by Nic Cunningham, Ali Villani


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ISBN-13: 9781504302210
Publisher: Balboa Press Australia
Publication date: 10/26/2016
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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You Are Your Own Million Dollar Formula

You Are Amazing, Remember, You Have Everything You Need to Achieve Anything You Want!

By Nic Cunningham, Ali Villani

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Nic Cunningham and Ali Villani
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-0221-0


Deciding to Love Yourself

What do you believe you are here for? Let yourself think and dream really big for a moment. What do you believe you are destined for? If you had a magic wand, there were no limitations, and you could wave that wand to achieve and create anything that was in your heart, what would you create? What ideas, innovations, creativity, and talents have been placed in your path? In your heart, what project keeps giving you the universal nudge?

Most of your limitations and self-put-downs are a result of you not dreaming or thinking big enough. At some point in your life, perhaps in your childhood or on your journey, a story with limitations was planted in your mind. Maybe it's a belief about your potential. Maybe you were told you weren't good enough. Maybe it was a comment from a parent, teacher, or someone else of influence.

Up to this point, if you have not acted on your ideas or your innovations, we can put money on the fact that you are living "in the story." What we mean by this is that you are living out the circumstances and limitations of the judgements or comments that have been previously made about you.

What if we challenged you to say that you are bigger than this story? You have an unlimited resource of talent, ideas, knowledge, creativity, and ability to manifest every one of your business goals and projects. We will help stretch you to be the leader and entrepreneur you desire to be.

These limitations and negative beliefs that go on in your mind are a program that has been playing over and over and over in your life and in every element of your consciousness. It can work for you, and it can most definitely work against you. Just like everything in our lives, we can create positivity and opportunity, or we can create stagnation and suffering for ourselves.

Most of us are completely unaware of the programming dictating our behaviours, our relationships, and the opportunities that show up in our lives. The greatest way to understand and identify what programs are on rerun in your life is to see what you're surrounded by. For example, are you surrounded by lack? Do you never have enough time, enough money, enough resources, enough of anything? This indicates there is a program playing called "never having enough." Is your life representative of emotional pain and betrayal in your relationships, or do you experience great pain and conflict in your relationships? If this is the program that is playing out for you, it suggests that the program on rerun is "I'm always alone" or "relationships are difficult."

Identifying the recurrent themes of suffering in your life helps you piece together the program. Once this is pieced together, you can spend some time working out where it came from. Knowing this is interesting to identify, but it is not essential for you to remove the program from your life and recoup behaviours it triggers in you.

Nic had a program that caused her great anguish, drama, and financial loss for a very long time. The limiting belief and program that she played in her life was one of not being lovable. This played out in her life by having many broken relationships, including a divorce — and only a few years later, she had another painful separation. It wasn't until this program became really painful, and Nic was tipped to breaking point, that she identified the patterns and programming that were playing out. It's often the case that we have to hit an emotional pain point before we're willing to see what has been in front of us all the time.

Identifying the program and where it came from enabled Nic to regroup and reprogram her beliefs about herself. She consciously made efforts, grew into a loving relationship with herself, and healed and reprogrammed her life. She was then able to express that she is and always has been lovable. The result of this reprogramming and growth is that she now enjoys a beautiful relationship of love with herself.

Similarly, Ali was living out the story of ill health. Ali had lived with poor health for most of her adult life: undiagnosed coeliac disease; a long, hard road of infertility; a complete hysterectomy at thirty-six years old; and a neurological disorder were part of her experience. Ali was doing all she knew. She always had an internal lean towards the natural therapies but had never met anyone who could fill in the gaps, produce the results, or provide the education that could help her make different choices.

Most people can't begin to think of the medical expenses associated with the story Ali was playing out, let alone the mental and emotional costs over those years. You can't do better until you know better. It was through meeting Nic and having an intense session that things began to change for Ali.

Ali now enjoys incredible and radiant health. Also, the health of her children has transformed as a result of Nic's coaching and the shift in mindset associated with the story she had always told herself. As Ali studied the mind-body connection and undertook years of challenging personal development, her limiting beliefs shifted, and the story she once played out no longer fit. Ali believes in her body's ability to heal itself. She believes and knows intimately the personal power and freedom that comes from living in and stepping up to her creativity.

