You Can Stop Smoking in Forty-Eight Days: Using the Law of Attraction

You Can Stop Smoking in Forty-Eight Days: Using the Law of Attraction

by Cat Erin Davis


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This fascinating book is how Cat Erin Davis quit smoking cigarettes after thirty-eight years of being addicted to them. It takes you on a spiritual path while you transform into a nonsmoker. She shares with you a way that can completely change your life. Once and for all, you too will feel like and be a nonsmoker. Included is a forty-eight-day workbook guide, along with tips for your first year. What we seek, will seek us. Cat says, "If I did it, then so can you."

Cat has been on a lifelong path with ascended masters, Jesus, and angels. Through Spirit and teachings from archangels, she has been guided to write and share her knowledge with others. She has deep compassion for animals and nature, and she seeks to guide people to love and respect themselves, as well as others.

This book also helps those who have already quit smoking to avoid nicotine urges.

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ISBN-13: 9781452590646
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 01/31/2014
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.41(d)

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You Can Stop Smoking in Forty-Eight Days

Using the Law of Attraction

By Cat Erin Davis

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Cat Erin Davis
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9064-6


A Little history

My cigarette history lasted for thirty eight years plus. It all started when I was nine years old, that's when I took my first puff. I grew up in Houston, Texas. My family lived on a corner lot, we had a dead end street on the side of it, that lead to the woods.

We moved there when I was six years old. The name of the neighborhood is called Oak Forest. There was dear, fox, rabbits, turtle's horny toads and all sorts of little creatures with ponds and a small bayou that divided the neighborhood from our old neighborhood. Oh it had all the excitement a kid would ever want, with fireflies and bats that came out at night. It even had a horse pasture with ponds that we later found. We picked black berries and raspberries, they were everywhere in the summer.

I was a big animal lover and a nature nut. I had cats, dogs, bird, turtle's, and even pet lizards that would hang out on my shoulder. One time I spent a few days collecting caterpillars. I had so many, in two very large oval shaped glass containers, all containers were made of glass back then. They were all so beautiful and colorful, I had every color you can imagine, they were so cool to watch, I loved them. I let them go together on the ground in the woods, and watched as they all crawled away to their freedom. I was so amazed by them. One thing my parents taught me was to love and respect all creatures in nature. This is where I found my most private inner connection with Jesus.

I rescued several dogs and cats all the time and would buy can food for them from the store at the end of our street. I collected coke bottles, used my allowance and lunch money, which was the milk money, because my Mom made my lunch. I had special places in the woods where I would meet with my stray dogs. This was my secret but then some of them started to follow me home. So I began to find homes for some of them. One very special dog that followed me home, I had her for eighteen years. Her name was Christian, my sister named her. My Mom and Dad were big animal lovers too. I thanked Jesus for this in daily chats of prayer talk. Mom used to wait till Christian woke up to make my bed after I went off to school, I was so happy about this, I felt her love and respect for animals too.

I had two brothers and one sister, I was the youngest. We built a club house. As a few years passed, one of my brothers and I kept up our club houses, we had a few other kids from the neighborhood that joined us. Together we built swings that we climbed high in the Oak tree's to reach. We built two of them, they both had seats made from tree branches. We would rotate and take turns swinging as it involved always having three, someone on the ground to swing it up to the other in the in the tree, that would pass it to the one swinging. It was back when Jonny Weissmuller was on TV as Tarzan. He was the first and original Tarzan actor. We all loved being in nature so much it was so exciting and full of adventure.

Then one day while we, there were about four of us this day, one said he had a secret to tell and we all promised not to tell anyone. This was the first time I took a puff of a cigarette. Yes that was the secret. My brother took one puff, coughed, and never did it again. But two boys and myself liked it even though we coughed too. So that was the next big secret for me to keep.

I remember the three of us used to take turns sneaking a cigarette from our parents. As we took turns taking puffs sharing one cigarette at a time.

Now that I look back on it, my brother was the smart one, he wanted nothing to do with sucking smoke in his lungs. After all I was mostly influenced by billboards and commercials. Little did I know what I was in for. This was back in the day when Mom would say, be home before dark. We all played and before the sun went down went home for shower, dinner family time, or out to play in the front yard. I was very blessed to have kind parents, they both were great. They did smoke, but of course that helped me out when it was my turn to bring a cigarette.

One day some of us were out by a pond that was on private land, where the horses were. Then I met Mr. Powell, he told us how his wife had died and if we wanted we could stay on his property. One kid asked if it was ok if we fish in his ponds, I asked if I could pet his horses. Mr. Powell was even kinder than that, and he said if we wanted we could help him care for the horses, and in return ride them. He said "only the horse has to like you too." He said "you will know which one, is for you to ride." I picked and was attracted to an Appaloosa mare. She was off white, with lots of black spots spread out evenly all over her body. Mr. Powell told me, "No one has ever been able to ride her, she throw's everyone off. That's why I named her Nuisance."

