You can't handle the conspiracy truth

You can't handle the conspiracy truth

by Ric Mullins


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First and foremost let me say that there will be 100% truthful answers to the following 16 conspiracy theory questions at the end of this book. Don?t be surprised if the government shows up wanting to take this book from you.

1. Who killed JFK ?
2. What is the truth about Area 51 ?
3. Do aliens exist?
4. Was the government behind 9/11 ?
5. What happened on Pan Am flight 103 ?
6. What are chem trails?
7. Did Adolph Hitler survive and escape WW2 ?
8. Who is the New World Order ?
9. Are there really Fema concentration camps ?
10. What are the facts on global warming ?
11. Who runs the Illuminati ?
12. Was Sandy hook a government plan ?
13. Are RFID chips secretly used ?
14. What is Nibiru ?
15. Were Aids and Ebola CIA creations ?
16. What are false flag operations ?

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