to merely talking about the idea of extrasensory perception, or to marveling at random psychic experiences others have, or to seeking help or counsel from a few naturally gifted persons who are labeled "psychics." The psychic world is real, and you can be a part of it.

The freedom to explore your higher ESP potentials is not only your birthright but the most important of your personal liberties. Knowing how to use those potentials in practical ways -- how to tap on demand the psychic abilities heretofore locked within yourself -- will provide you with life-changing and life-enhancing opportunities.

The right to explore and develop your psychic talents, and to apply them to your daily life, has been suppressed for thousands of years. Superstition and dogma, ridicule and cynicism, have combined to shroud ESP and what have come to be called "paranormal" abilities in a veil of fear, mystery, and misunderstanding. The myth that ESP is limited to a few "psychics" or to only random, uncontrollable experiences has barred the door to the greatest of human adventures.

Despite these obstacles, belief in the existence of paranormal abilities and ESP phenomena has managed to flourish. A recent University of Chicago survey reported that 67 percent of those queried -- two out of every three persons -- claimed to have had a psychic experience. I believe that 100 percent of us are psychic and capable of using our ESP at will as easily as we blink our eyes or think a thought.

Consider that we live in an age when most leading physicists accept the existence of realms of phenomena beyond the three dimensions of our physical environment. Scientists who are proponents of the new "Superstring Theory" of subatomic physics believe that all matter -- including human beings -- exists in ten dimensions, and that all matter and energy may be able to "communicate" at subatomic levels.

You, too, possess the power of unlimited communication. It exists in your mind -- your personal highly sophisticated internal receiver and transmitter. Most of us use only about 10 percent of its vast capacity; the other 90 percent of its power goes virtually untapped.

The goal of this book is to show you how to tap fully the limitless energy of your mind and break through into the dimensions beyond. I know you can achieve this because I have done so myself, and have helped thousands of others to do so. Let me take you back, for a few moments, to the beginnings of my personal belief in ESP, and to the start of my search for ways to use it for a better and more fulfilling life.

My Psychic Awakening

As a child, I was fascinated by the original television program on ESP entitled Alcoa Presents (it was later renamed One Step Beyond). Each week it dramatized a factual story having to do with a paranormal experience. I still recall one tale of psychic communication over vast distances, another recounting premonitions of the sinking of the Titanic, and still another of a dream that forewarned a man of a physical danger. As a result, I came to believe that the extrasensory world was real -- but mistakenly I thought that only those with special gifts could access it, or that it could only be experienced by chance.

That belief in ESP was strengthened in my youth when my widowed mother, Aurora, in her search for spiritual sustenance, took me along as she visited a wide range of psychics and mystics.

Time and again I heard information presented that could not be known to or obtained by the physical senses. Although most of the psychics claimed to be gifted since birth, they at least had seemed to find a way to control their ESP. If they could learn, I reasoned, it must be possible for anyone to be psychic, even someone like myself who had shown no automatic or "natural" paranormal abilities. My reasoning proved correct.

My first personal psychic experience occurred several years later when I was fifteen. My mother had invited a quirky old psychic (call him Sam) to teach a group of us how to see an aura, the energy field that surrounds our body and manifests itself as a "halo" of varicolored light. Sam's clothes were disheveled and he fidgeted constantly, but he professed to know everything there was to know about Aura Vision. In truth, he was adept at it and could see auras at will. That night he was going to share his secrets with us.

Sam told us to relax our vision as we looked at Cecile, the "aura model" for the evening. Sam then instructed us to notice the places on our own body where we felt an itch, and then look at those same places on Cecile's body to see what we observed there. I thought this was the most ridiculous approach to Aura Vision I had ever heard! I was sure this weird method couldn't possibly work, so I didn't try at all. I just relaxed and went along with it.

To my surprise, I suddenly saw Cecile's aura. Around her head were brilliant light blues with flashes of dark red; around her body the aura was a dull gray, with two dark scar-like lines across the area of the abdomen where I had felt an itch just moments before. Afterward Sam explained that the blue light around Cecile's head represented her basic calm personality, and the red flashes represented her tendency to give way at times to explosions of temper. She had also had two recent abdominal operations.