We laugh as we share the story of our first coaching session together. Nic hit Ali with a pen and wouldn't stop. She kept tapping on her knee with a metal pen, asking Ali, "How long are you going to let me do this? This is no different from the story you are living out about your health. Clearly it hurts; clearly there is suffering as you sit in front of me with jerks, twitches, numbness, and fatigue. You can choose to continue living this story and experiencing the same suffering, or you can leave this building right now, choosing something different." Nic worked with Ali for a little under twelve months, and all of Ali's symptoms resolved. Ali's commitment to making better choices about her health is serving her greatly. Ali is now able to keep up with Nic's intensity, including the international travel schedule that we have. She is on fire. She looks and feels great.

I am becoming the healthiest person I can be. A healthy body is the foundation of my success.

At any time we can decide to detach and grow into a new program. However, we would really love for you to choose this now. Why? Because it will cost you far less time and suffering if you begin this process sooner rather than later. In all honesty, your greatest dreams and your infinite wealth and business success lie on the other side of this reprogramming. This may sound complicated and difficult, but it is simply about awareness and choice.

So let's get back to the basics. You are here to enjoy huge success, to have an affluent lifestyle, and to be loved and rewarded for all you do. You are here to make a big difference to the world. How many of you believe us when we say this? If your answer is no, there is a program that needs to be altered.

What if you just pretend to believe us, and allow yourself to truly dream with that magic wand about what your life can be once you reprogram it? Of all the programs that run in the background, like the CD that keeps skipping at the same point each time, is self-love.

After coaching thousands of women around the world, we see the biggest program with limitations concerns self-love. Maybe you've been told that to love yourself means you are stuck up or conceited. Maybe you were accused of big-noting yourself when you celebrated an achievement. All of these can influence the beliefs and ideas you have about yourself. We hate to break it to you, but it's all a farce. It is nonsense that we have been fed generation after generation. It's like the myth that we shouldn't eat eggs because they contain too much cholesterol.

You are perfect, talented, lovable, and designed to be the greatest success your life has ever seen. The sooner you change your program to this one instead of the old, annoying CD that plays, "I'm not good enough. I'm not pretty enough. I'm not unique or clever enough," the sooner your life will change. The day you understand this and consciously choose to be 100 per cent your authentic self and the best version of you that you can be, acting on all your divine gifts and creativity — that will be the day your business, your innovative idea, or your product begins to make money! Not only will you experience financial freedom, but you'll step into a personal freedom like never before. Why is this the case? You and your business are your self-worth. If you don't believe that you can, or if you don't believe it is possible because of a limiting program, what product or business you are trying to launch is completely irrelevant.

Your success in business is directly linked to your personal success, which is birthed in self-worth and self-belief. This is why it's so important for you to kick those old programs to the kerb and abandon and disconnect from the judgements, criticisms, and projected thoughts of others. Choose to love yourself. Yes, we said it: you must choose to love yourself and be yourself.

The reason we say you must choose this is because there are plenty of opportunities out there in the world that would like you to choose otherwise. Look at the thousands of advertisements in women's magazines trying to sell you concealer, or the weight-loss advertisements telling you that your success is related to your cup size. What a load of rubbish! You have been perfect from your first breath. Your parents thought so, and your doting aunties and uncles and your big sister thought so too. Every milestone that you made — walking, talking, running in the school athletics carnival — made you even more amazing every day. Then you finished high school, landed your first job, and finished university, which made you even more incredible. Next, you may have become a mum, and you really stepped into a new level of awesomeness. Now you are trying to launch and scale your business or your career, and every day you become more and more amazing!

Do you feel that? Do you feel that love come up from the heart space as you realise that you truly are perfection? Now, let us challenge you to really step into this perfection and decide right now that you are awesome, you are enough, and you have never been more on fire or more prepared to take your life and business to the next level.

After we have established that you are enough, and you continue to unravel any remaining programs along the way, what is it that you are trying to do? What impact are you trying to create, what legacy are you trying to leave, and what solution are you providing to one of the world's problems? I bet you haven't stopped to ask yourself this. We know we sure hadn't! If we were really honest with ourselves, the reason was because we had not allowed ourselves to dream, and maybe we were even a little too scared to dream.

As I commit to loving myself, I learn I have all that I need to fulfil my dreams.

Picture yourself storeys above where you are right now, with your business, your family, and your community. Go higher and higher until you can see the country you live in, and then go even higher, where you can sit out in a rocket ship looking back on the earth. See the beautiful blues and greens of the water and the land. Now that you are away from limitations, truly ask yourself, "What am I trying to do? What is my business about? What is the identity and concept that I am trying to create? What is my divine purpose?"

