You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us

You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us

by John Morton




With a wealth of reflections, prayers, and poems, this compilation of spiritual wisdom stimulates the mind and soul while readying the body for life’s everyday challenges. Accessible and timeless, the substance offered will appeal to both the curious layman and those well versed in meditative thought with perceptive chapters such as Doing Good, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Knowing Who We Are, Love and Loving, and Peace. Written with a keen eye for practical incorporation into varied daily routines and supplemented with a CD recording of blessings and meditations led by the author, this all-encompassing guide is a must-have for those seeking to understand the steps necessary to achieve lifelong fulfillment.  

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ISBN-13: 9781893020467
Publisher: Mandeville Press
Publication date: 04/01/2008
Pages: 200
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About the Author

John Morton is a doctor of spiritual science and the spiritual director of the nondenominational Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. He is the author of The Blessings Already Are. He lives in Los Angeles.

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You are the Blessings

By John Morton

Mandeville Press

Copyright © 2008 Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-893020-79-5



Every experience adds to you. Be patient while you are adding up your gains.


Imagine what you can become even if you do not see how to apply yourself now. Imagining works to create. Look for the next steps involved in creating what you want. Tune in to the enthusiasm that comes with your experience of making progress. Find how you can best cooperate so that your experience is more joy, more peace, more understanding and so that your life becomes a greater contribution to all.

Know that there is nothing to fear. Convert fear to your friend by confronting it through greater strength and trust. Invite fear into conversation. Find how fear brings to you your next steps for your upliftment and growth. Be patient as you hold for each step to come forward in ways that work for you and with whatever is needed. Be open to all the blessings in store for you in the ways and timing of the Lord.

Inside of you, there is a place of tremendous richness, a vast array of beautiful treasures and riches, enough for everyone and more than you can behold. Understand that what you can behold is yours. So if you can see it, it is yours. There is no limit on what you can behold. So do not even consider the limit. God offers you the kingdom, and throughout all this kingdom there is no lack. There is no limit.

Understand your abundance, your wealth of consciousness. Behold yourself and everything as precious of God, as the blessings of God, and give thanks.

In the Bible it says, "He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully" (2 Corinthians 9:6). When we place ourselves in alignment with the Spirit or God as we know It, then God will place who God is and what God is in alignment with us.

So if you are sowing to God, if you are placing your energy and your life towards God, then God is what you bear. God is the fruit or the fruits that come to you. It is a simple idea, and, of course, it is neither unique to any person nor new. It is written in the Bible, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" (Matthew 6:33). That is God's promise to us all.

All people are wealthy and beautiful in their essence, regardless of their material circumstances. If someone is living on the street, it does not mean their life is lacking. That is just a judgment we can make about them. Even if they are complaining, moaning, and groaning about their life, that is a judgment the person is making about himself or herself. It is not the truth of who they are. In truth, they are blessed with the infinite beauty and wealth that is God.

If we are judging our wealth, it is important to let go of our judgments. With finances, it is particularly important not to judge that we do not have enough. We do have enough. In fact, we have plenty and more than we need. If we judge our finances as not enough, we may then be shown by the world the reflection of our judgment. We may then experience even less in order to help us realize the blessings of our true infinite wealth.

Rather than focusing on lack, it is important that we utilize money and all the forms of wealth in ways that demonstrate that we know there is plenty for all in the world. The limitations come from how the wealth in the world is valued and shared. Imagine if all of us in the world shifted our focus to freely sharing the wealth rather than on withholding, counting, or determining worthiness. Let us not focus on condemnation but rather on how to put the wealth to greater use and to increase benefit for each and every one together.

Regardless of whether there is a greater utilization of the wealth in the world, each of us can look at the immense value that every experience brings forward. We can always learn from any experience because every experience has value for our knowledge and wisdom. Every experience increases us. Every experience is a blessing.