For me the experience proved that auras did indeed exist, though "itching" did not strike me as the best technique for discerning them. Only two others in our group saw anything of Cecile's aura. I felt that, in my case, the very ridiculousness of Sam's method had prevented me from trying too hard, and as a result I was truly relaxed. It was that totally relaxed state, I believe, that first allowed my psychic vision to unfold. I soon learned to discard the gimmick of itching and just relax naturally to open my "third eye."

The Psychic Marketplace

Growing up in Southern California, I had the chance to see every type of psychic imaginable. Those experiences in the psychic marketplace convinced me that while some psychics were gifted and sincere, others clearly exaggerated their abilities. I recall one California woman -- let's call her Helen -- whose psychic reputation was so widespread that she and her husband held nightly sessions for different groups all over the state. At these meetings Helen would "open a channel" to a spirit guide she called Tomar, and through him answer questions and deliver messages.

I was struck by the way Helen's aura varied as she answered different queries. For example, one woman said she felt her husband was troubled but she could not communicate with him. "How do I get him to talk to me about what's bothering him?" the woman asked.

Helen easily and confidently channeled information and advice (which the questioner later reported was accurate and worked effectively), and while she did so her aura remained solid, wide, and bright. But when another woman asked a question about a possible career change, Helen's aura faded and shrank. It seemed as if she was unable to respond. I expected Helen then to say something like, "I'm drawing a blank on that, so perhaps you need to make your own decision." Instead, Helen gave the woman specific advice on what job to look for, and even the recommendation to move to a different city. This time while she was speaking her aura remained narrow and dull. I was startled by the difference, but since I was new at seeing auras I said nothing. (Later I learned that the woman did move, with disastrous results: she spent nine months unemployed and looking for a job that never materialized.)

When I asked others in the group about it later, they all said they had either seen no aura or noticed no change. With no evident psychic ability of their own, these people simply placed total faith in Helen, whom they believed to be "gifted." Most of them went to other psychics as well and relied totally on their answers to their questions.

The saddest thing about all this, I realized, was the circle of psychic dependency that enclosed both the psychics and their clients. Helen at one time described aspects of my life she could not have known without ESP, and I knew she was extremely psychically open. The answers she gave when her aura was bright proved to be accurate. But those she gave when her aura was dimmed proved flawed, and I believe Helen knew they were flawed. She was just as ensnared in the trap of psychic dependency as her clients.

What I mean is this: People who do not know that they have or can develop their psychic abilities place the burden of tremendous expectations on the Helens of the world, the persons they believe can use ESP to help them. The pressure of those expectations no doubt led Helen to exaggerate her natural psychic talents. In the process, everyone lost.

Over the years, what stayed in my mind about this and similar examples of psychic dependency and expectations was the fact that there were so many people eager for information about the psychic world. I believed these people deserved better than the false gurus, commercial rip-offs, or outright charlatans who so often seem to dominate the psychic marketplace. I believed that reliable knowledge of the extrasensory world -- and practical methods for obtaining it -- should be made available to everyone. You shouldn't have to depend on someone else to "be psychic" for you! You should be able to be your own free soul! I headed off to college looking for scientific ways to make that desire a reality.

What Is Free Soul, and How Did It Start?

Although as a premedical student at MIT I studied the basic "hard" sciences such as biology, chemistry, and biochemistry, I found my true niche in the psychology department. There I immersed myself in courses and laboratory work on physiological psychology and brain science. In simpler terms, I studied the human brain and the senses -- all that we know about them and all of their yet untapped and unlimited capabilities.

When I graduated from MIT, I was accepted to attend Harvard Medical School. But after much soul-searching I declined the offer and decided to follow a different career path.

At MIT, as you will see in the next chapter, I had uncovered principles and techniques I believed could help put the psychic ability that lies dormant within all of us into anyone's grasp. I knew there was a greater need for responsible work in that field than in the field of traditional medicine. I felt I could touch and enhance more lives by providing this type of service. I believed that individuals who search for psychic development have a right to learn without having to pay large sums of money or joining a cult. My goal was to find a way to make inexpensive, nondenominational psychic education widely available. In 1980, after traveling to many parts of the world to test my theories and techniques in a variety of environments and cultures, I achieved that goal by founding Free Soul. It is a nonprofit organization that makes available revolutionary self-teaching techniques for developing extrasensory talents and expanding the human potential. Free Soul currently has hundreds of instructors who offer classes throughout the U.S., as well as cassette courses and textbooks. (For further information, write Free Soul, P.O. Box 1762, Sedona, Arizona 86336.)