Before you brush this off and shut down, we challenge you to think and be bigger than what you have previously been able to achieve for yourself. You see, we have to stretch and get clarity before we come back and start engaging in the "doing" of being in business.

Divine purpose is the same as your identity. What makes your heart sing? What makes you happy and feel fulfilled? You know — the kind of fulfilment that if the world stopped spinning tomorrow and it was all over, you would be content. This is the activity that when you do it, nothing else matters.

Many of us who are mothers will say, "It's my children. That is what it's about." Yes, we all love our kids, but seriously, what is deeper? What is that burning desire that sits deep within you that you have to create? What is 100 per cent your own project, and what is going to be your contribution to the world?

We are all creators. We are here to create in our own unique individuality and to live a life of service, expressing that creativity. Your business is an extension of this creativity and is the birthplace of your divine purpose. When these are aligned, success and opportunities are effortless. Your business and what you are creating is your divine purpose, your divine expression of yourself. Surely this is something worth spending some time dreaming on and getting clarity about, so where did you place that magic wand?

Once you have connected with this and decided to love yourself, it's time to get clarity and decide what you want. What is it that you want, and will you be happy if you have achieved it? This is a loaded question, we know. However, without knowing what you really want, you can't put together a plan to achieve it or receive the necessary help along the way.

All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.

— Walt Disney

Many of us think we know what we want, but we are stuck in our limitations and what we think we deserve. When you're without limitations, having chosen to love and be yourself and to let go of those programs, what do you really want? With no limitations, allow yourself to explore what happiness and success really does look like for you. This means stretching yourself and your goals to your level of discomfort. We do this every single month in our businesses as we continue to stretch ourselves to our discomfort, where our self-belief is challenged.

What does your life and business look like with no limitations? What are you doing every day? Are you working in your business, are you working on your business, or do you have a residual setup that enables you to sit on a beach in the Bahamas managing it from your laptop? What is your ultimate lifestyle and business creation? This is where the clarity comes.

Let's face it: not many of us step up into business and self-employment to work hard and have no life. However, we coach women who are slaves to their businesses and feed the dinosaurs they have created; they are not in much of a better lifestyle or financial situation than when they were working for someone else, doing a job they loved. What goes wrong in scenarios like this is there is no time placed into the big vision at the beginning of the business development. This charts a course which is set and pursued before the clarity is made. Ask yourself, "What is the outcome that I am seeking from working in and on my own business? What is the story of entrepreneurship I am creating, and what does the outcome and results look like after all of my exertion and creativity?"

If you are at the point where you are contemplating business, it's safe to say that you have made the decision for yourself that life is not just about mortgage payments, a nine to five job, and then dying. What are you really, truly trying to create? For some this is lifestyle, for others it may be job security, and for some it may be about making a global impact. Where is your heart leading you with your business? Write down what is coming up for you as we share this. This is the clarity that is needed before a business plan, or the Entrepreneurial Babes Success Template, can be put into place. Once this clarity is created, we can then encourage and coach you to be an entrepreneur, not just a dinosaur feeder! Entrepreneurship is most importantly about stepping into the visionary, leader, and industry specialist that is within you, where there are no dinosaurs!

You may doubt your ability to get this clarity, but we all have it when we connect with what feels good. It really is as simple as sticking to what feels good! What feels good is right, and what brings happiness brings self-love, which brings success.

How many times have you been close to that point of brilliance where you are happy in flow and in creation, and it feels good — but then you sabotage it by overthinking and making it harder for yourself? Many women we work with see their businesses as only an intellectual pursuit, and they get stuck in the mental game of thinking that it has to be hard or complex. Instead, we challenge them to do what feels good. When things feel good, we open up a range of experiences that can be effortless and come with ease.


Excerpted from You Are Your Own Million Dollar Formula by Nic Cunningham, Ali Villani. Copyright © 2016 Nic Cunningham and Ali Villani. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents


Preface, vii,
Chapter 1 Deciding to Love Yourself, 1,
Chapter 2 Deciding to Trust Your Intuition and Take Action, 25,
Chapter 3 Commit to What You Know, 34,
Chapter 4 There Is Always Something to Celebrate, 51,
Chapter 5 Knowing When and How to Change, 59,
Chapter 6 Speak Abundance and Ease into Your Future, 78,
Chapter 7 Accountability Is Different To Consistency, 97,
Chapter 8 What Are You Willing to Commit To?, 103,
Chapter 9 How to Really Have It All, 113,

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