Money helps us identify our needs and our values. Money is a blessing as a valuable commodity for learning how to take care of ourselves and discovering our priorities. It helps us focus on what is really needed and important in our lives, including having shelter and clothing and making sure everyone else has food and clothing. Eventually, we all learn that we are blessed with more than enough for what we need.

Even bankruptcy can be a way to know we have more than enough. After years of piling up debt, the freedom that comes with the choice to let go can enable us to see the blessings of wealth that are already present. Letting go of judgments about lack and about being perceived as incapable or a failure can allow for our true wealth to be known to us. Every situation is a perfect teacher about loving our lives. Our challenge is to let go of negative fantasies that just end up limiting what can be changed for the better.

Do the best you can with your life situation, including those times when you do not consciously understand or have clear direction. You are learning to trust yourself and trust God. Remember to relax and be patient. There is value in learning to wait upon the Lord. Waiting can help you prepare for when the opportunity actually becomes available for your choosing. As you endure, steer clear of judging your process, which can distract and waste an opportunity. Trust your process, knowing it is bringing you experiences and blessings that are important in the timing that is best for you.

Trust that your life is always an opportunity to better know and understand what God is doing with you and all here in this world. You can trust that God understands that you want more enjoyment, that you want to contribute and participate in making your life work in ways that are happy and fulfilling. That process is already in motion and becoming the reality of your life. It is already taking place, and you are allowed to participate fully as your destiny. When you do fully participate, you can experience improvement in the conditions in which you live and upliftment within. Each new experience contributes to your wisdom and growth.

The reality, however, is that we are already wealthy, regardless of how we participate or the conditions present in our lives, and that each of us has been wealthy from the beginning. Although that may not necessarily make sense in your mind, consider your experience in total. There is dynamic progression. You can learn to accept and understand that things are perfect as they are and in other ways that are in process, regardless of any negative conditions that appear. The negative conditions in the world are all temporary. The conditions of God are always available for greater good and are created to become the highest good. God's will is a progression into a higher state that transcends whatever is found in the world. It is already done through what is true in Spirit.

There is no urgency. Our needs are met. The conditions in the world are inherently perfect the way they are and always potentially better through greater manifestation of what is to become. We can relax and participate in the blessings yet to become manifest, knowing that with God all the blessings are not just possible, they already are.


We do have more than we need.
We are abundantly taken care of.
We are provided for.
Because of our material nature,
sometimes we manage to forget that.
We tend to lose track of our protections
and what we are afforded.

Most important is to remember
that life itself —
this moment, this breath —
is a great blessing and vote of confidence
that we are all doing fine.


The Blessing

Dear Father, dear Mother, of the consciousness of God, we give thanks that You have chosen us and that You have brought us forward as Your children who are awake in the Spirit that is holy.

You have strengthened us in our resolve to be creators in Your way, that it is just, that it is balanced and harmonious. We are abundant and prosperous, for this is Your way, and we proclaim Your gifts.

We remove what has been sowed and seeded in doubt, fear, and mistrust. We remove what has been brought to bear in the consciousness of hatred and negativity.

We see Your light so powerful that it burns these things into the nothingness from which they came. Behold, we see the beauty of Your creation, the paradise that always remains, regardless of what takes place in the world.

Our trust is placed with You in the Spirit, for this is how we worship. This is how we come before You.

You receive us, and You show us that in our hearts we know the truth that is eternal, the love that is unconditional, and the peace that is towards all.

We are anchored in this seeding, that You have witnessed what we have placed before You. And You have accepted our offering and returned it to us in kind. We are joyful for what we have given and been given in return.

And now we are seeing the endless cycle of what You have placed in our consciousness as co-creators.

From the beginning, we are to become those who give and receive joyfully, who proclaim Your witness into all Creation, and who know that Your will is done. You are mighty. You are triumphant. We are Yours, and You have us.

Baruch Bashan.

This Blessing is on Track 10 of the CD.



Shift towards the liberation, the beauty of the moment, the willingness to embrace the impact, the hurt.