As I looked at her she was looking at me and I felt connected. I went over to her and just talked. The next day I brought her an apple and a carrot to see what she liked. I wanted her to be my friend and horse to ride. That's exactly what happened. We became the best of friends. I remember the day I got on her. She never objected. One of the other kids tried and she threw him off, he too had one horse that only he could ride. Nuisance was never aggressive with me and let me ride her whenever I wanted, some days we would just hang out and walk around together. I never smoked around her as she did not like that.

By the time I was fourteen and in the eighth grade, I started smoking more and more. As now it was also the cool kid thing to do. Sneaking and smoking before school.

Then I was fifteen before I knew it and smoking all the time. My dad caught me one day. He asked me how long I had been doing this. So I told him everything. He hesitated but was happy for my honesty. I felt so grown up as I was talking to my Dad about cigarettes, he let me smoke around him on a few occasions. He told me "I wished you didn't smoke, but since you are going to anyway it's ok to smoke around me in private, don't tell Mom about this just yet."

As the years went by I turned eighteen. Back then this was the legal drinking age. I was already drinking with a few friends. I dropped out of school at sixteen, and was a bit of a rebel. Little did I know that bars would add to even more smoking. If you have ever drank alcohol, you know exactly what I'm talking about. For those of you that never drank, it's just another thing to keep the one drinking occupied with, and ends up going hand and hand with it.

Now I had brought myself to a point where I could not even begin to try to quit, and could care less. A friend and I went out one night, she was around five or six years older than me. She and my sister were best friends. She was like a family member, she knew I was going through family rejection, because I came out, and everybody knew I was gay. Back then, being gay was like being an alien.

Well she drove and we went off to a bar to have a drink, my first bar. It was a small place with tables everywhere. We ordered a few beers and sat, and we started to talk. Then guy's started coming up to the table hitting on us. After this happened a few times I told her that this is way too uncomfortable, can we go somewhere else. She stated that she was very annoyed as well. So we left.

She said, "I think I know a place you might like." She pulled up to a place and asked me to go up to door and step inside and see if it looks ok. "I'll wait here", she said. Then I went up to the door, as soon as I opened the front door there was a counter in front with a person behind it. The sign directly above caught my attention and it said, this is a gay bar. Well I could not believe my eyes. On top of this as I asked permission to look inside I saw that it was predominantly a women's club. So I ran back outside to tell her what I had discovered, I'd love to stay here if that's ok with you. She said sure, so we parked the car and went inside. I didn't know yet at the time that she was gay too. This is where she came out and told me she was gay too.

These must have been the best cigarettes I had ever smoked. I was felt totally validated, it was so exciting to see so many gays and not feel so alienated. The name of the bar was the "Bayou Landing." It was located in the Montrose area in Houston Texas, this was a huge women's bar and it had drag Shows once a week on Sunday's. I met and had a friend that did this, and went back stage with her many times, they were all so funny, full of humor.

The down fall of it was I would go out, drink, and smoke up to two packs of cigarettes that day, on bar nights. It's just insane to me now to look back at such behavior. That's why I want to share with you how much I did love them, and how I transformed into a non-smoker. Even though I know I smoked for thirty eight years, I don't feel as I have ever been a smoker. The whole feeling inside disappears and you become, change, transform, and live a new reality. No more trying to, it will just be done. Addictions of any sorts can be changed, once we decide and change our thinking. Trust me on this one, we are masters of our own life, we can co create with goals in mind, thru our connection with Spirit, it changes our beliefs, and we become transformed.


A Little more cigarette History

To recap my smoking brands, I smoked Pall Mall gold, red's, Lucky Strikes, when I was in the woods as a kid. That's because my Mom smoked the gold's Dad smoked the Pall Mall red's and my friends dad smoked Lucky Strikes. We were still taking turns scoring cigarettes from our parents till I was around twelve or thirteen. After I was able to find other resources as my addiction had increased. I switched brands to Winston shorts, smoked them for many years. Then I smoked Camel non filters for five years. I loved the picture of the Camel and also loved to mimic my Dad. I spent many years of hanging with friends that mostly all smoked too, and many moons of being alone smoking. During this time I switched again to Marlboro Lights.

About this time I moved in the mid '80's to Austin Texas. I started coughing pretty bad, and was changing brands to find some lighter ones. Then I switched to the lightest one on the market I could find which was Carlton. I continued to smoke them for quite a while and suddenly realized how I was covering up the tiny holes on the filter. ha ha ha This made them stronger and was cheating. So I tried a few more brands and ended up back with Marlboro Light shorts.

The battle had begun to cut back and try to stop smoking. New Year's Eve resolution, cold turkey, loved ones birthdays, cinnamon toothpicks, and candy cigarettes. I would try to quit about once or twice a year.

Years went by I tried nicotine gum when it came out. Still seemed like the hardest thing to do. Every time the nicotine fits would be so overwhelming, I would just get so frustrated and smoke again.

One time I made it for five months by playing cassette tapes that were subliminal. They were the new thing. I kept track of the hours, and listened to everyday. All you could hear was ocean waves and seagulls. I loved this as one of my favorite places to go was Galveston Texas. I just loved the ocean and grew up with a family that went their often surfing, driving on the seawall, and feeding Seagulls on the Fairy. They were amazing to watch as they would come swooping down and take food right out of our hand.

