You Deserve the Good Things in Life: Power of Natural Intelligence and Conscious Energy Flow

You Deserve the Good Things in Life: Power of Natural Intelligence and Conscious Energy Flow

by Joseph & Jennifer Gamboa


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You Deserve the Good Things in Life: Power of Natural Intelligence and Conscious Energy Flow by Joseph & Jennifer Gamboa

This book is about the spiritual evolution of man and how to establish the conditions necessary for the development of divine powers, in the same sense that a seed becomes a plant by the aid of the earth, water, air, and fire and the action of the invisible force.

Learn and benefit from practical lessons to help develop and elevate conscious awareness through thought by observing and applying the laws of nature in your business and day-to-day life.

“Knowledge is knowing the facts; Wisdom is knowing what to do with the facts.”

Unleash the most powerful weapons in the armory of thought by activating the spirit that is reclining in the depths of your soul.

“A monkey never releases a vine in its left hand until it has a vine in its right hand.”

This book shows five days–five ways to becoming human2. It has uncommon pocket wisdom.

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ISBN-13: 9781504386845
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 09/12/2017
Pages: 158
Sales rank: 1,307,891
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.34(d)

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The Nature of the Force

Just as you can change water to ice and ice back to water, so you can do the with your mind. Before any of your muscles can respond, a mental activity must take place. It all starts in the mind. Before the creation of the Universe, it must have been a thought in the mind of the Creator. Therefore, we must be able to create our world, or our universe with a thought in our mind.

"Transmute" means "to change from one nature, form or substance, into a higher from; to transform" (Webster). The mind as well as any other form of matter may be transformed from one degree to another degree, from one end of the spectrum to the other end of the spectrum, from vibration to vibration to vibration. With today's available technology we can now create and manufacture diamonds from human hair in an office building. They are virtually real GIA certifiable diamonds. This is done by extracting the carbon from human remains and subjecting them to the same conditions, temperatures and pressures in which coal is transformed into diamonds in the natural world. If we can transform the world's hardest material, then we possess the ability to transform our minds under any condition.

This principle suggests that the underlying reality of the Universe is thought. If it is mental in nature, then mind transformation must be the ability to change the conditions in our lives, in our environment, and in our world. I often recommend that if you want to lose weight, altering your diet is not always the most effective method. We tend to put the weight back on; however, if you purify and change your mind, you no longer desire impure things. Ultimately, this cleanses the body of toxins, unhealthy desires and habits, and the body will naturally restore itself to its optimal state.

"Where the mind goes, the body soon follows."

It is also possible to unconsciously transform the mental states of others. Remember the scene in Star Wars, when the young Obi-Wan Kenobi while looking for an assassin, took a seat in a bar next to an alien patron?

The Patron asked Obi-Wan, "Do you want to buy some death sticks?"

Obi-Wan waved his hand and replied,

"You do not want to sell me death sticks."

Patron replied "I do not want to sell you death sticks."

Obi-Wan continued "You want to go home and re-think your life."

Patron responds with "I want to go home and re-think my life." Confused, the yielded Patron turns and walks away.

Like a stone thrown into the water, thoughts produce ripples and waves which spread out over the great ocean of thought. There is a difference, however; the waves on the water move only on a level plain in all directions, whereas thought-waves move in all directions from a common center, just as the rays from the sun.

On Earth, we are surrounded by a great sea of Minds. Our thought-waves extend through this vast sea in all directions. They resemble sound waves and have the property of reproducing themselves. Just as a note of the violin will cause the thin glass to vibrate and "sing," so will a strong thought tend to awaken similar vibrations and minds attuned to receive it. Many of the stray thoughts that come to us are but reflections or answering vibrations to some strong thought sent by another. But unless our minds are attuned to receive it, the thought will not likely affect us. If we are thinking high and great thoughts, our minds acquire a certain keynote similar to the character of the thoughts we are thinking. And, this keynote once established, we will be able to catch the vibrations of other minds keyed to that same thought. If we get into the habit of thinking negative thoughts, we will soon be reflecting the low frequencies from the minds of the thousands thinking along the same lines.

We have heard these many times before that we are largely what we have thought ourselves into being, the balance being represented by the character of the suggestions and thoughts of others, which have reached us by verbal suggestions, or mentally by means of such thought waves. Our Attitude determines the character of the thought-waves received from others as well as the thoughts coming from our own minds. We receive only such thoughts that are in harmony with our mental attitude; the thoughts out of harmony with our thoughts will have little effect and they will not influence a response in us.

That which we call personal magnetism, is the subtle current of thought waves projected from the human mind. Every thought created by our minds is a force of greater or lesser intensity, varying in strength according to the person imparted to it at the time of its creation. When we think, we send from us subtle currents which travels along like a ray of light and has its influence on the minds of others who are often far removed from us by space, a forceful thought will go on its errand charged with a mighty power, and will often beat down the instinctive resistance of the minds of others. Whereas a weak thought will be able to obtain an entrance to the mental castle of another, unless the castle is heavily guarded. Repeated thoughts along the same lines, sent often after the other will often affect an entrance where a single thought wave although much stronger will be repulsed.