There is no doubt that psychic potential exists. The question is, Are you going to develop that higher potential for yourself, or allow it to remain blocked and unused? The answer lies in this book. It contains the fundamental elements of Free Soul's teachings, along with self-discovery exercises and a wealth of personal experiences with psychic living. It will show you how to unfold and fine-tune your own psychic abilities.

Let me share with you a taste of what lies ahead. Chapter 1 tells the story of my discovery of the body's four Psychic Reception Areas and the four psychic channels they open up for you. Chapters 2 through 5 discuss in depth how to use these four psychic senses. Each chapter also describes the personality traits that accompany each specific psychic strength. You will learn from this how best to deal with other people, and how to gain new keys for career and personal success.

Chapter 6 explores the world of the aura -- how to sense and interpret the body's energy field, and how to use your new knowledge for your personal benefit. Chapters 7 and 8 take you beyond ordinary psychic sensitivity into even higher potentials that can help you reduce stress, heal yourself, increase your creativity, and extend the boundaries of consciousness beyond the three-dimensional world.

Chapter 9 is your gateway to tomorrow. With examples from the experiences of Free Soul graduates, you will learn how to expand your new-found psychic skills and take an evolutionary step forward toward the control of your own destiny.

The Frontier Ahead

When you answer the challenge of seeking your highest potential, the greatest journey of your life begins. Before you spreads the unlimited frontier of the mind, the psyche, and the soul. This journey into new territory is neither hazardous nor difficult. But it does require the courage to explore, to change, to grow. This book and the keys it contains will provide you with the foundation and support you need to make that journey a reality.

Know that what you seek from this book is possible; more important, know that learning how to find what you seek is invaluable. The wisdom you gain from that quest will give you more than knowledge. It will give you the freedom to be unlimited. That is your birthright as a Free Soul.

Copyright © 1989 by Pete A. Sanders, Jr.


Excerpted from You Are Psychic! by Pete A. Sanders Copyright © 1999 by Pete A. Sanders. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Preface Before You Read This Book

* My Psychic Awakening

* The Psychic Marketplace

* What Is Free Soul, and How Did It Start?

* The Frontier Ahead

Chapter 1 The Four Psychic Reception Areas

* How the Psychic Senses Work

* Scientifically Exploring ESP

* The Experiment That Proved the Theory

* Testing the Discovery with Others

* An Introduction to the Four Psychic Senses

* Know Your Psychic Strengths

* Discover Your Psychic Personality

Chapter 2 Psychic Feeling — The Body as a Psychic Antenna

* The Feeling Psychic Reception Area

* Accessing Your Feeling Psychic Reception Area

* Sensing People with Psychic Feeling

* Trust Those Subtle Feelings

* Psychometry: Psychic Feeling Through Your Hands

* The Hands as Scanning Sensors

* Are You a Psychic Feeler?