Anyway to get back to the tapes they seem to be working till I ran in to some hard times and had high stress financially and moving. I had packed them away somewhere and didn't have a clue where I put them. I just couldn't resist the fits were crazy and I started back up again.

Now as time went on I moved to South Florida in 1989. Years passed and the patch was out, so I decided to give it a try. I worked in commercial painting at the time. Most of the time we could smoke on the job too, in the new construction job sites. I asked a co worker if he had ever done the patch, he said no but a friend of his was doing it. I told him how I was still having really bad nicotine fits. He said his friend said the same thing and told him that when it happens, he would scratch the patch and it released more nicotine. So I tried this. ha ha ha and low and behold it was the worst head rush and dizzy spell. It really scared me and was very uncomfortable. Needless to say I quit the patch a few days later and was smoking again. That one lasted a whole two weeks. I tried again cold turkey, as I drove to the ocean thinking and when I arrived decided to do it. I drove around the whole time with a full pack unopened under my car seat. Well I figured if you're going to stop or smoke it shouldn't matter as they are so available everywhere anyway. Plus most of my friends smoked too, temptation is always around somewhere.

The two week mark was met, everyday had been a struggle. I had stress going on and then the traffic was jammed. I used to smoke in the car, so this was too much of an urge this time, so I pulled over on the side of the road. I got out the pack of cigarettes out from under my seat. Felt like a crazy person as I ripped thru opening them. If you have ever experienced this before, you know just how intense the fits can be. When I think how insane it is to suck smoke in our lungs, that we know causes cancer too, it's really ridiculous.

As I sat on the side of the road thinking, I could feel the drugs in the cigarette going thru my veins and to my brain. Once you quit like this for a while most of the daily addictive garbage that's in them has left your body, so if you smoke again it can have awful effects. It's the craziness of it all and I have hated being addicted to them for a long time, cigarettes are just plain simple not healthy at all. All my friends smoked too, so I was on my own in my head with my thoughts, ideas and planning to stop smoking.

More years went by, I was a Paint Contractor with a small company, with one of my best friends working with me, he is like a brother to me. We mostly painted offices, new and lots of occupied, interior high end homes, we painted 13 banks, and other large companies, interior and exterior. I was not well off, but not poor anymore either. I was making plans to grow, and run an ad in the yellow pages. Then 9-11 happened and my jobs and the general Contractors were going out of business or moving.

Few more years go by and I met the only woman I have ever truly loved and connected with on a spiritual level. That started out as the perfect relationship, falling in love and having our first kiss on a Ferris Wheel. She was everything in a person I ever wanted and had made a list about, after doing the Tony Robbins personal power tapes. It was the happiest I have ever felt in my entire life, she said the same was true for her.

Then about eight months in our relationship, the economy was so bad a contractor that owed me over 18 k did not pay and well I was bankrupt without the money to file for it. Work and jobs were scarce, and far in between. I was living paycheck to paycheck without a job, mostly referrals, that were scarce because I was not in residential much.

I turned into the biggest fear driven warrior having one hard knox after another. I could not enjoy life and enjoy day to day living. My life had become about finding the next job. My lover started working with me, as it became Melissa and I, or me alone. We did everything together. I could not speak of my sadness inside. I felt worthless, and had no idea how to be happy, with all the stress of money. We got along so well, we never argued. We both disliked confrontations, and couldn't bare to speak about our stress. I was not my true self anymore. I loved Christmas and giving gifts, so did she. It was just too much, I felt so lost in all the fear. We were together for almost ten years, and were only able to buy two x- mass trees. We had many short moments of feeling happy about some things, both remaining calm with hope, for a happier future.

I had been in the working class all my life, but these were the most stressful years in the recession, so many people were suffering globally. Every day the news was full of more fear, unemployment downs. I think the construction field felt the recession first, as I know I did. People from all like and incomes were hitting their financial and emotional bottoms. I'll never forget seeing this man in California, on the news, that took not only his life, but the life of his family, he lost his job and they were going to be homeless. I could barely watch, and had to see the news at the same time. So many in fear, was not helping with the solutions, that were rare for so many. Money is the most important tool in life, for all of us.

During my relationship we both smoked and cut back thru the hard times. As you know cigarettes relieve stress so quitting during hard times, was quite the challenge.


Excerpted from You Can Stop Smoking in Forty-Eight Days by Cat Erin Davis. Copyright © 2014 Cat Erin Davis. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter One: A Little history, 1,
Chapter Two: A Little more cigarette History, 7,
Chapter Three: Law of Attraction, 16,
Chapter Four: I Am a Non-Smoker, 23,
Chapter Five: Some Good Bible Verses, 34,
Chapter Six: Being Creative, 43,
Chapter Seven: One Good Thing, 47,
Chapter Eight: Affirmations, 49,
Chapter Nine: Quotes, 62,
Chapter Ten: Recap and Rules of our Daily Lessons, 99,
Chapter Eleven: Reflecting, 100,
Chapter Twelve: Releasing the Thorns in Life, 102,
Chapter Thirteen: Namaste 48, 115,

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