A steady drip of water will wear down a stone far greater than one giant splash. We are all influenced much more than we are aware of by the thoughts of others. I do not mean their opinions, but their thoughts. A great writer once said, "Thoughts are things." They are things, and most important, powerful things at that. Unless we understand this, we are at the mercy of a mighty force, of whose nature we know nothing, and whose very existence many of us deny. On the other hand, when we understand the laws governing this wonderful force, we gain the ability to yield it and master it, and render it as our instrument and assistant.

We think ourselves into being. The Bible states that, "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he" is literally correct. (Proverbs 23:7) We are creatures of our own mental creating. You know how easy it is to think yourself into a depressed state of mind; or vice versa. That repeated thought upon a certain line will repeat itself not only in your character, but also in your physical appearance of the thinker as well. Have you ever noticed how a man's occupation shows itself in his appearance and general character? What do you think causes this? Nothing more or less than that thought. If you ever changed your occupation, your general character and appearance kept pace with your changed habits and thoughts. Your new occupation brought a new change of thought, and thought takes form in action.

A man who thinks Energy, manifest Energy. The man, who thinks Courage, manifests Courage. Now, what causes the difference? Just plain everyday thinking is the difference. Thought, that is all. Of course, the action follows the thought. But why? Because it cannot help itself.

Action follows as the natural result of vigorous thinking. Your thought attracts to it the corresponding thoughts of others and increases your "Stock" of that particular kind of thought. Do you see the point? Think fear thoughts and you draw yourself to fear. You draw yourself to yourself all the fear thought in that neighborhood. The harder you think of it, the greater supply of thought flocks to you.


In the early nineteenth century, for example, a message could travel only as fast as a human being, which on a horse was thirty-five miles per hour.

Our technological ingenuity transformed information into a form of garbage, and ourselves into garbage collectors.

The tie between information and human purpose has been severed. Information is now a commodity that is bought and sold; it comes indiscriminately, whether asked for or not, directed at no one in particular, in enormous volumes, at high speeds, disconnected from meaning and significance. There is an illusion that "we think that we are thinking."


Activating Force

Success in life depends very materially upon the possession of attracting and influencing our fellow men or women. Never take "No" for an answer. Pursue the same plan in business that you would if you were chasing after the girl of your dreams. Pursue the same tactics in your business and you will win the day. Suggestions gain force by repetition, just as the continuous water droplet drips to penetrate the old stone. An influence in man with who you come in personal contact, you will not have to depend entirely upon the power of suggestion to overcome his watchfulness of his mind. You will be aided by two powerful allies, direct waves consciously projected by your mind, and by the involuntary qualities of thought. These powers can be highly developed by continued exercise of these principles.

After my trials and tribulations, the thought was brought to my attention that success in life could be obtained by developing strength of character and controlling my mental forces. Wisdom without Force is of small value. Force without Wisdom, while expanding itself largely is useless and ill directed efforts accomplishes little or nothing. As wisdom increases, the mental forces are conserved and are not driven to excess. They are exercised but not exhausted, which increase the limit of force. One possessing Wisdom and a small degree of Force, by properly directing that Force, accomplish more than that which has more Force and less degree of Wisdom. Seek Wisdom.

Well laid plans and determined efforts, often bring small returns, while great success is the outgrowth of small beginnings. When Sam Walton, the father and founder of Wal-Mart, opened his first retail store in a small town in Arkansas, he had an ingenious method to get customers to enter his store over the larger competition; popcorn. Yes, popcorn. He would roll his sleeves up and make popcorn all day outside at the front entrance of his store. The fresh buttery smell would lure customers until they were standing around the corner waiting in line. They could not help but to see the low-priced advertisements while waiting for their serving of popcorn.

Considering this, it is easy to determine that physical stature does not have to be the case since some of the world's greatest leaders have been smaller than average men. If you investigate the educational line, few were college bred and some were illiterate. It is evident that the secret lay not in education. Also, some people have the ability to absorb knowledge as easily as a sponge absorbs water, but they are unable to derive any benefit from their learning, while their classmates who are unable to learn often startle the world by some great achievement.

Negative natures make the best students but positive natures produce the most action. Often the most obedient boy or girl in school became a clerk for the worst "rascals." The educated, independent thinker was the best of all. The man who was the most anxious to obtain money had the least; his sole ambition was to own a cottage, and he had nothing more. The man who hated the most was loved the least. The man who tried to frighten others, was afraid. If you observe haters their bodies are always tensely drawn, the muscles incapable of relaxing, their minds and bodies are shriveled, functions impaired, and the body full of aches and pains. This explanation is not just for hatred, but jealousy and dependency had an attraction for a mind out of harmony and produced a corresponding effect in the body.