Something powerful goes on whenever we direct ourselves towards accepting and cooperating with whatever is in our presence: we move closer to God's presence in all things.


When we consider all the people on the planet, it is often difficult to see people as loving, and it is not our place to decide whether they are worthy of love.

Always consider that everyone and everything was created in God's love and that each part of God's creation has a blessing for you.


How a person will enter into a state of God is often with a sense of, "Well, I don't know what I have to offer, but I'm surrendering since it's all I have. It doesn't really seem like it's worthy, but I'll give it anyway. Maybe God can find something precious in it."

Then God reaches into you, pulls out the most precious thing, holds it up before you, and says, "This was in you all along, and this is who you are."

God lets you look at the majesty of your own being, and in that moment you are transformed.


My conclusion is that the true nature of the creation is perfection, so there is nothing inherently wrong with it.

As we go into acceptance and we flow and cooperate with how things are, this still allows for us to be individual creators. We can in some way participate in the dynamics of what is truly going on and still maintain harmony with the creation. And then there is tremendous ability in how we can create, as we are utilizing the ability that comes from God.


As you gain altitude in your awareness, you realize there is perfection all the time. Even time itself is a process of perfection.

There is no rush or urgency. Everything occurs in a right and proper way.

Even with whatever is unnecessary, as much as that might be in this world, we can find value and learning through all that occurs. We are learning how we can turn whatever occurs into that which lifts, balances, heals, and serves.


God is not here to do something so you will like it. God is here to bring you what is true, your authority.

You came here to be more conscious, to know that you have what it takes to find the answers inside: the divine presence, your true nature. You are in the correct place to become you.

If you are looking for something here to do it for you, you will be disappointed. If you are willing to trust yourself and not allow someone outside of you to determine your life, then you are in the right place.


Take a moment in your consciousness to bring forward your abilities, your divinely ordained abilities that were placed with you from the beginning.

In the consciousness that is the Father-Mother God, we bless these abilities. We see that they are all right and perfect. This means the doubts must go. The self-judgment and self-limitation can freely be placed away where they belong.

You now realize that self-restriction of your abilities is not necessary for you, and you are free. This is the reality of who you are in this world.

From this consciousness of freedom, you can choose to live your life as a contribution from the goodness in you and the goodness that is all of God's creation.

As you accept that commission of the Spirit, you realize that whatever situation you find yourself in is perfect, ordained by God to bring about your contribution, that the gifts that come from Spirit are awake in you.

As you give freely of the expression of these gifts and share them freely with all, you are blessed. You are blessed with greater abilities and greater gifts, and the joy is uncontained.

This is the mark that you are maturing as a consciousness, that you are a joyful giver. You give freely to your life.

In this process of giving freely, you receive the anointing of the Christ, that consciousness of the true Spirit that is of God and you.

For you are born of God, whole and complete, fulfilled as His chosen one, and now you choose back.

Baruch Bashan.

This Meditation is on Track 13 of the CD.



You're not here to solve others' problems or conflicts. You're here to take care of yourself.

And in that place, there's a blessing of God. There's a blessing that goes forth from you — not because of you, but from you — that is caring towards others.


One of the great signs of participating with and awakening to our divine nature is that people help and care as a way of being.

These are the people who are anointed, who become radiant beings walking amongst us. These are the ones who are demonstrating how to "take care of yourself so you can help take care of others."


Doing Good

Let them say about you that you are an angel sent from God.


Keep doing good things like enjoying and appreciating your friends, instead of wallowing in your lot; like serving others in your work and good nature, instead of wallowing in your lot; like taking a moment to be with the Lord in all His benevolence and adoration for you, instead of denying yourself as the negative power would have you do while wallowing in your lot. Look for your strength to rise up regardless of the conditions that appear to test you. Do something good just because you can.


Do so much good in your day that you are exhausted from the satisfaction. God will take care of the rest.