* How to Relate to a Feeler

* Feelers Have Their Own Style and Sense of Time

* The Secret to Success with Feelers and Psychic Feeling

* The Gift of Psychic Feeling: Advantages & Disadvantages

* People High in Psychic Feeling: Strengths & Weaknesses/Things to Be Aware Of

Chapter 3 Psychic Intuition — The Gift of Prophetic Knowing

* Not Just the Future

* In the Present: The Intuitive Psychic Telegram

* Psychic Intuition Solves a Mystery from the Past

* Psychic Intuition and Future Events

* The Intuition Psychic Reception Area

* Tapping the Gateway to Psychic Intuition

* Remote Sensing via Psychic Intuition

* Experience Your Remote Sensing Ability

* New Approaches Through Psychic Intuition

* Bringing Hope to a "Hopeless" Case

* Intuitive Insight into the Problem People in Your Life

* Taking Charge of Your Life with Prophetic Psychic Intuition

* Prophetics Are the Best at Not Worrying

* Spotting the Characteristics of Different Psychic Personalities

* Using Psychic Intuition to Enhance Your Value at Work

* Using Intuition to Find a Lost Love

* Understanding the Prophetics in Your Life

* The Gift of Prophecy — Psychic Intuition: Advantages & Disadvantages

* People High in Psychic Intuition: Strengths & Weaknesses

Chapter 4 Psychic Hearing — The Voice That Speaks Within

* Clairaudient People Need to Understand

* A Scientist Proves It to Himself

* The Hearing Psychic Reception Area

* Good Advice from the Voice Within

* Tapping Your Creative Analysis Abilities

* Psychic Guidewords: Psychic Hearing Keys for Success

* Receiving Your Own Mantra

* The Practical Five-Minute Morning Meditation

* Signals from the Psychic Hearing Orchestra

* Understanding the Strength of the Audient Personality

* Listening for the Audient People Around You

* Keys to Success with Audient People and Psychic Hearing

* The Gift of Psychic Hearing: Advantages & Disadvantages

* People High in Psychic Hearing: Strengths & Weaknesses/Things to Be Aware Of

Chapter 5 Psychic Vision — The World of Clairvoyance

* Clairvoyance: The World of the Inner Eye

* The Vision Psychic Reception Area

* Locating Your Third Eye

* Dreams Are Clairvoyant Experiences

* Keys to Dream Interpretation

* Interpreting Your Own Dreams

* Psychic Vision or Imagination?

* Don't Ignore Your Clairvoyance

* The Four Types of Clairvoyant Images

* Don't Be Afraid of Clairvoyance

* Why You May Be Missing Your Clairvoyance

* Remember: Don't Try, Don't Force

* Clairvoyant Image Reception

* Personality Characteristics of the Psychic Visionary

* Visionaries Need to See Things Physically as Well

* A Visionary's Love Affair with Light

* Don't Change the Visionary's Picture

* To Please a Visionary

* Clairvoyance — Psychic Vision: Advantages & Disadvantages

* People High in Psychic Vision: Strengths & Weaknesses

Chapter 6 Sensing the Aura — Psychic Body Language

* Aura Vision Saves Money and Prevents Problems

* Explaining the Aura Scientifically

* Three Keys to Successful Aura Vision

* Seeing the Light Ten Years Later

* Avoid the Afterimage Trap

* Opening Your Own Aura Vision

* Practice: Essential for Aura Vision Success

* The Two Dimensions of Aura Imagery

* Basic Aura Vision Warning Signs

* Color Interpretation in Aura Vision

* Test Your Color Interpretation Skills

* Aura Vision Rescues an Interview

* Sensing the Aura with Psychic Feeling

* Knowing the Aura with Psychic Intuition

* Understanding the Aura

* Make Aura-Sensing a Part of Your Life

Chapter 7 Self-Healing — Latest Breakthroughs in Biofeedback

* Preventing the Body's Damaging Stress Reflexes

* Mind over Body: Hypertension Relief

* A Key to Auto-Relaxation

* Finding Your Personal Relaxation Breath Pattern

* Mind over Emergencies

* Learning to Be Master of Your Body

* The Two Nervous Systems

* Unlearning Old Barriers to Self-Healing

* The Inner Voyage: Sensing Your Body

* Mind over Pulse: Learning Heart Control

* Understanding the Body's Self-Healing Mechanisms

* Mind over Cancer: One Woman's Story

* Healed Though He Didn't Want It

* Never Underestimate the Power of Your Mind

* Inner Vitalization: Unleashing the Mind in the Body

* Crossing the Threshold to Your Full Potential

Chapter 8 You Are a Soul That Has a Body — Exploring Deeper Dimensions

* The Day Brain Science Was Not Enough

* Defining the Term Soul

* The Superstring Theory

* The Search for the Location of the Soul

* The Soul-Shift and Alpha-Brain-Wave Connection

* Tuning Your Mind for the Jump to Hyperspace

* Tapping the Extradimensionality of the Soul

* Tapping the Soul's Unlimited Creativity

* Do You Have a Soul?

* The Unlimited Nature That Is a Soul

* Slipping the Shackles of the Body

* Soul-Blending for Psychic Safety Checks

* Blending with Energy and Light

* Blending with the Universe

Chapter 9 The Frontier Ahead — The Road to Full Freedom

* Advanced Healing Methods

* A New Form of Psychic Sensitivity

* Experiencing Direct Psychic Sensitivity

* Communing on the Soul Level

* Communication before Birth

* Bi-level Awareness: A Quantum Leap in Consciousness

* Touching Nirvana Through Bi-level Awareness

* Problem-Solving Through Bi-level Awareness

* A Salesman's Psychic Keys to Success

* A Scientist Renews Her Love for Earth

* Using the Soul to Channel Thoughts

* Transmitting a Soul Signal for Change

* Channeling a Positive Effect to the World

Chapter 10 Answers to the 36 Most Common Questions about Psychic Phenomena

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