The one who could swear the loudest curse was the one who could run the quickest. That man that would become a victim to circumstances, while his brother laughed at the negative surroundings and negative suggestions and "sailed on." Some men talk of doing great things, while others just do them and say nothing. Talkative people could not stop their chatter even if they desired; "The more talk, the less truth; the wise measure their words. Proverbs 10:19 (The Message Bible)." Silent men talk more interestingly than the talkers. Any line of business is a medium for an accumulation of wealth for the right-thinking man.

Considering all these things, it leads us to believe, neither the size of the man nor the learning he possess has anything to do with the accomplishment of his objective, but instead, the condition of his mind together with the desire and expectation of success, seem to attract everything to him. The study of Mind Transformation and the Power of Suggestion shows clearly that confidence concerning one's ability to do something could be developed, and that the belief made the doing possible.

"Know oneself," is the deepest and best advice ever given to mankind. It embraces the knowledge that character of self can be strengthened and distinguished. That force can be added to one; that the mind attracts success in all things as it is freed from fear, jealousy, ill-will, envy, distrust, anger, and haste.

The power and value of imagination that one grows like whatever he thinks of himself as being, and is literally what he thinks himself into being. A child raised in poverty is always in touch with poor people, sees in their homes as well as in his own neighborhoods only the bare necessities of life. The child hears how hard it is to get money, knows his father works hard for little wages, wears poor clothing and conforms to all the life of the poor until it becomes a part of him. The evidence he hears of wealth is not real for him. He feels it is not for him. The things he has seen all of his life, the circumstances with which he has been surrounded, have created that frame of mind.


What are some of these embezzlers - those things that drain away our time and resources?

Texting & Twittering - You just can't seem to let a text message or tweet go unanswered.

Email Spam - All those cute stories and poems are entertaining, but who has the time?

Email Messages - Wish I had time to do justice to all of them, but ...

Cell phones - Isn't there any place where it is okay to be out of touch anymore?

Video games - I only intended to play for an hour. Where did the evening go?

Internet – With all its eye-catching images and articles.

Television - We all say there isn't anything to watch, but we watch it anyway.

Spectator sports - When does one more game get to be too much?

Many of the demands on our time cannot be avoided, but what do we do with the rest of the time? What do we get accomplished in our 24 hours?

Thoughts: ___________________________________________________



Now let them make mental images of themselves occupying a better position in life, having money and friends in everything they desire. In time that becomes the reality, while the old life is the unreal. By changing the mind; it changes the circumstances. They have risen above circumstances and has controlled them. The study of Nature in all her forms, the effects of desire in animals and humans, prove the existence of the law of vibration, and if the law was invoked vigorously to supply the deficient quality in each mentality their inflow followed. But, if invoked to bring money, and worldly manifestations, there would be no response.

"All good things came to them who built up purity and strength of character." This alone was meant when Christ said, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33" New International Version (NIV) If that is true, then it is equally true today.

Seeking the Kingdom does not mean faith in any existing religious group. It means to develop a condition of calmness or peace in the mind so that you may allow an inflow of Divine Wisdom, when one becomes in sync with the Supreme, he dwells in Heaven. "Heaven is within you." It's a condition of the mind and not a place. Income is the effect of the strength or weakness of one's character, which in turn was due to the manner of thinking and the nature of their thoughts.

With the Principle of Vibration and the Power of Imagination, anyone can make of themselves whatever they choose. Personality consists of the elements which have been named courage, confidence, judgment, decision, determination, aspiration, and truth. The degree in which they are possessed determines the power of the individual. The conditions of calmness and concentration allow the best use of these powers. Thoughts are vital, living, actual things, as real as Oxygen or Hydrogen. They come from without, and their value to any persons' mind depends on the condition of that mind. If the mind is strong and forceful it receives strong and forceful thoughts, which produce strength of character; if it is uninspiring and cowardly, it receives that class of thought which produces misery, poverty and poor health, and every thought received and issued from your mind make a stronger or weaker person of you.


Excerpted from "You Deserve the Good Things in Life"
by .
Copyright © 2017 Joseph & Jennifer Gamboa.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents

Preface, xi,
Introduction, xiii,
Chapter 1: The Nature of the Force, 1,
Chapter 2: Activating Force, 9,
Chapter 3: Keep Your Own Counsel, 19,
Chapter 4: It's All Mental, 29,
Chapter 5: The Fire Inside, 39,
Chapter 6: The Hindu Scorpion, 49,
Chapter 7: The Tides of Life, 55,
Chapter 8: The Determined Mind, 63,
Chapter 9: A Living Sun, 69,
Chapter 10: Natural Intelligence Applications & Exercises, 77,
Exercises Log, 95,

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