Do those things that support your faith and just leave the rest to God. It's a great arrangement.


It is every Soul's heritage to overcome denial. We do that by our faith.

How do we do faith? By paying attention to what in reality moves our life.

If you do not know where to start, start with your breath.



Forgiving is a choice to let go, put the situation in God's hands, heal, and move on.


Everyone has the opportunity to experience a visitation from the Christ as the Beloved. It may come into your midst in the most difficult moment, so be prepared. Let go of the past and forgive.


When you wrench and gnash your teeth, forgive and forget as soon as you can, now.


Dear Lord, we ask for Your blessing.
We have come to You in forgiveness —
first of all, the forgiveness that You have issued
to all of Your creation,
that You do love regardless of what is done,
regardless of the state of Your creation
as it moves through all the emanations,
all the forms, all the precise moments.
You love unconditionally, and we come to You in this love.
We come to You in Your sound, in Your silence.
We simply come to You as we are,
in our own acceptance, in our own unconditionality.

We have let go of the judgments.
We have let go of any condemnation
that would hold negativity into our presence.
And we still may not know how to let go or surrender
for we hang on to our ignorance, our stupidity,
our rigidity, and our karma,
that which we have done that is unnecessary.
We continue and we allow it to persist.
And we give thanks that You let us bring this to You.
We ask for that presence that is the Lord,
the Lord of us all,
by whatever name it is called,
that Lord, the supreme, who is forgiveness.
We bring it to that one,
that we may offer it up in our humbleness,
in our willingness to let go.

We find that what remains is our purity,
our clarity, that which is the true glamour,
that which is the brilliance, the purity, the light.

And as we are willing to forgive ourselves,
we render this forgiveness unto others
as the love of the Lord that You bring to us,
which unburdens us and takes from us
that which is disease, anguish, condemnation,
that which is the wedge in our eye that would not
allow us to see.
So we now see clearly.
We behold the Light and love
that is the Holy of Holies.
And we find ourselves upright.
We are whole. We are strong.
We are full of the vitality,
the life force that is the Spirit.
And we find that it is radiating to all.
We realize the simplicity of this moment,
the blessings that are always present.

We accept this commission,
which is the way of the Lord, the anointed one.
We find that it is to love all regardless,
to forgive all regardless.
And we know when we have lost our way,
we are to forgive, we are to accept.
In this presence, we realize the contributions that you
are always making.
Every experience teaches.
Every moment offers an opportunity to gain,
to grow,
to move past that which binds.
We breathe this in,
that it is radiated to every part of our being.
And we breathe it out,
that it is going freely to all.
And again we ask that You place into us this
consciousness that is awake,
that we may always know it.
And again realizing our humanity,
that we are bound to forget and to lose track of our divinity
and the divinity in all,
we accept Your forgiveness.
And we understand that as we bring this forgiveness within,
it creates the greater capacity to go out.
And so we do.


Excerpted from You are the Blessings by John Morton. Copyright © 2008 Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy. Excerpted by permission of Mandeville Press.
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     xi
Foreword   Paul Kaye, D.S.S.     xiii
Preface     xv
Introduction     xxi
Baruch Bashan     xxv
Abundance     1
The Blessing     10
Acceptance     13
Caring     23
Doing Good     27
Faith     31
Forgiveness     35
Gratitude     43
Happiness     53
Higher Awareness     63
Know God     71
The Blessing I     100
The Blessing II     102
The Blessing III     104
The Blessing IV     107
Knowing Who We Are     113
The Blessing     116
Learning     119
The Blessing     124
Letting Go     127
The Blessing     145
Light     147
Listening     159
Love & Loving     163
Mystical Traveler     193
The Blessing     199
Peace     203
The Blessing     215
Serving     217
The Blessing     224
Soul     225
Spirit     231
Spiritual Promise     237
The Blessing     242
Trust God     243
Truth     249
Who We Are     255
Worship     261
Knowing the Blessing     267
Resources     271

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